Ode to Meat
by Arkady Yanishevsky

As you can tell from my last poem
Of cheeses I am a big fan
But lest you think me narrow-minded
I must admit that I love ham.

Not only ham, but also chicken
And turkey pie served a la mode
To animals we eat for dinner
To them I dedicate this ode.

The rooster crows in early morning
Insuring we don't sleep too late
Yet he is silent and so tasty
When he is lying on my plate.

Look at the bunny, cute and cuddly
He jumps, he cannot get his fill
Now look at him garnished with mushrooms
As we prepare to eat our meal.

The sheep, now there is a dumb creature
All day, they bleat and bleat and bleat
Just take some onions and some peppers
Voila, a shish-kebabbing treat!

The pig- now there's a filthy animal
He's dirty, roots around in muck
But when you sizzle up some bacon
It tastes as good as Peking duck.

The cow- it gives us milk and butter
We should be grateful, but instead
We cut it up, broil it with cheese
And eat it in between some bread.

I love meat! And I am proud
No vegetarian fare will do
Enough discussions, let's start eating
Look at the beef that's in the stew!

Pub. March 2000