I was married on June 26th on this year, and have a humorous story that does have a link to your music.

I planned for months to pull off the most perfect wedding. The whole theme was centered around the Victorian era, from the gown and the cake, to the flowers and decorations. It was a classy and elegant affair, with victorian tea cakes and finger sandwiches and champagne punch. Anyway, you get the picture.

For myself and family, however, the greatest honor for me and the source of much emotion was the fact that my 83 year old grandfather who had raised me was going to walk me down the aisle. This was no little feat, as he had been basically wheelchair-bound for 3 years due to diabetes. When I told him I was getting married and wanted him to walk me down the aisle, he said with tears in his eyes that he wished he could but knew his health would not permit it. In the meantime, he was hospitalized with a severe infection in his leg and was there for nearly a month. I am an RN in the Emergency Department at the same hospital, so I saw him almost daily and talked with his therapists about his desire to walk me down the aisle. They really gave him intense therapy, and you could see his spirits lift when he realized he might be strong enough to walk with me. So he was released and continued his therapy at home, all the while telling his physical therapists how he was going to walk me down the aisle and how proud he would be.

Although all of our other music at the wedding was Victorian and Baroque style, my fiancee' and I knew that the only song I could walk down the aisle to would be your "Wedding Song". You see, John and I had fallen in love over time listening to your music, and that song was one of our favorites.

When the big moment finally arrived, my brother was in the back helping to get Grandpa out of his wheelchair and on to his walker so he could start walking me down the aisle. When your song started playing, we took those first hesitant steps together and myself and most of my friends were getting teary over seeing this wonderful aged man in his bow-tie working so hard to walk with me. And then, it happened....the most hilarious ending to this otherwise touching story...his pants fell down....I mean a major mooning right there in the Episcopal church. I still say that God knew that would keep me laughing instead of crying. After that, he and I slowly proceeded up the aisle, with me holding on to his belt loop instead of his arm, all the while your beautiful song playing.

After that, everything was perfect...including the Kenny G music at the reception.

So now you know that your music isn't always over candlelight and wine, playing on a car or home stereo, or playing on the radio. Sometimes it's there witnessing special family moments and participating in history if you will. I love your music.....keep up the wonderful work.