a conversation
with David Greenberger and William "Fergie" Ferguson

FERGIE: Are you exactly six feet?

DBG: Just about.

FERGIE: That's a good height. There's plenty of what-goes-on in that head. I don't mean your lower head, I mean your upper head. But when it's time for your lower head to go into action, it does. And when its time for it to rest, it does.

DBG: What's the difference between the upper head and the lower head?

FERGIE: The action.

DBG: What action?

FERGIE: I can't explain it very well. They both mind their own business. It is very, very quiet they are at all times.

DBG: What about when they're in action?

FERGIE: They mind their own business. O-w-n.

DBG: Okay, I get it.

FERGIE: That's all you need to know, it's your own personal affair, and nobody else's. When I say nobody I mean no one, only yourself. And you are not bigoted. You are very, very careful and everyone understands that. It is very important that they do understand that. And I don't think you need any explanation, you handle yourself very well.

DBG: Thank you.

FERGIE: You're entirely welcome. What else do you want to know?

DBG: Anything.

FERGIE: There isn't anything else that you'd like to know that I'd care to explain. You have been very careful in all your action.

DBG: Thank you.

FERGIE: You're entirely welcome. It is your own private affair and no one else's.

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Pub. May 1999