Enormously Important
(for Pete Balestrieri)
by Mark Peters

Lucid, stimulating and often entertaining, Peters is one of the very few contemporary critics whose work is actually fun to absorb.

Love the luxury of a spa but crave adventure?

I was just wondering what is better to do in college if your heart's desire is really to be a writer. But you know how unpredictable and unrewarding writing may be . . . not everyone turns out to be the next Mark Peters if ya know what I mean. Because I am going to college next year . . . and I have no writing experience–should I just forget my true desire and go into business or something? Please give me some advice!

Enormously Important is like eating an entire bag of chips–you feel sick afterward.

You are Mark's pookie. He loves you with all his heart. There can be no other that can melt his heart like you have. He can't wait to come home and be in your loving arms again.

We may never see his likes again.


Nothing excites me more than nipple stimulation. I often go without a bra so I can feel my ribbed shirts rub them as I move. One afternoon, Mark Peters, who was helping renovate my kitchen, made it clear he noticed my two hard buds. He couldn't keep his eyes from wandering to my chest as we talked about the next phase of the renovation. Mark is as sexy as they come. His hard, sculpted torso made me hope for warmer weather. I longed to see him peel off his tight fitting t-shirt on a hot sweaty day. I fantasized about him taking me from the day he started this project but it never occured to me to try to make these fantasies come true. Coming on to a stranger just wasn't my style. Anyway, I was happy with my life as it was. I wasn't looking for a man. Yet here he was, looking at my nipples. I didn't think they could get harder without direct stimulation but they did. It was as if they were reaching out to him, begging for his touch. I followed them as they pulled me closer to him. I stood directly in front of him. All he needed to do was reach out his fingers and squeeze..."Michelle, did you hear me?" He said. I looked up at him not sure if this was real or a fantasy. "Mark," I moaned. At that moment it was as obvious to him as it was to me that he wasn't going to get any work done that afternoon. He pulled me against him and kissed me passionately, deeply, firmly. I could feel his manhood straining toward me the same way my nipples had reached for him. I ran my fingers along the length of him just as his hands grabbed my breasts. There was no need to speak. We tore at each other hungrily. Discarding our clothes, caressing each others bodies, sucking, licking, pumping. It was a wild, heated exchange. He was on me, in me, taking me to a place I had never been. Then, when I thought it was over, just a beautiful memory to treasure, he suprised me again. Instead of withdrawing, he stayed inside me. Holding me close, he twirled a nipple under his thumb. He kissed my neck softly as I ran my fingers through his thick wavy hair. He was spent, I knew. But his lips made a path down to a peak of flesh still easily aroused by his circling tongue. Then down further as I gasped with the realization of his selflessness. It was my last thought before tumbling into ecstasy once again.



Fame, glory, money and much more have come his way, but the Mark Peters that the world knows is still the same Mark Peters I met at Carolina Basketball School 17 years ago.



Last year, I was on a really lame school trip to Toronto. My friends and I had pretty much resigned to having an awful time. Then, in a moment of coolness, our teachers decided to let us stop by this mall in Toronto on the way home. We were walking around, window-shopping and stuff, and then we saw him. Mark Peters! My friends and I all noticed him at the exact same moment, and all we could do was stare. (Luckily we were too shocked to scream or do something equally embarassing.) Anyway, the Enormously Important dude noticed US noticing HIM and did a little wave and then started to walk away (so as not to attract a ton of attention, he explained to us later). But we weren't satisified. We followed him! Luckily for us, Mark was really cool and very sweet. He chatted with us for a minute about his hair (which he had bleached blonde for a new movie), Enormously Important, and shopping. Then my friends and I whipped out our cameras, ready to capture the moment. Mark readily agreed, and one of his friends snapped the shots. We talked for a little while more, and then realized we were late going back to the bus, so we had to say good-bye. Mark gave us all a little hug, and told us to write him sometime. We ended up back to the busy very late, and getting in a little trouble, but it was worth it! That was one of the most amazing days of my life! Mark Peters is the sweetest guy alive!

The Best Gift of All

I just wanna watch Mark strip for me. That's all . . .



I've sat by and watched people crack on Mark Peters for FAR TOO LONG. Its time somebody takes a stand against all of this Mark trashing and does something to put an end to it once and for all! Everywhere you go there's somebody making fun of poor Mark Peters. In all of the magazines, on TV (especially late night TV,) and all over the streets, people are putting him down. So what if he never knew what Willis was talkin' about? Leave the poor guy alone!

Mark Peters is an inventor. It's because he's not afraid to get his hands filthy. To eat the paste. To use a hammer as a brush. To break something just to see how it works. And to start with the impossible, which is where writers usually stop. Just a few of the things Mark's keeping in mind as he writes Enormously Important. Want to come along?

Life. Listed Alphabetically.

Mark Peters is tough, but fair with amateurs.

Very, very amazing.

Mark Peters is the finest, most generous man I have ever met in my life, and the greatest living writer in America.

What Mark Peters has done for writing and new talent in writing is unbelievable! I can't tell you how much he means to all of us. He's one of a kind! There will never be another!

A counterpointing of two stories, or a story and a history, of victim and victimizer, culpability and disavowal, indictment and extenuation . . . Mark Peters has taken on a grievously formidable subject . . . We praise books that, as we say, make us think. Enormously Important makes us think . . . about things we would rather not think about, issues which the book leaves open and we might wish to have closed one way or another.

In Enormously Important, Mark Peters takes on all the big questions, and manages to give some surprisingly substantial answers.

Bevington's edition of Enormously Important stands apart from all of the other available editions in its biographical notes, summaries, commentary, and footnotes. For any Peters student or scholar, or even those with only a passing interest in the man, this edition is the absolute creme de la creme of Peters anthologies.

This funny collection of random thoughts can be picked up and put down repeatedly making it a great book to put in your "out house" library. There is some wisdom tween the laughs and let's face it most of us think better on the "hopper" anyhow.

Three hundred girls! Three hundred girls that would do anything.

"You gotta have a swine to show you where the truffles are."

There is no other book quite like Enormously Important, Peters' lively and engaging study of the ethical dimensions of human sexuality. Drawing upon a wide range of disciplines, from history and philosophy to current social criticism, Peters takes up the most explosive aspects of his subject and treats them all with good sense and good humor. A splendid book that sets a new standard for work in this area.

GREAT ON THE PAGE. Not so great on the links. That's Mark Peters. But while Sir Mark is extremely competitive in the field of writing, he swings his clubs for a different reason. "I play golf for fun," he says. "I don't think I'm good at it. I just play because I enjoy the game." Peters treasures his time spent with friends, and the golf course provides the perfect setting for socializing. "Being out with a good group makes it a lot of fun. I've been very fortunate to be blessed with a lot of friends. We golf a great deal, and I love it." Despite often pairing up with PGA standouts, Peters doesn't plan on taking instructions to bridge the gap between himself and his companions on the scorecard. "Lessons don't appeal to me. I'd rather just play." Besides, as a regular on the Celebrity Golf Association Tour, Peters' visits to the fairways have received plenty of coverage. "They show all the good players on TV, don't they?"
Peters' Five Favorite Summertime Courses:
1. Saucon Valley Country Club - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
2. Greystone Golf Club - Birmingham, Alabama
3. The Raven Golf Club at South Mountain - Phoenix, Arizona
4. Pebble Beach Golf Links - Pebble Beach, California
5. The Estancia Club - Scottsdale, Arizona

The kind of book that belongs in every household. It is simply healthy to have around.

Fun, sick humor with a little history thrown in. I laughed, I cried, I read it twice and passed it around!


This book screams "art."

Transcendental Art

This guide sparks a radical rethinking of our relationship with our bodies and Nature, humorously (and seriously) spanning the gamut of everything you ever wanted to know about bodily functions and excreta. Each bodily function is discussed from a variety of viewpoints: scientific, anthropological, historical, mythological, sociological, and artistic.

If you don't feel like trusting me, I'll understand. But--how about trusting Mark Peters? He'll be glad to tell you the TRUTH about him, about you, about Enormously Important, and even about why some fanatic just handed you this pamphlet. Just ask!

Mark's books are low budget, high impact, action packed Kung Fu books with a humoristic aspect.

Every good Christian ought to kick Mark Peters right in the ass.

Lick me on the ass!

Mark is still the champ!! And if ya don't like it I'll stick my foot up yer ass!!!!!

This book was written by an asshole.

The message of this book is simple: pay attention.

I don't really know how else to say this. I am not by any stretch of the imagination Mark Peters. I am a 22-year-old Software Engineer living in Atlanta.

It was so moving and it touched me to read this exciting and captivating book. If any one knows how to write poetry, then it is Mark. He could write the best of poems even in that attic.

I often stopped reading to drink in the sheer beauty of the evocative writing. Felt like I was there, sharing the moment with the author.

This book is a mindblower. I love anything Peters has done, but this is a classic collection. My copy is a gorgeous first edition hardcover, with jackets. Oh what I'd give to have it autographed.

A must read for all fans of Mark Peters! It has it all! It has times that tell about his life, career, and a lot of humor! I loved it! I loved it! Peters is awesome!

Mark i fucking love you...you kick ass baby...

I dreamt that Mark Peters was pregnant and in labor. He was lying on the floor and crying. I sat with him and tried to make him see the positive side, that in a few hours he would have a beautiful baby.

Ever notice what "Mark Peters" is spelled backwards?

Mark Peters is on TV a lot too, so he can't be all bad.

What power, what balance . . .

Mark thinks like I did about writing. I didn't care if you loved me or hated me. What the hell's the difference? As long as you intrigue your fans. Mark had balls.

Ay-yi-yi! This I have not even thought about. How am I going to afford to send Mark Peters to college when I cannot even afford to drink Miller's High Life on a regular basis?

I feel like I'm on Baywatch!

"Peters' reputation rests on his very individual vision of the natural world," writes Listener contributor Dick Davis. "He is popular for this very reason–he brings back to our suburban, centrally-heated and, above all, safe lives reports from an authentic frontier of reality and the imagination. His poems speak to us of a world that is constantly true in a way that we know our temporary comforts cannot be."

An outstanding example of what I think a modern 'sex manual' should be.

