Ode to Cheese
by Arkady Yanishevsky

O, you delectable concoction!

I love you Swiss,
I love you Finnish,
If you are blue,
I still will finish,
I love you white,
I love you yellow,
I love you when you mozzarella.
(I love to use you as a verb,
I'm smitten by you,
I have no words).

With wine and pasta it is fun
To shred a little parmesan.
But it is even, much more funster
To bite in to a fresh made muenster.

I coulda, woulda and I shoulda
Make a cheap rhyme while using gouda.

Ah yes... and there is provolone
So good to eat when home alone.

I love the French for they make brie
Menage a trois- or cheese for three.

When I discuss mano-to-mano
I give him some of my romano.

My large-hipped aunt, whose name is Greta
Can't keep her fingers off the feta.

Lorraine- what eyes, what lips, what knees!
But why compare her to the cheese!

Well, I am off to make fondue,
So I will bid you all, "Adieu!"

Pub. March 2000