Duplex Planet ordering info and blurbs

Subscription to The Duplex Planet:

      USA: $12 = 6 issues, $25 = 15 issues
      Canada: $12 = 5 issues, $25 = 12 issues
      overseas: $12 = 4 issues, $25 = 10 issues

SALE! "Outstandingly Ignited" (Brookings Volume 4) is on sale during 1998, the centennial of Ernest Brookings' birth year, and on through all of 1999! It's just $5 when you buy any other CD, book or video at the regular price.


  • The Duplex Planet: Everybody's Asking Who I Was ($14.95)

  • Tell Me If I've Stopped (UK publication) ($14.)

    CDs ($14 each):

  • "The Duplex Planet Hour" (stories told by DBG, music by Terry Adams)

  • Jack Mudurian "Downloading the Repertoire" - 129 songs song acapella in 41 minutes on the back porch of the Duplex Nursing Home one sunny summer afternoon.

  • "The Talent Show". Riveting and heartfelt performances by residents of several nursing homes and some neighborhood children, presented at a local church in Jamaica Plain, MA. Stunningly honest.

      Lyrics by Ernest Noyes Brookings (this series features a wide variety of bands - at least 20 on each - performing songs written especially for this project, all of which utilize the words of Ernie Brookings (1898-1987) for their lyrics:

    • Volume 2 ("Place of General Happiness")- songs by Brave Combo, Incredible Casuals, XTC, Men & Volts, Anne Boston, Fred Frith, Birdsongs of The Mesozoic, Young Fresh Fellows and many more.

    • Volume 3 ("Delicacy and Nourishment") - songs by Peter Holsapple, Yo La Tengo, Michael Hurley, Peter Stampfel, Peter Blegvad, Evan Johns, Little Jack Melody, Hal Willner
      and many more.

    • Volume 4 ("Outstandingly Ignited") - songs by Morphine, Jimmy Carl Black & the Grandmothers, Incredible Casuals, Johnny D, Madder Rose, The Swimming Pool Qs, Thinking Fellers Union, Ben Vaughn Combo, Amazing Delores and more!


  • Your Own True Self - Premiered at the MFA in Boston in 1994, this is best described as a film version of The Duplex Planet. 12 men from the nursing home talk on a wide variety of subjects, and over the course of the 45-minute work a viewer comes to know them. Produced and directed by Jay Rooney and Paul Athanas. Music by Phil Kaplan. ($20)

Shipping: $2. for first item, $1 each additional (do not add any shipping to a subscription)

Checks payable (in US funds) to The Duplex Planet, PO BOX 1230, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

(Send an SASE for a full list of Duplex Planet items: back issues, comics, etc.)

Praise for The Duplex Planet:

"The tales of the Duplex are modern-day versions of Chaucer's reports from the road to Canterbury; they resonate with a wry humor and a startling insight."

          - New York Times

"A shelter for the truly quirky remark, Duplex brings its odd, humorous and poignant sentiments to readers while avoiding a discomfiting divide between the laughers and the laughed-at. "

           - Village Voice

"Conversations easily move into associative flights of fancy (and) the affectionate way they're put together avoids any hint of condescension."

          - Chicago Reader

"If stand-up sociologist David Greenberger had his way, every school would post a sign reading, 'When You Get Older Everything Will Be Different.'"

          - Rolling Stone

"In this increasingly homogenized culture, any vein of eccentricity is a treasure indeed, and David Greenberger's magazine, Duplex Planet, is pure gold. . . one of the shining lights of the underground/independent publishing movement."

          - San Francisco Weekly

"May I make a suggestion here? The next time you're supposed to renew your subscription to Time or Ms. or U.S. News & World Report, don't. Twelve dollars will buy you a subscription to The Duplex Planet. It may not be as timely as those other mags - indeed, these folks have a tendency to let a couple or five decades slip their grasp - but it's a hell of a lot more human, twice as wise, and ten times more entertaining."

          - New York Press

"What's really interesting to me is that with everybody (Greenberger) interviews, it's not just another old guy. It's absolutely the person."

          - Penn Jillette (in the Boston Globe)

"I've been subscribing to and loving The Duplex Planet and its residents for what seems like my whole life. I just can't wait to find, one day soon, myself, spouting forth to David Greenberger on those very same pages."

          - Jonathan Demme

"Thank you for doing what you're doing."

          - Studs Terkel

"The Duplex Planet is a marvelous magazine. I've been reading it for years and it's also especially rich for those who, unlike me, have not reached Senior Citizenship."

          - Allen Ginsberg

"On first reading, this stuff seems merely hilarious. Then it grows on you and becomes strangely moving. Then the moving stuff seems funny, and the funny stuff seems moving. And finally, you're stunned by the realization that we all live on Duplex Planet."

          - Matt Groening

"One of life's little wonders - we're lucky to have it."

          - Lou Reed

Pub. March 2000

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