Steven F says: Twenty-first century America will see sharply polarized communities, displaced loyalties and allegiances, and corporations assuming government functions. Neither science fiction nor mere speculative futurism, Enormously Important is a prescient view of the world as it is, rather than as we might like it to be.

Never was self-destruction so beautiful.

A book of great beauty . . .

I hate Mark Peters. To me, he's like God's little bedpan.

Beefcake! Beefcake!! BEEFCAKE!!! BEEEFCAAAKE!!!!

Mark Peters: "I think I'm more accessible as a brunette. When I first went brown, girls were talking to me who never talked to me before. I was like, "God, where have you been?"

A GOOD DRINKING BOOK(vodka and beer)


Parody, politics and the personal . . . Peters' Enormously Important covers the whole spectrum of sexual behavior.

People go to Nepal and sit in an ashram for 10 years to learn what Mark Peters has already incorporated into his being.

This man created hell for a lot of people. Whether they were communists or not, it does not excuse his ethical breach and the instinctive catastrophes he brought to human beings.


A new book that stimulates a nerve in the neck shows promise against depression, a study out Wednesday says. About 19 million Americans suffer from clinical depression. At least 10% do not get long-term benefits from standard therapies, says Mark Peters, author of the book. After 10 weeks, 12 patients showed at least a 50% improvement on depression rating scales. They were allowed to continue reading Enormously Important after the study ended; 10 continue to do well. One, Karmen McGuffee, 19, of Garland, Texas, says, "I just keep getting better and better."


Brilliant. I wish I'd read it before I saw the movie. The book's better.

Mark Can Help Women Live Not Only Longer–But Better.

The books of Mark Peters are a modern substitute for the Bible.

Polls show: 58% said he's intelligent. 49% said he's believable. 49% said he's pretty. But when the public thinks of Mark, 77% think of him as immature and 58% as shameless. A fourth (25%) say he's a victim; 26% say he's a stalker; and fewer than half (42%) think he's a bimbo.

Enormously Important will help you identify–quickly and easily–the birds you are most likely to see. It tells you:
–What to look for
–Where and when to look
–How to attract birds

I was on the free throw line in a high school basketball game that would decide whether or not we would win the game there or go into overtime. Just as I got ready to release the crucial shot, Mark Peters ripped an ass trumpet lullaby that reverberated throughout the entire gym. I starting laughing and airballed the free throw and the entire gymnasium went into an uproar of laughter. Everyone that is except my coach, who was absolutely irate. We were lucky that we won in overtime, but we still had to run 5 miles at the end of the next practice as punishment thanks to his ill-timed air biscuit.

Mark Peters faked his death! I can't believe it! I can't believe he's stealing my bit!

Mark ain't got time to bleed.

Enormously Important. It's hamburger bliss.

Mark Peters, 23, a resident of San Diego, was visiting his in-laws, and while there went to a nearby supermarket to pick up some groceries. Several people noticed him sitting in his car with the windows rolled up and with his eyes closed, with both hands behind the back of his head. One customer who had been at the store for a while became concerned and walked over to the car. He noticed that Mark's eyes were now open, and he looked very strange. He asked him if he was okay, and Mark replied that he'd been shot in the back of the head, and had been holding his brains in for over an hour. The man called the paramedics, who broke into the car because the doors were locked and Mark refused to remove his hands from his head. When they finally got in, they found that Mark had a wad of bread dough on the back of his head. A Pillsbury biscuit canister had exploded from the heat, making a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot, and the wad of dough hit him in the back of her head. When he reached back to find out what it was, he felt the dough and thought it was his brains. He initially passed out, but quickly recovered and tried to hold his brains in for over an hour until someone noticed and came to his aid. And, yes, Mark is a blonde.

MARK, WE LOVE YOU!!!! We think your hair is better blonde.

Imagine, your upper arms feeling like they were going to fall off. Imagine earaches, sore muscles cramped up everywhere, your whole body feeling like it was on fire. Even if you try to stretch out it won't help. If you attempt to walk it off you would cramp because you're so tired. That was how Peters felt after a three hour workout every day. In the summer Peters would swim for four hours. It helped that Peters was a six foot, 170 pound man who had the perfect body: broad arms and shoulders, locked knees and long arms and legs. It wasn't easy for Peters to make it all the way, physically or mentally. Peters sacrificed his comfort to be fit enough to have an Olympic swimmer's body.

Mark Peters is undoubtedly the greatest action movie star who ever lived. Bruce Lee was a great fighter, but he was not much of an writer. Mark does his own stunts and puts his life on the line in every book.

Hilarious and uncomfortably true. The ultimate 30-something-ish single guy book.

Why must Christians suffer pain?
Why do Christians have troubles?
Can I find peace in an unpeaceful world?
Why doesn't God heal me?
Should Christians associate with non-Christians?
Must a Christian wife attend ungodly business parties?
What are the husband's duties?
Does the Bible approve of a wife working?
Can a husband's atheistic faith affect a child?
Will a secular college hurt a boy's faith?
Should a Christian marry a non-Christian?
Must a Christian be a "square"?
Can Christ cure alcoholism?
Must Christians live differently than others?
What about financial worries?
Why do the wicked prosper?
Is tithing practical?
May Christians go bankrupt?
Are Christian principles practical in business?
Does science disprove the Bible?
How can I explain my faith to a skeptical person?
Should we pray about little things?
Is anyone's conversion possible?
Is it ever too late to be saved?
Does the Bible contradict itself?
How can I know I am saved?
How can I know what is sinful?
These are just a few of the scores of practical, real life questions asked and answered in this helpful book.

Peters' voice is clearly audible . . . I find the selection excellent . . . In all, an important book.

Extraordinary. A brilliant, painful, important book.

I was unprepared for the horror and shame I felt . . . Enormously Important is a savage indictment . . . Everyone should read this important book.


Hello, my name is Mark and this is my book.

Welcome to MP&E, the Blatantly Unofficial Website about Mark Peters...guaranteed to cleanse your colon and defy the logic of all sex laws. MP&E is full of stuff about Mark Peters 'cause the man writes some excellent poetry, but here you will be entertained and amused, tickled with a big pink feather, have beer poured over your head, then the dog will lick it off. That is my mission. If you've just started reading him and don't really know beans about the guy, check out the other links to Peters-related websites--go forth and seek knowledge! Then, when you've digested all that info and you're an expert on Mark Peters--you gotta be SURE you know his shoe size, his cereal preference and his bathroom schedule (and of course you're not a TRUE fan unless you have an embarrassing Mark Peters tattoo somewhere on your person and you insist on showing it to him)--there'll be a short pop quiz.
1. How old is Mark Peters?
2. Where does he live?
3. Why did he quit school at the age of 16?
4. What is the title of Mark Peters' first book?
5. What is Mark Peters' dad's name?
6. What is the only instrument Mark Peters CAN'T play?
7. What's his favorite book?
8. What's Mark Peters' favorite meal?
9. Is Mark Peters married?
10. What will be the title of his next book?


An unparalleled reflection on today's intellectual and moral climate . . . That rarest of documents, a genuinely profound book.

To be sure, the book is uneven and in many ways, weird, but it works and it works wonderfully. It is to be hoped that Peters is able to keep his vision as he becomes better known and more successful in book writing. He is a treasure just the way he is. This is every inch a must read book.

Buy the book.

Great storyline. Hated the movie, loved the book.

You don't have to like porn to love this book!

I found this book to be pretty good. I didn't like it as much as "The Outsiders" but I liked it a lot more than "A Seperate Piece." I was really glad that I know French when I read this book.

I now feel that I can please any man from reading this book.


Anyone can learn to speak Korean with this book!

America's favorite family writer now brings us a heartwarming book about children surviving cancer. Here are wonderful stories of kids who have every hope of beating the odds and going on to drive their parents crazy. At first, Mark Peters wondered: Could there possibly be humor in such a serious topic? One kid gave him the answer: "Would you be happier if we cried all the time?" He soon realized that within these kids was a mother lode of optimism, laughter, and love waiting to be mined. And now readers will be rewarded with the treasures of this wondrous book.

Mark, as I plunge into this abyss, I find solace in your book.

Mark Peters urges us to love each other as God loves us. He reminds us that Jesus came to give us the good news that God loves us and that he wants us to love one another. His words are simple, direct, and without apology. So is his path. But he also wants us to know that though it is simple, it is nonetheless bountiful.

Only one achievement will make Mark Peters happy: to be universally recognized as the greatest heavyweight in the history of boxing.

Enormously Important cautions those of us who educate and mold young people to wake up and see the social and intellectual consequences of simply letting ‘girls be girls' and ‘boys be boys.'"

Mark Peters isn't afraid to go anywhere. In his Ford Taurus. In his private jet. And especially in his brain.

I can't give a review of this book in good conscience without mentioning my personal favorite highlight of the book, which is that we finally get to see Mark Peters' breasts. They are the Holy Grail to sexually frustrated, border-line stalkers such as myself and I hereby declare them to be the most perfect breasts in all of breastdom.


Dense in substance, far-reaching in allusion . . . brilliant.

This book is a red comet in a smog-filled sky . . . brilliant.

Totally brutal.

What a loser!! "Mark" probably doesn't even have a "bulge"!!

There is a side to Mark Peters we were not exposed to in school–for better or worse, depending on the degree of your prudery. There was a bawdy, scurrilous dimension to Peters' character that was all too eager to ignite the flames of controversy–and keep them burning.

Mark has the best pipes in the business.

Mark Peters is my god!!! He is the best writter the world has ever seen. He died on my birthday. This book kicked butt

Enormously Important is so incredibly bad, it's brilliant. There's non-stop nudity from not only Mark, but Gina Gershon and a whole bevy of nubile young ladies. This book has more breasts, legs, and thighs than a Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, if actual writing ability is your thing, look away. Because, as our own Leah says, "Mark has about as much writing talent as a talking butthole."

The book that rocked Britain . . . startlingly candid.

Did You Know . . . "With more than 2,000 words from the 14th century to the present on display, Enormously Important tells the story of human freedom and the American experience through compelling exhibits. Make it a rewarding and educational stop on your next visit to the nation's capital."


My favorite subject: the clash of cultures! Descriptive and captivating.

Every time I read this book, I have new insights on marriage, aging, and sacrifices for career.

