C. 1955


          1863 - 1957



"You make people think of wine

but you are heartless wretches."




       "I want to refresh my memory and paint all the 
  implements I had used when a child. This is a bamboo 
 rake. It looks like a cucumber, not dragon or horse; It costs 
   7 coins and it is used for raking dried leaves. It does not take 
      away anything that is still green.
It combs through grass like going 
             through black hair.The road to the Heng Mountains is full of pine needles. 
                           Beneath the Lushan pavillion,there are a lot of maple leaves. When children 
                                            get together               they like to play                 bamboo horses          with the rake."




            "Can rain or good weather be called forth? I have heard your cries,

         as if trying to induce rain or good weather. Can a spouse be expelled?

     You are the only male in the animal world that may be said to do just that."







"The White Cottage of Star Pond does not produce ranking officials."

"I am a native of Hsaing Tan Changsha China

"Born without a rice field I live on a broken ink stone"

"When I was young I hung my books on a water buffalo's horns."

"I am a common person, as common as grass and plants."

"I dream about looking at fishes in a pond."

"The praise of the world is not worth coveting."

"My paintings are all over the world but the majority of them are fakes."

"Unworldly moron."

"The spirits have inspired this not human skill."

"Despised by the common herd."

"Only the plum blossoms know me."