a Swedish queen
by Peter Balestrieri

a Swedish queen

a crazed mountain man

underwater oil drillers

alien slave ship survivors

an idealistic American

a giant moray eel

a discouraged painter

a youthful rabbit

a black CIA narcotics agent

a dapper wine connoisseur

an aging physical fitness buff

a popular gospel singer

a group of lawless refugees

a disillusioned teacher

a marine monster

a hard nosed judge

vicious alien furballs

voracious alien furballs

a battered wife

an estranged father

the spell of a full moon

a vision-impaired lion

an amnesiac detective

a freewheeling city girl

a weak-willed man

the top cowboy on the prison rodeo circuit

an unworldly New York City cop

a witch doctor's curse

an ambitious stock car driver

an unorthodox English professor

a down-and-out professional golfer

an unjustly accused man

a hitman's conscience

an unlikely pair of thieves

twin sisters, both karate masters

an outcast little elephant

a hard-working sheep dog

Pub. May 1999