Mark is beautiful if you like Tammy Faye Baker. He can whip up tears on cue (because he has no heart) and wears more makeup than a clown. Hey! He IS a clown! That's his career!

Mark gets a thrill from a child's first smile, first steps, or first words. He also knows it's essential to interact with children by talking, singing, reading or simply hugging--especially during the crucial first three years, when their brains grow to 90% of their adult size. That's why Mark supports "I Am Your Child," an initiative providing important child development information to parents and caregivers.

The irrepressible man from CHEEKTOWAGA, NEW YORK, cartoonist MARK PETERS, BOUNCES BACK with his cohorts in humor . . . FESTER BESTERTESTER and his friend KARBUNKLE . . . in new, original, wackier-than-ever cartoons!

Physicians in seven states are reporting the emergence of a little understood book that seems to improve victims' intelligence–as much as 100 I.Q. points in some cases.

WOMEN WHO DRINK alcohol needed by Mark Peters. Must have a child between 10-16. Both will be paid cash.

A book whose wonders never cease.

In this sexy, soulful tale of love, betrayal, and friendship set in modern-day Los Angeles, the lives of four young African-Americans–two men and two women–are chronicled through the love and the laughter, as well as the heartache and pain of not-so-everyday life. A witty, honest portrait of contemporary mores and humanity in which the gender gap isn't merely investigated, but celebrated.

One of the most towering novels of the century.

Not just sci-fi–one of the finest American writers of this century.

One of the most intelligent and talented writers to set himself the task of deciphering life in the late twentieth century.

After 50 years of trying, I finally read the greatest book of the 20th Century.


Brain surgery on the 20th century

Mark Peters thumps down the rickety-rackety stairs of his fifth-floor walk-up and drops off his garbage on the curb like anybody else. He buys bus tickets at the Port Authority. He stops for an afternoon pick-me-up at a bar nearby, a New York guy doing everyday things. But there is a gleam in his eye from another galaxy. This is a man who sees the city differently from ordinary people, who passes it through the fantastical transmogrifier of his mind to create an alternate universe where two moons rise over an urban horror-scape so ravaged that the space-time continuum is torn. Or where the ruling class is dark-skinned and the underclass all blond and blue-eyed. Or where humans have scandalous sex with six-legged aliens. When Peters sits down to write, these are the kinds of visions that emerge, intellectual novae that flare in an apartment where the books have taken over, spreading from shelves to floors and tables and chairs.

Looking back at Mark Peters's long and illustrious career, I think the quality that sets him apart from all other writers is that he set the bar of excellence at such a high level that in our immediate future, his status is unlikely to ever be challenged.

Ahhh . . . spring. For the typical college woman, spring likely brings to mind visions of budding flowers, Frisbee tosses and all-night exam-cram marathons. But last spring that all changed.


Brilliant methodology of a highly charged and politically provocative character.

You'll travel through time and space, meet amazing aliens, and greet all your favorite characters.

Fluent and graceful, these good tales will appeal to both adults and children.

"He was the best–at everything," you'll say, pausing long enough to have an android wipe the oatmeal from your chin.

To Mark, Someday I want you to take me away, but for now I will settle for the amazing nookie. You are my lover and my best friend, knowing that I get to come home to you is all I need to survive. No one will ever come between us again. I promise. I love you and that will never change. I am Forever Your Dixie Chick–Christina.

Enormously Important is now a bigger hit than Bing Crosby's "White Christmas."

In Enormously Important, is there a picture of Mark Peters smoking a cigarette?

The episodes explode one after the other like fireworks on a stormy night. No doubt about it, this book is destined to become a classic.

Drawing on over a decade of new research, Mark Peters, founder and director of "Your Life Matters" treatment centers, presents a refined and restructured 28-day program for you to overcome hidden food addictions in this revised edition of his groundbreaking classic.

The Reluctant Classic.

Mark Peters is such a masterly presence in the dialogue of Latin American culture that it's easy to forget he is first and foremost a poet . . . but a reading of this volume reveals that in the polyphony of his voices the poetic one still rings loudest and clearest.

I hate Mark. He pees in the house and gets hair on your clothes.

This is a story chock-full of plots and subplots, of trails in pursuit of trails, all of which allow its author an occasion to display his customary virtuosity as an avantgardist magician, acrobat and clown.



Sometimes, Mark Peters and reality collide.

My new husband bought this book for us when we were apart for 2 months during the summer before we were married on 8-30-97. We used it on our honeymoon to make sex even more special and very sexy! It's the best book I've seen and so many interesting things to do. I do have to say though, that the temptation was too much for him . . . he couldn't even wait to be with me and find out gradually what the quickies were. He cheated and opened them all . . . but I suppose it got him through the pain of being apart. Just thinking about those quickies sets your imagination running wild!! Try it yourself! There's NO WAY anyone can ever be disappointed with this book . . . it will add LOTS of spice to your love life. I'm really looking forward to being able to try Mark's other books and I hope he'll keep this series coming!!

After reading this book I wondered what the characters are doing now. I had to tell myself these were not people, just characters, I'm still trying to convince myself of that. The male / female perspective, was a rare occurrence, I think Mr. Peters has hit on something BIG. It doesn't get better than this. KEEP THEM COMING.

Obviously, Mark's not afraid of commitment.

Probably the best man around for describing the military community.

As a primary elementary school teacher in San Diego, I think this book should be mandatory reading for all incoming educators. It will liberate your thought and focus you on your mission: to teach as one with the community.

A simple story about a man, his dog and a pharmaceutical company.

A wonderfully comic depiction of academic life. The funniest book of the year. No competition.

On the other hand, the plot of Enormously Important is so simple that it is complex.

Brilliantly prosed and composed.

Stereotypes and cliches aside, there is no evidence that Mark Peters is a risk to the nation or a danger to his foxhole comrades.

When he was only twenty-three, this, Mark Peters' first novel, created a literary sensation. He is very special, one of America's superlative writers who conjures up a vision of existence as terrible as it is real, who takes us on shattering voyages into the depths of the spiritual isolation that underlies the human condition.

For nearly three decades, police detectives watched Mark Peters day and night. They were certain he had murdered his beautiful wife in 1972. They were wrong. The real killer just confessed.


Look out, guys and gals! Here comes an ethnic beauty for all seasons. Mark Peters is an extraordinarily beguiling goddess who is no stranger to the adult industry. His extremely lucrative dancing career has him featuring in some of the hottest clubs in the U.S.A.! It took no less than three weeks and a dozen phone calls to get in touch with Mr. Peters. All the effort paid off because he is an extremely professional and sweet young man, not to mention a joy to talk to. Mark is originally from the state of Virginia and now calls Los Angeles home. He has graced the pages of almost every women's publication, which is a major accomplishment since he spends all his time touring. Mark prides himself on his professionalism and his attention to detail even in the adult industry. He said, "If I make a commitment to be somewhere for a job, then I do everything in my power to be there." We can only hope this kind of attitude is contagious!

When he is writing about someone or something he loves, he is irresistible; when he is writing about someone or something he despises, he can manage to enlist one's sympathies, if only momentarily, for the object of his contempt.

That's why I love Mark–he's convenient.

this book is cool

existentialist to the core

Mark Peters, never known for his ladylike behavior, was let off with a slap on the wrist after a recent scrape with Johnny Law. The writer was given probation on Friday for smashing a bottle against a man's car. Peters' lawyer entered a no-contest plea on his behalf to one misdemeanor count of vandalism in Beverly Hills Municipal Court. In California, a no-contest plea is the same as pleading guilty. Judge Elden Fox sentenced Peters to an undetermined period of probation, ordered him to undergo anger-management counseling, and to either pay a $2,000 fine or perform eighty hours of community service. Gee, we wonder which he'll choose. The charge stemmed from an August of 1996 incident in which Peters allegedly followed a man out of a restaurant and smashed a bottle against his car windshield. He was originally charged with assault with a deadly weapon, but prosecutors said that was dropped in return for a plea on the lesser count.

Money and sex have possibly made Mark Peters the most powerful and important man in this country.

It's fun from cover to cover.

Go get 'em, cowboy!

Mark, you will always be my cowboy.

I have no hesitation in judging this year's most vital and permanent book of poems to be Enormously Important . . . No one now writing poetry in the English language is likelier than Peters to survive the severe judgements of time . . . He is joining that American sequence that includes Whitman, Dickinson, Stevens, and Hart Crane.

Contains cussing, domestic violence and the aftermath of a car crash.


Enormously Important is a brilliantly tangled love story of jealousy, treachery & violent alcoholic lust in the Caribbean boomtown that was San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the late 1950s. "It was a gold rush," says the author. "There were naked people everywhere and we all had credit."

Strong, unsentimental, smart, loving. Makes me want to be a better mother and daughter. A great book about families and the human spirit in times of crisis.

Mark is looking for a girl who really wants a serious on-line relationship. He'd love to have "cyber-sex" if you want, if not, he's fine with that. He also loves dirty e-mails......Oh! His "body-type" is "curvy."

In his review of Mark Peters' new book, Enormously Important, Chuck Eddy makes him sound like a crazy-ass 13-year-old pervert, which wouldn't be bad if that's what he is–but he's a grown man, dammit!

I am going to make this one up as I go along, so here goes nothing. It is a warm summer night. I am home alone. I am bored. I go out the door get into a taxi and head downtown to find a place where the beat is thumping. After I get out of the taxi, I enter a nightclub. The dance beat is booming and the people are going with the flow. I see a man. He is a blonde. He is rather short, and he looks like Mark, I am not sure, could it be him. I walk up to him and ask him to dance, he says yes and I say go. Love is the drug, got a hook on me. After we dance for awhile and have a few drinks, he asks me to go home with him. We climb into his car and head off into the night. We get to his home, and we walk to his front door. The door opens, and we walk inside the house. Once inside I notice that it is dark in there. I see red laser beams. A figure walks forward from the darkness.

Are Mark Peters and Jean-Claude Van Damne dating?

I laughed, I cried, I had a nice day!!!!

Mark is looking as good as a tall glass of lemonade on a hot, sunny day.

Complex evocations and symbolism - like a stew that grows richer and more flavorful by the day.

