deluxe rubber chicken #3
editor's note

Although my plans for future issues never seem to work out exactly according to my, uh, plans, here's the scoop on the next 2 issues:

DRC #4 should be up in September, and will feature two long works: WISCONSIN by Sam Stark and windows by Ted Warnell. There will be only a few other works in this issue, including stuff by Michael Basinski, Raymond Federman and Loss Pequeño Glazier.

DRC #5 should be up before the end of the year, and will consist entirely of works by my students.

Please send submissions . . . by email where possible, which may be considered for #4 and definitely for #6:


Mark Peters
130A-2 Garden Village Dr.
Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Thanks to all the contributors--I couldn't be more happy with this issue.

Mark Peters

                      If it isn't fun, it isn't a poem.

                            --Robert Creeley

Pub. May 1999