Twenty-five Ways of Looking at Reality
by Peter Sanders & Temenuga Trifonova

Read this before using reality.

Use reality every time you have sex.

Do not remove reality's inner ring. If you remove the ring, reality will not work as well.

Don't tear reality. If reality should tear, remove it and use a new one.

Remember, reality can only work if you use it.

Take out reality and look at it closely.

Still squeezing reality with your three fingers, with your other hand, spread the lips and insert the squeezed reality as shown in Fig. D. Take your time. If reality is slippery to insert, let it go and start over.

Because reality is new, it may look different to you or you may feel nervous about trying to insert it.

Will reality be noisy during sex?

Will I feel reality once it is in place?

Some people may feel reality and some may not...


Remove the penis. Insert a new reality and make sure the outer ring lies flat over the lip area.

Will reality rip or tear while I am using it?

Studies show that reality rips or tears less than 1% of the time. If you think reality has been ripped or torn, remove it right away, throw it away, and insert a new reality...

What do I do if reality does not stay in place during sex?

Use a new reality with each sex act. If you use it again, do not expect it to protect you. Use a new reality every time you have sex.

Reality should be removed after sex and before you stand up. It is for one-time use. Use a new reality with each sex act.

Some women have reported problems using reality.

Store reality in normal room temperature. Do not use reality after its expiration date because it will not work as well.

You can insert reality yourself. It gives you a way to protect yourself.

Reality warms up as soon as you insert it.

It is both strong and soft.

Pub. March 2000