Hi, my name is Fish, and I`d like to share this story about my friend, Mark. We were in the army together and when wearing fatigues, we would tuck our hats in the back of our pants when we went indoors. Well, Mark had to drop some friends off at the pool, so to speak, and headed for the latrine. I followed him a minute later, and was in the next stall, when all of a sudden, I hear him say, "Oh, s__t, !@#$%^&* So I said, "Mark, what`s the matter?" "My HAT!", he says, "I JUST S * * T IN MY HAT!!!" God, I was laughing so hard, I almost fell off the stool. Mark had to go to the supply room to ask for a new hat. "What happened to your old one?" asks the supply sergeant. "I just S##T in it," he said. This happened years ago, and we still laugh about it to this day.

Mark looked stunning. Mark was persistent. Mark was dreamy. Mark pulled tighter into me. Mark was in a daze.

The world's first toilet-trained dog is dead!

First up Mark was always a good friend. He was never the abusive, aggressive guy some people made him out to be. When Mark was killed I think he was just hitting his peak, both as an artist and a human being. And that's the saddest thing of all isn't it? Mark's death.

Deepest of the deep.

Mark is afraid of making decisions, painful bowel movements, dining, dinner conversations, insanity, demons, crowds, trees, dentists, skin lesions, skin disease, diabetes, going to school, justice, dizziness, accidents, whirlpools, double vision, drinking, undressing in front of someone, houses, being in a house, fur, crossing streets, the Dutch and deformity.

A pragmatic work that begins with analyses of experimental expository prose, avant-garde feminist poetics, African American discourse, hypertext, and other innovative discourse influences, and goes on to present a series of proposals intended for teachers, theorists, graduate students, and administrators concerned with the teaching of writing and literature, as well as with writing programs and writing across the curriculum (WAC) design.

I didn't understand it. Now that the old degenerate is dead, I can say that. It's garbage served up hot and hairy in a cast off catheter attached to a dimestore dildo caked with glazed desire.

Mark has experience. He has desire.

Think different.

Mainly, Mark wants to be treated like anybody else. Relating to him through an interpreter will take getting used to–But it can be an exciting opportunity to explore a form of cultural difference that is . . . well, different.

The Peters story is one of operatic dimensions.

Words and fists fly as mile-a-minute combo Mark Peters and Jackie Chan reinvigorate the interracial buddy-cop genre, playing a rogue L.A. detective and a Hong Kong agent who reluctantly join forces to locate the kidnaped daughter of a Chinese diplomat.

Mark Peters' work is unique and his thinking original and deep. It is some of the best in the sociology of disability.

Note to Mark: The gene pool is calling you! Don't disappoint.


Professor Mark Peters is one of the world's leading intellectuals and scientists. He is known for his work on linguistics and not to mention his status as one of America's, if not the world's, leading dissidents!

A major underwear manufacturer had to recall 870,000 boxes of ladies panties after Mark Peters added itching powder to the garments just before they were packaged for distribution.

Only here will you get an in-depth look into the past, present, and future life of Mark. How do you get such exclusivity. Well, I'm his brother. Mark and I have so many stories since first landing in Los Angeles. Some funny and others being not so funny. One thing is for sure though, all will be true. I've accumulated a lot of memories and I'm sure you'll find them interesting . . . I do.

Oh, and by the way, my girlfriend seems to enjoy this thing more than I do.

Mark Peters, he's like President Lincoln or somethin'. I was in the prison band when I first saw him in San Quentin. I was impressed with his ability to take five thousand convicts and steal the show away from a bunch of strippers. That's pretty hard to do.

The young man who wants to marry happily should pick out a good man, like Mark Peters, and marry one of his daughters . . . any one will do.


Thanks to science, your hair will soon look as good as Mark Peters thinks it does.


Mark Peters gave you the opportunity of a lifetime and you fucked the dog.

This book was so informative, I was able to make my mate orgasm every time we explored the back door!

Mark's a guarded individual. He doesn't let people in his sphere. He's growing. His family and friends have to grow. He's loyal. I can relate to that. He's a friend to a fault. But he can't let them pull him down.

Peters has managed to maintain his glorious dialect-heavy prose style, and, for the first time, write a novel that any Buffy fan with a bookshelf won't be able to put down.

Mark Peters kills up to 98,000 Americans yearly; a new report says that number could be cut drastically.

Better than drugs.

Mark is passed out in the bushes again. I'm glad I got my suit dry-cleaned.

It's all good. Go buy it. If you love rock ‘n' roll, it's your duty.

This guy has been thrown on a bed of nails, been powerbombed on a pile of thumbtacks, and knocked off a ladder into a pile of barbed wire . . . all in the SAME NIGHT!!! To look at the man tells the tale. Countless scars, missing teeth, and half an ear . . .

"Mark Peters... was a stout young man of middling height, who, with a plain face and ungraceful form, seemed fearful of being too handsome unless he wore the dress of a groom, and too much like a gentleman unless he were easy where he ought to be civil, and impudent where he might be allowed to be easy."

Mark Peters, a leader in the field of critical education, here offers a broad theory and practice linking critical pedagogy to democracy and empowerment. He carefully analyzes obstacles to and resources for empowering education, suggesting ways for teachers and students to transform traditional approaches into critical and democratic ones. His examples and applications are drawn from elementary grades through college and adult education.

"Don't underestimate the capacity of young people, especially in science. Given the opportunity, there's no telling how far they will go," says Mark Peters, chairman of the Department of Biological and Physical Science at S.J. Tilden High School, New York City. Mr. Peters speaks with the authority of an outstanding science educator.


Mark Peters' love has saved hundreds of people's lives. The season of giving does not always mean money. So much can be gained by giving up a small amount of your time and effort.

a good effort

America is better for his efforts.

The nice thing about being Mark Peters is you get to hide your own Easter Eggs.


I bet his high school teacher never taught him about ejaculation!

Enormously Important. Why read anything else?

He's a real Joe. You'll fall in love with him like everybody else.

Enormously Important is like a kiss--it feels best when you give it to someone else.

Mark Peters--fix 'em or nix 'em.

Bottom line time, folks. If I ever catch my Grandson anywhere near Enormously Important again, I'll rip his ears right off the side of his head and make him swallow 'em.

Mark Peters from this day forward you will be known as Visual Enchanter.

Excellent . . . Unfortunately it had to end.

This is the story of the loudest fart I've ever heard! My sister is the kind of girl that does not vocalize or announce her flatulence. That is the reason this story is so funny. In high school my sister thought she was something special when she was dating this guy Mark Peters who was already in college. She thought she was sooooo in love with him until around Christmas time. Those two love birds went to the Hallmark store just a couple of blocks away from our house shopping for Christmas cards. So as she looked around she found one that she thought would just knock his socks off, and romantically sweep him off of his feet. So when she showed Mark the card he read it and thought it was very romantic so he wanted to kiss her. As he went towards her face to give her a kiss SHE SWEPT HIM OFF HIS FEET! SHE KNOCKED HIS SOCKS OFF! She delivered a burst of methane that should go down in some record book. I'll bet she was blowing cards off of shelves behind her. At this point, almost perfectly synchronized, they turned without speaking to each other. Mark walked to his car, and she walked home. To this day she still considers that to be the most embarrassing moment of her life. THE END

But hey . . . who am I to judge . . . if you like Enormously Important why not have some fun with it . . . try it in the morning on your toast instead of using butter . . . or maybe as an ice cream topping . . . how about saving a couple loads and using it as a dip for fresh vegetables . . . or hell save a couple months worth and you'll have a brick of home made cheese. How about non-dairy creamer for your coffee, or substitute it for jelly on your PBANDJ . . . the possibilities are endless.

Mark Peters's Enormously Important is a compelling contribution to contemporary African-American literature. Peters' is a stunningly lyrical voice, rich and resonant, engaged and engaging.

"I couldn't believe it," said the mother. "All I kept wondering was what part of this filth had to do with English."


Smart and consistently engrossing.

I happen to actually know this individual who wrote this story and can vouch for the fact that he really went through this incredibly difficult journey which eventually led him from pain, sadness and despair into love, wisdom and compassion. Once I began reading this book, I spent the better part of the evening into morning reading, smiling, crying and knowing that out of what can seem like this incredibly painful situation of his partner dying can come amazing gifts from spirit . . . in this case an angel. I can't really distill the wisdom and beauty of this book into words . . . JUST READ IT . . . and enjoy . . .


If your hair doesn't grow fast enough . . .

One Mark Peters is enough.

Where Mark Peters is concerned, too much is never enough.


He can't relate to the real world . . . so this is his entertainment.

Great writing! I really enjoyed the Southern setting - a contemporary epic!

I'm eating books for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and this was my most delicious meal I've had in years! Epic.

Mark Peters scares me, but I find him strangely erotic.


It was a remarkable evening.

Greatest teen classic ever!!

It's all here in the most amazing, galaxy-spanning collection ever!

The best white-boy rap ever.

Remember that guy who sank a crucifix in urine? And that crazy bastard who wrapped those buildings? You thought all this obnoxiousness died with the 80's, but it's back, and badder than ever.

This book will change your ideas about... everything.

Now Mark is part of god. I guess when you die you become bigger, a part of everything.

What exactly is Enormously Important? Author Mark Peters calls it "three great-looking chicks keeping the world safe from evil."


As a teenager, he was in trouble many times and built an imposing rap sheet: delinquency, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, attempted theft, possession of a deadly weapon, possession of marijuana, five counts of burglarly and three of theft. He got jail time and probation. In 1978, at age 21 and a heavy drug user, he and two accomplices kidnapped, robbed and murdered a fellow drug user. He was charged in the murder, convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Today, at 42, he is out of prison and working in a white-collar job in the defense industry. He remains on parole until 2006. As a convicted felon, he can't vote in many states. But under federal law, he can and does hold a government-issued security clearance, a privilege that allows access to sensitive classified information off-limits to most Americans. His case is not exceptional.



"What if imagination and art are not frosting at all, but the fountainhead of human experience?"

Enormously Important is coming soon . . . and Washington doesn't want you to know it, claim financial experts!

The beauty of Enormously Important lies in its uninhibited treatment of sexuality, politics and art. In a society torn by censorship on all levels, Enormously Important provides much needed ammunition in our fight for the freedom of expression.


Nothing less than extraordinary.

Is your dad Mark Peters?
(No, why)
Because it looks like he pulled the stars right out of space and put them in your eyes.

