"Of all the friends I've ever had,"
by Sal Salasin

Of all the friends I've ever had,
you're the first.
Welcome to my Fortress of Squalitude.
I was borderline for a while then
I went South. Now I'm
Chief of Complicated Surgery at
the Invasive Care Clinic.
The Lord God Jehova is a mighty god,
am I right?
Why let the past become part of your future?

I hate drugs.
I've seen what they did to my friends.
We'd all get high and
they'd start to look weird.
I sent them email:
kill me :-)
Excuse me a minute I
have to take cocaine until
my head itches.

This is a poem for
when everything depends on
a green piece of plastic.
Driver A is making a left turn from
the left-hand lane, and
Driver B is making a right turn from
the right-hand lane when they collide.
Who is at fault:
A) Driver A
B) Driver B
C) The Jews

Pub. March 2000