The Soldier
by Alan Sondheim

The soldier fights a battle. The general goes to war. The politician is elected. The plumber fixes pipes. The electrician fixes wiring. The programmer writes programs. The doctor heals patients. The nurse takes care of patients. The lawyer wins for clients. The policeman arrests criminals. The president runs the country. The teacher educates her children. The mailman delivers the mail. The professor teaches his students. The deliveryman delivers his goods. The athlete wins games. The waiter brings food to customers. The cook cooks the food. The factory-worker makes things. The artist makes paintings. The priest heals his parishioners. The rabbi counsels his congregation. The janitor cleans his buildings. The social worker takes care of the poor. The sanitation worker takes the garbage. The engineer drives the locomotive. The taxi driver takes passengers. The pilot flies the plane. The zoo keeper takes care of animals. The writer writes books. The criminal breaks the law. The cobbler repairs shoes. The shoemaker makes shoes. The jockey races horses. The entrepreneur makes money. The repairman repairs things. The actress acts in movies. The poet writes poetry. The designer designs things. The gardener takes care of gardens. The painter paints houses. The secretary assists her boss. The mail clerk sorts the mail. The student studies. The clown entertains children. The dealer sells drugs. The singer makes records. The fan worships musicians. The builder makes houses. The haberdasher sells hats. The tailor makes clothes. The seamstress sews clothes. The farmer grows crops. The rancher grows cattle. The naturalist studies nature. The mountaineer kills animals. The fisherman fishes. The hunter hunts animals. The agriculturalist studies crops. The geographer maps the world. The mathematician writes mathematics. The scientist makes experiments. The astronaut walks in space. The comedian makes people laugh. The dancer dances. The prostitute sells her body. The radiologist gives x-ray treatment. The veterinarian heals horses. The oceanographer studies oceans. The archaeologist studies the ancient past. The historian studies history. The anthropologist studies human societies. The linguist studies language. The sociologist studies our society. The etcher makes etchings. The psychiatrist helps people with mental problems. The mother raises children. The father raises children. The biologist studies all living things. The botanist studies plants. The zoologist studies animals. The geometer writes geometry. The accountant manages money. The analyst analyzes money. The financier gives to charity. The gigolo lives off women. The cartographer makes maps. The jeweler sells jewelry. The baker makes bread. The milkman delivers milk. The referee referees games. The judge judges criminals. The chemist makes chemicals.

Pub. March 2000