Why is it that practically everyone slams Mark Peters for his plastic surgery? Recently, Peters revealed that his nose job, "was the best thing I ever did. After that my life was just a lot better because the human response when you walk into a room is just one thousand times better . . . Nothing's gonna mar you or get in your way." Enormously Important proves that Peters isn't evil at all, but a pragmatic guy acting on a simple scientific fact.

Mark always maintained he wasn't a comedian and that comedy was the most "unfunny" thing there was. Many times, Mark's performances left audiences shaking their heads and wondering what they had just witnessed. Mark provoked you to think: "What is funny? What is entertainment? How long will I tolerate this?" He looked to create reactions, not to make people laugh. Steve Allen said he believed Mark did not explore the borderline between reality and imagination - he lived there. Throughout all of the controversy and speculation, Mark's family and friends could attest to one thing - Mark Peters was a warm, loving, courageous man and his early "death" was not fair.

"I think it's retarded," she says of Enormously Important. It's so fake.

If you've ever wondered how subspace radio or the transporter system really works, you'll find the answers here. In short, you'll span the farthest reaches of time and space as you turn the pages of this latest great collection of fact and fancy.

Enormously Important is not mid-summer beach reading - I'd put it about March 28 or October 5. Definitely spring or fall fare.

Excuse me. Did you just fart?



A very attractive woman walks into a bar and takes a seat next to Mark Peters. She gives him a quick glance, then casually looks at her watch for a moment. Mark notices this and asks, "Is your date running late?" "No", she replies, "I just bought this state-of-the-art watch and I was just testing it." The intrigued Mr. Peters says, "A state-of-the-art watch? What's so special about it?" "It uses alpha waves to telepathically talk to me," she explains. "What's it telling you now?" "Well, it says you're not wearing any underwear..." Mark giggles and replies, "Well it must be broken then because I am wearing underwear!" The woman explains, "Damn thing must be a hour fast."

The world is chock-full of temptations. By getting Enormously Important, you can give in to them even faster.

Peters' carriage is unique. Indeed, from his high perch, 6'8" up, long, mobilelike arms dangle from his coat-hanger shoulders. His legs are bowed in an extreme caricature of a cowpoke's, and sometimes when he walks, it appears as if he is going to pitch forward, right onto his face. His gray beard is austere, professional; the frames of his glasses, by contrast, have a sensitive lavender patina; his loud ties are simply hideous. But there is no question that the Smell emanates from this odd-lot package. Shaquille O'Neal has even stepped up his respectful assessment and now promotes Peters as "a white version of my father."

When I first met him, I was probably twelve or thirteen years old. He was just pilled to the gills, doped up and hyper and had all that nervous energy, but even still, he had that charm, that magic. I had never really known what true sex appeal was, bein' a young girl, and I guess I had raging hormones at the time. I don't know how much is to Mark's credit and how much was to me just bein' horny, but when I first came to Nashville, I saw Mark Peters on stage, and I felt everything in the world that a girl could feel.

In the beginner's mind, there are many possibilities, but in Mark Peters' mind, there are few.

Forget his age, forget the changing times, Peters still has what it takes when it comes to fiction.

I miss my Sundays with Mark Peters, because I'm not kind enough to myself to enjoy waffles and coffee on my own. I read a book last night that made me think about him. But not think about going back to him. It's somewhere else, somewhere I can't or won't go back to, and I'm glad, but not in that self-satisfying, he-deserved-it kind of way. I'm a little shocked that it's really over, more suddenly than it began, more suddenly than the many times it's ended before, because in those times there was a little warning. My clarity surprised myself probably more than him. Who knew that after two and a half years, some absolutely horrendous fights, multiple break-ups and guilt-fests, and a winter of therapy, that I could just stop? I always thought it would take some other guy to pull me out of this. I guess I somehow got my fill.

A delightful blend of humour and tragedy, the literary equivalent of a Chaplin film.

Mr. Peters is terrifying. Utopians usually are when we take them (or they take themselves) seriously. And Peters is all the more terrifying because he is a rational Utopian who has most of the analytical apparatuses and theoretical formulations of modern sociology, psychology, historiography, and aesthetics at his fingertips.


When evil Japanese invaders try to muscle out all the competing karate schools in Taiwan and Shanghai, it's Mark to the rescue! In a new twist to the plot, Mark plays a good-natured petty thief who's recruited by the beautiful young Chinese granddaughter of a slain Kung Fu master. Reluctant to take sides at first, Mark soon learns that it's kill or be killed! Under the granddaughter's expert tutelage, Mark hones his karate skills, then leads his fellow countrymen in a fight to the finish!

Some people expressed surprise when I told them that I had read Enormously Important. Apparently it's one of those works, like Joyce's "Ulysses," that most people claim to have read, but few have actually finished.


Mark Peters died when he jumped off an 18-story building–wearing a Batman costume! "It doesn't make sense that he'd do this," one policeman said. "It's pretty well-known that Batman couldn't fly."


If you underestimate him, you're the fool.

Asked what he would say to the pope if he ever met him, Mark Peters said, "Ever seen a Polish mine detector?" and then showed the audience his foot.

I read it in one sitting . . . simply couldn't put it down. Completely captured my imagination. Portrays the kind of love that we are all searching for.

Worth waiting for!

Talk to your kids about Mark Peters. What are you waiting for?

Mark is a great performer. When you hear him read from Enormously Important live, it is so much more meaningful. When the book first came out, it was the type of book you would love to read to an ex. Hearing it read live is so much more effective. You can feel his pain as he writes about being heartbroken by this chick who promised to love him forever.

You know the story. Mark was hurled from the top of the Hell in a Cell cage, crashing 16 feet down through a table. He was later chokeslammed through the cage all the way to the mat below. He lost three teeth (later replaced) and suffered numerous injuries. Oh yeah, and he also got dropped on thumb tacks. How could I forget?

Funny, unexpected, horrifying, and altogether convincing, Enormously Important is at once scathing satire, dire warning, and tour de force.


Few can write as well as Peters; he is a master of the form.

Writing utensils Mark Peters has used:
1. 2x4
2. bag of popcorn
3. bamboo cane
4. barbed wire
5. barbed wire-covered baseball bat
6. basketball
7. bed of nails
8. broken bottle
9. broom
10. bucket, 20 gallon
11. cardboard box
12. cardboard roll
13. candelabra (almost)
14. ceiling tiles
15. chainsaw
16. coffee, hot
17. cookie sheet
18. crutch
19. curtains
20. dumpster
21. exploding barbed wire plywood sheet
22. fire extinguisher
23. flaming branding iron
24. folding chair
25. forklift
26. frying pan
27. garbage can (plastic and aluminum)
28. garbage can lid (aluminum)
29. ham
30. inflatable furniture
31. ladder
32. lava lamp
33. leafblower
34. lid from 55-gallon drum
35. long metal rod
36. microphone
37. microphone/camera cord
38. net
39. overhead projector
40. pitcher of water
41. plate of glass
42. popcorn machine
43. plywood sheet wrapped in barbed wire
44. PVC pipe
45. rhododendron
46. security fence
47. shoe
48. sledgehammer
49. sock
50. squeegee
51. steel ring steps
52. sterling silver serving tray
53. styrofoam cactus
54. table
55. telescoping policeman's nightstick
56. thumbtacks
57. title belt
58. tongs
59. urn
60. walking cane
61. "wet floor" sign
62. window frame

This is the ORIGINAL, UNCUT and UNEXPURGATED edition as first published and banned in France.

Very humorous–a great book if you love good food, wine, and the idea of living in France!

Mark is now about 40 years old and he has grown and come a long way. He is not begging for money, he never has and he never will. He does accept free offerings. He doesn't have a lot of money to help people. He operates out of an older building in Modesto, CA. The purpose of Mark Peters is to give you a way out of bondage and to make you free.

Mark is great. His writing is the only thing that keeps me sane. He's my best friend.

As Peters himself admits - "It helps to have friends."

A great study of friendship.

Oh heavenly fuck!

"I started my career as a dancer and singer," Peters says in a statement. "Writing has always been a big part of my family and my life. Writing is who I am, and writing this book really represents a dream fulfilled."

If you are in need of refocusing or reprioritizing, this book will be very helpful. I was able to peel away layers of baggage and see myself more clearly–past, present, and future. By becoming more creative with my life, (starting off small and then expanding), I've discovered a more secure feeling of contentment. I believe many people will find this book very fulfilling.

Books should be fun

I can't imagine a serious music lover, record store, radio station, or library without a copy . . . 1,200 pages of useful fun.



Remarkable, mind-bending, rave of a novel. Uniquely funny.

Mark walks funny.

Don't You Deserve a Better Future?

To the Girlfriend of Mark Peters– Please, Please, PLEASE, be sure to use at least three forms of birth control at all times. You are our only hope for the future.

Be nice to Mark Peters. He's your best link to your past and the person most likely to stick with you in the future.

This piece is excerpted from an essay, less in progress than in dispersion, addressing the question of writing's socially constitutive enactments as a way of eventually rethinking "the political" as a form of process relating powers of saying to powers of doing. In more ways than one, then, its conclusions necessarily partake of what the poet calls "the open-ended character of the future."

