Pig Noise
by Peter Balestrieri

Flaky Crust


Dominic was standing in a crate when he fell and hit his cheek in the crate.

Dominic has been very happy this week. He is always smiling and interacting with the other kids. This week he enjoyed playing with Nina, Christopher, and Noah. He's been trying to climb up the waffle block and doing very well too! He says "Hi!" to anyone that walks through the door. Have a great weekend!

Why not the kitchen sink?

What if they're not human?
          Wouldn't that be funny?

Do you have an inoculation for that?
          Not even the Americans have found anything for that.
                    Spencer Tracy and Ian Hunter in Edward, My Son

Who can tell what the Monster will do next?
          A soldier, Frankenstein Conquers the World

This is nice, isn't it?
          It's alright!
                    Helen Mack and Robert Armstrong in The Son of Kong

The Count of Monte Crisco

First they're the jerk, then you're the jerk.


(Pronounced BLOW-pens)

So I only enjoyed the happiness of failure for a couple of hours.
          Naguib Mahfouz, Fountain and Tomb

Come and see me. I'm stopping at the Ritz.

Did I say "rustlin'"? I meant "rustlin'"!
          Ona Munson in Dakota

I saw you in Dakota and you were great. You deserved the lead.

Monday's the day my dice lose.
They just refuse.
          Blue Monday Blues

25% of Americans believe the lottery will solve their financial problems.

Who can tell when this whatever it is will rise to the surface and get back at us?
          Gene Evans in The Giant Behemoth

In the first Godzilla, there's a touching scene with a large chorus of Japanese schoolgirls singing a lament.

Gosh, that gal don't care who she gets thrown out of what.
          Fred Astaire in Flying Down to Rio

Well, that's how the story goes - embellished with accurate details only an eyewitness could possibly know. But that's how stories are told in our alley.
          Naguib Mahfouz, Fountain and Tomb

Throw away your dreambook.
          Humphrey Bogart in The Stand In

It's what poets call "the shock of recognition."
          Gia Scala in The Tunnel of Love

When David got out of the lion's den, he didn't go back for his hat.
          Gig Young in The Tunnel of Love

Isolde - what a beautiful name.

You're drunk and he's mad, so how can you get to the takiya?
          Naguib Mahfouz, Fountain and Tomb

What's Your Name?

Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney sweepers, come to dust.
          Jeremy Brett, Sherlock Holmes

And what of the lives of ravioli?

Oh Grandfather! You have the most wonderfullest laugh. It sounds like a horse with the whooping cough.
          Shirley Temple in Wee Willie Winkie

a little hot under the scholar

Nothing's more important than compassion.

We'll hunt you down and slice you like a piece of cheese.
          Raymond Massey in Action in the North Atlantic

Get out of there or I'll kill you. I'll break your neck and flush you down with the rest of the shit.

Poison slobber.
          Poison slobber from a beauty.

November 13 - Poltergeist activity increasing. I remain oddly detached.

Li Po
Omar Khyam
Francois Villon

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Ha ha, I fooled you
I'm a submarine

The phone! I hope it's Peter!
          Mary Jane Parker, Spiderman

I fly at night
I've got my little red light
          Jonathan Richman, I'm a Little Airplane

Maybe their hair doesn't grow.

Tall in the Saddle

With Smoke the Wonder Horse

a person, a monster, a big yellow bird

Why do I always miss Charlie Chan?

There is a pleasure sure in being mad which only madmen know.
          John Dryden

Any more spots?
          No! What do you think I am, a leopard?
                    Soda jerk and Marlene Dietrich in Manpower

Nothing has any meaning but some things provide relief.
          Sal Salasin

Took $400 out of your savings. You are very low on funds.

Pub. March 2000