Upcoming Attractions
by Alan Myouka Sondheim

Upcoming Attractions
Families Mourn
I Want My Baby Back
New Hope For Cancer Victims
Suicides: The Ones They Left Behind
31-Year-Old Woman
Refugees Stream Across Border
Children Of Adopted Parents More Likely To Be Abused
Not In My Backyard
Inside Your Father
Swears Innocence
Universe Still Has Plenty Of Secrets
He Paid His Time, Or Did He?
Sex Offender Released, Moves Near Kindergarten
Stock Market Plummets As Incomes Rise
A Missile Killed My Husband
The Homeless Should Work For Their Food
Vows Revenge
Girl Stabbed Because Boy Looked Wrong
Go Home!
Hate Crimes Quietly Tolerated
Cheerleader Raped In Dope Deal Gone Bad
Inside Your Baby
Her Last Words: He Belongs To Me!
Man, 27
Technologies Plummet As Market Shows Strong Gains
Man Held Not Responsible In "Car Jilling"
Prisons Not Meant To Be Homes
Blight Kills Father Of Three
Secret Of Life Revealed
Killer A Loner, Neighbors Say
The City's Thirty Neediest
Look No Further!
Internet Lures Babysitter To Dismemberment Chat
Inside Your Body
Killer Tornado
Girl, 19
The Brightest Among Us Fear For Their Future
Building Topples Family of Four
No One Saw His Screams
Driver Arrested, Weapons Cache And Drugs
Restaurant Sued For $100 Million
Woman, 19
Fetid Position

Pub. May 1999