The staff finds an unusual use for the store's security monitors. A scientist tests a "companion robot." Elephants in Africa and India are observed. A widow poses as a nanny to seek revenge against a new mother. Chaos ensues in a restaurant kitchen. Researchers dig through the snowy mountains of Iceland and Switzerland in "a battle to understand and control" the destructive powers of the "Avalanche." An Air Force pilot uncovers a conspiracy of global proportions. A girl accidently turns on a shower. A determined boy has difficulty blowing out his birthday candles. A private eye, a bad girl, and a mobster mix well for intrigue and murder. Kids around the world discuss the state of the universe and what the future holds. Jerri gets braces. A kinky murder suspect seduces her defense attorney. Meanwhile, a native wants Veronica to be his bride. Val and her team must stop terrorists from wreaking global havoc on the eve of the new millenium. A man sues his neighbor over a dog bite. A Texas tycoon takes over a French candy company, but things get sticky when she falls for the factory manager. Tamera sees a cute guy on a bus. A dog is rescused from a mudslide. A pint-size con artist worms her way into the heart of a cynical lawyer. The employees are asked to come up with money-making ideas. The adventures continue. Zebras are observed. A vivacious highschooler who's having an affair with a married lawyer is subjected to mysterious threats and terrifying intimidations. Dick takes lessons from Harry in being "manly." A trucker teams up with a singer and an orangutan. Returning home to care for her dying alcoholic father, a nurse finds her old neighbors and friends have undergone deadly personality changes. Three dead men try to help a couple find happiness. After comets collide in space, fiery debris races toward earth, threatening to level a dusty Arizona town during its annual UFO festival. Yuppies find their home overrun by uninvited guests. A man accuses his girlfriend's brother of assualt with a pool cue. An overweight teen suffers the slings and arrows of his insensitive high-school classmates. Freshwater crocodiles are observed. Phoebe thinks her mom's spirit resides in a cat. Inspired by the 1969 moon landing, a teacher decides to take his son on a road trip. Ex-lovers clash over property. Dawson plans a sexcapade with Eve. A man tries to rob a house, using a plumber's helper as a weapon. Teens steal a piano and a fire extinguisher from their school and leave a trail of footprints. A bobcat that was hit by a car is treated. A poor boy and a handicapped girl vie for ownership of a pony. Rocko and Hefner travel to France, where they are harassed by their bus driver, and where a beautiful lady gets Rocko's attention. Los Angeles officers investigate a shooting that occured during a robbery attempt at a liquor store. The botched robbery of a stripclub turns into a hostage situation. A reclusive showmaker learns about the gifts of giving. A magician who woos and wins a socialite discovers he can't make women's lipstick disappear from his collar. Unrestrained teenage brawls. A cop takes on a union-busting auto exec whose tactics include murder. A harried family man clones himself to have more free time. The Thorton family gets together to ponder the intentions of the man courting their mother. A pickpocket and her niece are forced to spend Christmas with a department-store guard who caught them stealing. Binge drinking is the topic. A wild party girl sets her sights on romantic entanglement with a homely law clerk, but winds up bringing him nothing but chaos. A widow turns her house into a residence for Alzheimer's patients when she can no longer pay the mortgage. A 10-year-old and a berserk robot are the ingredients in this blend of laughs and chills. A dog helps someone whose wheelchair has fallen over. Also: a ranch for abused horses. Hippies return to New York after 20 years in a commune. A dad panics over his daughter's transformation. The cuddly creatures vs. an evil spirit in the Forest of Feelings. A boy is shipwrecked on a volcanic isle. A nerd fantasizes about emulating his hero, martial arts master Chuck Norris. A woman sues a friend over car damages. Harry and Sally discover the true meaning of Christmas at the mall, where they get jobs. But Dick turns curmudgeonly. Neighbors quarrel over the theft of collectible toy animals. Three adopted sons help their foster mother at Christmas. A teen and her estranged parents try to deal with the girl's unplanned pregnancy. Jill's mom has a new man in her life. A high-schooler meets a bloodthirsty older woman. Lewis, Oswald and Drew fall for the same woman. Three bumbling brothers pull a bank heist on Christmas Eve. Family members fued over furniture. A yuppie couple pruchases a seaside house, only to find its possessed by spirits. A book editor, whose once-promising career and personal life have begun to falter, learns to enjoy herself again with some help from her "inner child." Phoebe confronts her twin. Debra learns that Ray's parents only have sex once a year, which makes Debra worry that the same fate is awaiting her and Ray if they don't do something about it. Fossils in Africa are examined. Chip the android must survive a computer virus. A husky has eight puppies. A sex-obsessed psychic tracks a buxom jewel thief. Cases include the burning of an unidentified woman. Two children try to reconcile their divorced parents. Two young brothers build a flying machine to escape their abusive stepfather. Two crooks shoot each other in order to look like victims. Two men argue over the ownership of a car. Two psychiatrists brew up trouble. On a massage table, everyone gets a chance to work out tensions caused by Christmas just past by telling their version of events. A group of American tourists expect the staff to entertain them as well as serve them. A powerful demon named Abraxas steals the book of shadows. As a punishment, a troublemaking 13-year-old who lives on a space station with her family is sent back to earth, her least favorite place in the galaxy.

Amazing new book filters out odors and noise for people who continually pass gas.


Captures the essence of Viking concerns and myth in general.

Mark Peters is one of the most relentlessly independent and visceral performance artists of his generation.

Mark Peters is quite simply the finest poet in English of his generation.

Mark Peters may well be the best British writer of his generation.

Mark will have sex with anyone, male or female, as readily as we humans shake hands and apparently for the same reason. Good to see ya, let's rub genitals.

Peters is the only American novelist living today who may conceivably be possessed by genius.

Mark, you're truly a gentleman.

This book is a must for all people 50 and older. Mr. Peters tells us all how it is possible to live until the day we die, no matter how old you get.

Okay, so it's not Sophie's Choice, but it's a paying gig.

Peters is still a hot-wired meld of foppish grace and animal magnetism, prancing and strutting like (take your pick) a stalking cheetah, a cat burglar, a rooster, a speed-adled gigolo.

Mark--Have a wonderful birthday. I hope you're never confined to a wheelchair or bitten by a giraffe.

When two people meet who have read Enormously Important, they invariably talk about how they became a different person after they finished it. Something in Peters' words transforms you, makes it an ethical imperative for you to work against oppression. Although this fight against oppression is never easy, it is a journey that makes your life, and the lives of many others, meaningful in a way that it had not been before. I give this book as a gift to anyone I love; it is the best gift that I could possibly give.

Imagine skinny, bucktoothed Mark Peters from Brooklyn turning into a Hollywood sex goddess...

Be kind to Mark Peters. You'll miss him when he's gone.

Those of you who slept with Mark, better have your doctor check for gonorrhea.

All his books are great. This one was especially good.

mark peters may not be god, but he sure is good.

This Book was Pretty Good

Sensationally good.

Mmmmmmmm So Goooood!!

Mark doesn't want readers with good taste. Mark wants readers who taste good.

Well, Enormously Important was good

I didn't actually read this book but I heard that it was good...

I wanna see Mark Peters wrestle a gorilla.


This book should cure you of every emotional illness you got

In short, we need Mark Peters more than he needs us, so don't take him for granted.


Great :) !!!!!!!!

I remember that time Mark was dancing–it was great.

I like the book very much. I like chapter 23. It was sure great

I was watching the Discovery Channel and I saw Mark Peters . . . gross!!!

"I even opened up his zipper," she said. "I told him, ‘Let me see, let me see . . . if it has grown.'"

This is Peters' baby. Let's hope it grows.

Most writers discover their voice early on and write variations of it for the rest of their lives. Mark Peters' knack for reinventing himself–and for continually landing on the next big thing–is keeping him one step ahead of the game and everyone else guessing.

Gals with Guns!


Forget that Irish guy

Mark is totally naked under my clothes. HAAAAAA!!!!

I wish Mark was home so I could whip him . . . hmmm hahaha

hahahahahahahaha ahhhhhh shavin twat hair hahahahahahahahahaha! ahhhhhhh ya got ta love it hahahahaha!!!!!!


A truly original book. Narrative and lyric fuse to create new configurations of great density. Peters' language is extremely rich and elliptical; his images take us into a world where things happen mysteriously and often frighteningly–and it is to us that they happen!

He's brought me a lot of happiness . . . He's brought this city a lot of happiness . . .

Fascinating study of language and propaganda. Provocative and hard-hitting.

A writer does not always have to be the brightest man on the block as long as he is the cheerleader and the man who can get the best out of the words he has.

"Has anyone ever told you what a wonderfully authoritative voice you have?"

Why couldn't Mark Peters fit into the cab?
He had a spear through his head.

Get an Instant Face Lift! Simply stretch Mark Peters around the back of your head and attach to either side of your face near the eyes. This will make those crow's feet disappear. Then, remove a double chin by attaching Mark Peters to both jowls and stretch up over top of head.

Mark Peters wants you to believe in global warming. "Haven't you been outside lately, it's hotter than hell out there!" said Peters to Larry King on his television program. Maybe Peters has been spending too much time in Atlanta, where CNN News Group is headquartered.


Well, he's sort of like the Father of Our Country, maybe God? Mark is a great person. He's got a big heart.

A detailed re-creation of what it was like to smash the state of rock & roll in the seventies. Written with a critic's eye and a fan's heart.

It speaks straight to the heart.

Hello, I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart.

We'd deal with the end of the world if it meant hunkering down with this heartthrob.

This is your
To Heaven

Wouldn't it be cool if Mark Peters could _______ ? Well, if somebody can imagine it, chances are Mark Peters will do it someday. Amazing things. Useful things. Silly things. And of course, this says more about people than it does about Mark Peters. People are born to innovate, invent and create. People love to get stuff done. And Mark makes the tools that help.

Don't have Mark's name tattooed on your butt. He is a very dishonest fellow and his real name isn't even Henry.

Please put that tasty book on my nose, please. I can smell it from here!

When you talk to Mark, tell him I'm keeping the bed warm for him here.

Reading teaches young people good things. Because all good rules for reading are good rules for life. Safety first. Pick up after yourself. If you don't know, ask. Take care of your gear. Watch out for others. Honor wildlife. Honor your heritage.

I read this book in 4 hours...I have 6 words for you ... "MARK IS MY NEW WRITING HERO!!"

Peters' condition is "outstanding overall," doctor says. But levels of cholesterol are a bit high.

This book is to young girls what Black Beauty is to horses, what Upton Sinclair's The Jungle was to the processing of meat. To read Enormously Important is to remember–how reluctantly!–what it means to be a girl in junior high.


If this guy was running for president i would definetly vote for him.

Mark's like a wild animal. I have to have him!

So here's Mark's predicament: he'll be known as either THAT WRITER or by the tabloid tag of "portly pepperpot." His privacy is so obliterated the world now knows his taste in sex toys. His name is the punch line of a thousand sleazy jokes. Paparazzi shadow his every move. Waiters count the number of ravioli he eats and then tell reporters. He's unemployed and no man would want his wife to hire him.

Almost everyone who becomes famous ends up acting the way famous people act. It isn't so much that famous people want to act that way; they are forced into certain patterns of behavior. Mark Peters was trying to act some way other than the way famous people act and people wouldn't let him.

Mark's book reminded me of a professor who was "retired" from Princeton for tying up a grad student and masturbating in front of him.

Why I love Mark Peters . . . He's so hot and i would like to rump the heck out of him.

Frank and shocking, candid yet sensitive, this book examines the most hidden corners of the mind and explores the strange world of erotic fantasies. Join the author as he probes the sublimated carnal desires and repressed sexual needs in these authentic interviews–must reading for today's sexually liberated man, and for the sexually liberated woman who wants to understand him!

A bear was sitting in the woods, on a log taking a dump. Mark Peters came up and sat down next to the bear to do the same. The bear looks down at Mark and asks, "Do you ever have a problem with shit sticking to your hair?" To which Mark replies, "No I don't..." The bear then picks up Mark and wipes his ass with him.......

This bizarre novel, a modern classic, is a wry commentary on man's penchant for making things over to suit himself.



One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of your attention. Enjoy the pictures and you must be at least 18 years old to look. Just click the link below, have a quick peek and enjoy the holidays.

MARK PETERS IS NOT OF THIS EARTH. I may be the only one who believes this, but Mark Peters is an alien. I'm begging everybody; take a good long look at him, ignoring the brainwashing of ET and People magazine, and you will realize that he has to be an alien. Some guys look at him and they think "wow! I'd love to screw that!" I look at the scarily angular face and those odd, beady eyes and think 'anal probes' (and not in a good way) From now on, when you see Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck in a movie, realize that you are not seeing them, but rather the pod people left in their places after they were coated in a viscous fluid and delivered to the Salt Mines of Xaltoon 12. Keep watching the skys! (and Access Hollywood)

Hot stuff and sex charged hot and horny honeys!

Mark isn't even pretty enough to be a hooker!

Unusual, refreshing, challenging, philosophical, and an excellent topic of conversation. Simple truths bring peace. Very enlightening and gives one hope.

I'm so horny, horny, horny, horny, horny.

Frank B writes: Enormously Important is the place everyone dreams of stumbling on when boarding a plane for some exotic destination. It is the unspoken goal in the back of every young traveler's mind when pulling the chords tight and slinging on a backpack. Mark Peters takes us there and lets us feel the sand underfoot, the sun overhead and the calm of the outside world falling away. But equally real is the drama that unfolds there, which we watch with helpless recognition and horror.


My! I AM HORNEY today! Woke up with a hardon. I wish Mark Peters would CUM by and we could romp and roll for a few lazy hours.

Mark Peters of Los Angeles hopes his investments pay off so he can buy a fancy beach house.

Does Mark Peters repeatedly tickle, pet, and attempt physical contact that is not wanted by a child? Does Mark Peters relate to a child in a sexual manner, flirting or carrying on with comments about a child being a "real charmer" or a "knock-out"? Does the child indicate discomfort with Mark Peters or try to avoid Mark Peters? Was Mark Peters abused as a child? Does Mark Peters batter his spouse or abuse his children? Does Mark Peters choose children as companions and enjoy the position of power the age advantage gives him? Does Mark Peters consistently entice children to his house?

Oh Mark, Mark. I want a Christmas tree in this house.


Mark continues to do excellent work. He needs to find desirable ways to occupy his extra time, however.

Mark Peters needs a hug.

I had this dream about being in a church, and when I went out into the parking lot of this place, there was Mark, giving Tarot card readings to people (I have no idea what this means), I generally don't believe in Tarot card readings, but I do believe in divine interpretations so I went to have a reading done also. When it was my turn for a reading, he turned to me and started singing the most beautiful song I've ever heard . . . the closest I can approximate is that it sounded like "This used to be my playground" or "Live to tell" . . . It was beautiful, and as he sang he became even more beautiful, until I couldn't hardly look into his eyes anymore. He was singing my prophecy!! My future, according to him was a very happy one, but he sang that I must be wary of danger. I can't remember his exact words, but that was the bulk of it . . . suddenly he stopped and handed me a card . . . a greeting card which had his writing inside it saying thank you! It was signed, Love, Mark, and when I turned to thank him, he was gone, and so was everyone else . . . I was alone . . . When telling certain people about this dream, they say that an angel could have manifested herself in this dream and communicated to me in a form which I would understand . . . I think Mark is the greatest, and I had a boyhood crush on him since I was very young . . . Anyway, weird huh?

In Mark Peters' dream, Mike Basinski said, "If you shave a monkey, she looks just like a human."

Mark Peters, in his own words, comes across as perceptive, obsessive, funny, sad, shrewd, prophetic . . . and, above all, human, achingly human.

A remarkable novel . . . Peters has pulled off an amazing feat here; he's written a powerful novel about brutal misogyny, and he's made it both horrifying and readable, angry and warmhearted, political and human . . .

Drawing on his breakthrough research in comparative neuroscience, Peters offers a wealth of insights into the significance of symbolic thinking: from the co-evolutionary exchange between language and brains over two million years of hominid evolution to the ethical repercussions that followed man's newfound access to other people's thoughts and emotions. In contrast to much contemporary neuroscience that treats the brain as a computer, he provides a clarity of vision into the mechanism of mind–and a broader view of the adventure of being human.

This perceptive book should absorb and enrich anyone who admits to being human.

He is not human.

In Enormously Important, his first collection of poetry, Mark Peters explores the fire of first love, the fading of passion, the giving of trust, the lessons of betrayal, and the healing of intimacy. He delves into matters of the home, the comfort of family, the beauty of Alaska, and the dislocation of divorce. And then there are the images of the road, the people, the bars, the planes, places exotic and mundane, loneliness and friendship. Frank and honest, serious and suddenly playful, Enormously Important is a talented artist's intimate portrait of what makes us uniquely human.

Dr. Peters' best book . . . One sees a wise, compassionate and very literate mind at work in these 20 stories, nearly all remarkable, and many the kind that restore one's faith in humanity.

The Meaningless Existence of Humanity


More than his heroics, Peters' greatest accomplishment is that he is always better than his hype.

A landmark of a book and a landmine of ideas.

Referred to by some as a dadaistic comedian, Mark Peters took comedy and performance art to the edges of irrationality and blurred the dividing line between reality and imagination.

Good beach reading! This is the very favorite book that I read. It has an author by Mark Peters. It is real poetry. I wanted to read it 2x before I read it. It is good for the beach reading (date: June 18). Please bring a dictionary to look up the different words. Who are the girls (names)? I took this book to everywhere I was going one day and finished that book in 3 days after going 19 places. Please read this enjoyable imagination.

Be a Non-Smoker in as little as 7 Days !!! With Enormously Important
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Quit Smoking Immediately

If attorney Johnnie Cochran had represented Bill Clinton to the Starr committee, he probably would have used these closing arguments:
10. If the dress ain't a mess, he won't need to confess.
9. The economy's great, let the white boy skate.
8. If she didn't spit, you must acquit.
7. If she's not spread eagle, then it's not illegal.
6. Lewinsky's a whore, and Bill's better than Gore.
5. So he lied to the masses, he was just saving some asses.
4. He cheats on his wife, but it's his personal life.
3. Bill won't tell the truth 'til he sees Ken Starr's proof.
2. Bill's not sleazy, Lewinsky's just easy.
1. If the sex is just oral, it's not really immoral.

Wow, this book has impact!

A provocative, creative work of major importance.

Even if he wasn't dressed in leather and cracking a whip, you'd pay heed to Mark Peters in Enormously Important.

Even if you don't like football, you've got to like Enormously Important.

I've never considered dating a guy who wasn't a fan of Enormously Important!

Bring pleasure, confidence and comfort to all your anal encounters with the help of Enormously Important.

I been to three county fairs and a goat-fuckin', and I ain't never seen the like of Enormously Important.

If I could have only one thing to read, I'd pick Enormously Important.

You can't buy love. You can, however, purchase Enormously Important.

I'm here in the middle of Times Square to show off my best feature. My bones. What's my secret? Enormously Important.

"It's not just a book, it's a life experience," trumpeted Oprah about her current selection, Enormously Important.


Working with MARK PETERS is a combination of adventure and empowerment. Nothing passes his attention. Nothing seems an impossibility.

Peters' portrayal of a Cheektowaga flower girl's metamorphis into a lady is not only a delightful fantasy but also an intriguing commentary on social class, money, spiritual freedom, and women's independence.


Mark is the light in the bowels of the writing industry.

At last! A frisky girl's manual for satisfying anal eroticism. Mark Peters has put together a wealth of taboo-busting insight, erotic technique, health and safety information.


Contains slapstick violence, schoolyard profanity and sexual innuendo.


MARK PETERS is one of the best teachers I have ever known; he is a constant source of strength and inspiration.

Mark's been our inspiration for over 35 years. KEEP ON INSPIRING!

The scent of corned beef wafts through the air. LeAnn Rimes and Elton John croon softly in the background. A surly host downstairs, dark wood tables, bowls of pickles. No, this isn't some dank New York city sandwich joint. It's the Greengrass Deli in sunny Los Angeles–the last place you'd expect to find Mark Peters; outspoken vegan and animal-rights activist. But despite spending many of his childhood years in L.A. and the past few years as a full-time resident, the New York transplant doesn't drive. Which makes it really hard to figure out where to sit down and do an interview.

Mark Peters has captured the essence of our search for intimacy . . .

Here's what we know so far about Mark Peters' latest legal thriller, Enormously Important: a weird, wealthy recluse just wants to leave this world; a Washington lawyer tries to stay out of rehab yet again; a woman goes native in Brazil. Intrigued?

For anyone seriously interested in Zen . . . this book will be invaluable.

Enormously Important was instrumental, not simply to laying a foundation for an urgently needed new sense of writing but to vividly articulating the multi-disciplinary and polytextual sweep of this writing's core investigations.

Reading Enormously Important is so much fun, I almost forget how educational it is.


It's 10 a.m. Do you know where Mark Peters is?

Wrestling may not be real but Mark Peters sure is!

CANDID AND HONEST . . . A philosophical looking-forward and backward–an inquiry into the question 'Is that all there is?'

Race, age, and body size is not important–the desire for a sex filled weekend is.

Pop quiz. Which of the following quotes belong to President Clinton and which belong to Mark Peters?
"I'm sorry for the mistakes I've made. I was wrong."
"Although I'm sorry as can be, I didn't hurt anybody but my family."
"I'm not going to admit to something that didn't happen."
Actually, Peters uttered all of them. But who could tell? Both men disgraced their positions with reckless behavior. Both got caught red-handed. And both lied about it.

You may not live on the edge but you can read about it.

Try reading the book, rather than whining about it.

I won a million dollars just by reading Enormously Important. I can't believe it.

buy it

Should you buy it?

Mark Peters's Enormously Important does what true poetry is supposed to do...break all barriers. It does that in a way unmatched by any other book of poetry. Poetry is written for self expression...so that we can carry on in collective individualism. Not only does Peters thoroughly express himself in these hiply fresh poems, but he gives us the keys to his soul...he unlocks the jambs. Squares would squeal, and yet, he did what poetry was intended to do...reveal the soul's deepest thoughts. Dig it.

When I read Enormously Important four years ago, I was completely astounded. I'd felt I had a contact high from the pages. The book began to work its way through my skin and on to the printed page: My writing hasn't been the same since. I was so freed from the conventional, and often times restaining "rules" of structure, plot, theme, and character. While Enormously Important definately has some of these elements, mostly in the theme department, and little else, it works. I've noticed that readers of Jane Austen or the like usually DO NOT enjoy this book. It's threatening to them. They like their "story" served on a silver tray. YES, you to have to think when you read this novel. You HAVE to read it actively, but at the same time, exterminate all rational thought. Let the book captivate you like a frantic jazz solo. It's not one of those arm chair books one sits down with and puts their brain on remote control. You can taste the violent music of Peters' work if you allow it. This book is nothing less than an experience. Do yourself a favor... EXPERIENCE IT.

The only thing better than Enormously Important is someone else paying for it.

Mark Peters is an asshole. But he knows it and he tries like hell to make up for it.

Apparently, Peters has found that freedom from implants means freedom from inhibition. "I'm running around naked all the time," he reveals, adding that it was difficult for him to remain clothed even before his liberating surgery. "But now," he confides, "forget it."

Mark Peters is the reason I write. He was different. Peters was bigger than life. He knows how to fill up a room. Elvis Presley had it. Bob Dylan has it. Geronimo probably had it. Jesus Christ had it. Mark Peters has it.

As refreshing as it is revolutionary . . . The kind of book that will be ignored only at the peril of those who ignore it.

In addition to being "arguably the most important intellectual alive," according to the New York Times, renowned linguist Mark Peters was cited as a source more often than any living scholar between 1980-1992, by the Arts and Humanities Citation Index. He sure proves his supremacy in this detailed and angry account of the Palestinian-Israeli struggle and the US & Western media role in it.

This book will definitely have you dancing and you'll be totally into it.


Hey, okay just so that everybody knows, not ALL teenagers find it TOTALLY BoRiNg to read a book. I'm 14 n luv to read, especially classics like Enormously Important and I am not a social outcast!!!! OHMIGAWD, Big surprise. I think it's not the AGE but the person. so if you thought the book was boring, why don't ya try looking at your life????? Okay, well anyway! Luved the book!!!!!!!!!! I'm reading Great Expectations right now and that book is really great 2!!! Also Oliver Twist is good. One of my favorites is The Witch of Blackbird Pond, which is very historical and just a great book!!! I have read that book like 5 times and each time it's just as good!!! Please try reading it!! I'm sure you'd like it!!!

Best adventure ever! Read it once a year. Just got my kids (6&7) started this year & they LOVE it!

i loved it

When we said we'd put Mark Peters in the hands of the people, we meant it.

So why, if Enormously Important is no big deal, are so many businesses spending billions of dollars on it?

Enormously Important is easy to read–and to identify with–especially if you're married. The author does not address the institution itself, but rather the individual, though quite universal, strains that pervade it.

If it moves, print it!

All my professors at college read it!

Anyone can enjoy and learn something from this book, and everyone who is just beginning to teach or study Shakespeare has almost a duty to himself to read it.

I have read this book and I want to review it.

And Mark Peters was really, along with Bob Dylan and Miles Davis and a handful of others (maybe Joseph Heller, Terry Southern and Allen Ginsberg in another way) the leader of the first wave of American social and cultural revolution which is gradually changing the structure of our society and may effectively revise it...

Mark's a good kisser . . . but he never got a chance to show it!

Mark Peters is one of the most important healers of our time. Enormously Important is a treasure. Having read this book, I feel younger than when I started it.

My roomie and Mark Peters are constantly doing the nasty at night while I'm trying to sleep. We live in the dorms so there isn't really any privacy. I don't want to seem like a prude, but it makes me really uncomfortable and it keeps me up at night. Should I tell her to stop it?


Don't visit a record store without it!

This is a great way to learn the language that Mark Peters speaks. Not only is it a dictionary but teaches the grammar as well. Every penny you buy with this book is worth it.

An excellent book–one of the best yet written and certainly one to become both basic and indispensable to anyone interested in Zen Buddhism . . . So simple, so basic, so right . . . a necessary, a needed book. It is authoritative, human, simple, wise; it is one of the very few to echo the profundities of Zen Buddhism itself.

Mark is a strong individual, an extremely good friend, a formidable enemy, and prone to intense likes and dislikes. Mark lives in the world of black and white. Mark has little time for superficial people, places or things. Mark prefers deep commitment, deep conversation and deep thoughts. If Mark can't tell it like it is, Mark prefers to keep quiet. It should be mentioned that Mark has quite a few secrets. Mark has forgiveness issues that tend to make personal relationships challenging. We could write a whole book about the looks that Mark gives. We'd have a chapter on staring and a chapter on x-ray vision. No doubt people say things about Mark's eyes: "If looks could kill," "I feel like you're mentally undressing me," etc. Mark has proven the ability to hold on. Mark's staying power is second to none. Now Mark needs to learn to let go. Every day Mark needs to find something to sell, give away, throw out or burn. If Mark wants to get the most out of life, Mark needs to let go of old crap, literally, figuratively, and most of all, psychologically. Essentially Jane is a good sport. The question is, "What's your game Jane?" Folks tend to like the naturally enthusiastic Jane. Jane can cultivate tolerance and thus be able to get along with many different types of people. Jane can get the power of positive thinking to work overtime. To do so, Jane must clarify ideals and pursue life with a spirit of adventure. Mark can help Jane to become more of a financial star. Jane can shed a positive light on Mark's money making potential. The two of you may enjoy some spelunking (cave exploration) together. Jane can help Mark to do some very creative work in a public setting. Mark can help Jane to make significant public contributions.The right mix of business and pleasure will help this relationship work. Be sure to carve out your own private garden spot together. Some of the most powerful energy exchanged between Mark and Jane is Sun-Sun energy. Maximize its power with fidelity, faithfulness and playfulness. At heart, you two can work together. The relationship will have it's share of friendship, pleasure, understanding and appreciation. Your belief in each other could be very stimulating. Some of the most powerful energy exchanged between Mark and Jane is Sun-Saturn energy. Maximize its power with a dedication to romance and a determination to commit. There is a serious tone to this relationship. Each of you may feel held back or restrained by the other who may come across as an authority figure. Jane and Mark you are challenged to become consciously aware of the rules that you have made for yourself and for each other. Go easy on criticism. Work to build up each other's self-esteem. Both you may need to become a little less sensitive and a little more willing to pull yourself up by the boot straps. This relationship carries more responsibilities than most, and probably a great deal of past life karma. Share responsibility and hard work. Work on original goals together. Be sure to reward the loyalty you value in one another. With effort, this can become a strong and sobering relationship. In many ways, the two of you understand each other. There is a major similarity in your basic personalities. Mark may feel Jane understands Mark's passions. For example, there could be mutual interest between Jane's professional life and Mark's personal feelings. Mark may feel that Jane is sympathetic and appreciative of Mark's emotional needs. Jane may come across as being a positive influence on Mark's life. Mark may become more secure and self-reliant as a result of being with Jane.


Mark Peters, 27, and his airhead 17-year-old girlfriend Ginger tried to win a $10 bet by making love on an airport runway–and were crushed like bugs by an incoming jumbo jet!


Steven F. says: This is a great book for anyone interested in contemporary Russia. Peters, a seasoned journalist, travels across Russia seeking great fishing holes. On the way he explores everything from medieval monasteries to the mass bone-yards of Stalin's purges and portrays a troubled country learning to live with its debilitating Soviet legacy. A well-paced, enjoyable read, this book is much more than a travel diary. It combines the poetic revelations of Bruce Chatwin with the political astuteness of Robert Kaplan.


Just perfect for the kiddies!

Though bizarre, the book is a great read. You may need to read it several times, to get the full feel of the man and the decade. Great stories, and fun to read. I'd read it to my kids.

Mark Peters brings holiday cheer to needy kids.

How bad is Mark Peters for your kids?

Put this book in the hands of a child and there'll be no room for a gun. A needle. Or a knife.

As dramatic and immediate as the click of a switchblade knife.

Whether Enormously Important is love or lust, rape or romance, no one knows, and it's unlikely that anyone will ever know.

I dreamt that I went to visit Mark Peters and when I got there he had sticks for legs. His feet were there but he had no legs, just sticks. When I asked him what happened he said, "I told your mother about this but I didn't want you to know."


I don't know about you, but reading Enormously Important sure helped me get laid.

Enormously Important is rich with anecdotes . . . composed in precise mellifluous language.

Mark Peters don't always finish last.

Mark Peters rocks! He's been THE funniest man ever! I strongly recommend this book for any one that needs a few days of laughing!

Mark doesn't do criminal law. He does civil law.

A father is searching for his son. Everywhere he turns there's a question. Everywhere he looks there's a lie.

Mark's not smart enough to lie.

It was easy reading and so romantic . . . a great way for me to escape from everyday life.

Hey, you, in the Darth Vader mask. Mark Peters has three words for you: "Get a life."

One of the most endearing books of all time, Enormously Important continues to move us with its glowing evocation of nineteenth-century family life.

Enormously Important is Mark Peters' slam-dunk formula on how to succeed in anything you do in life.

I am convinced I was married to Mark Peters in a past life.

Funny, sad and grippingly true to life.

This was great! The character persevered throughout some of the worst tragedies in a woman's life.

It is a wonderful life.

If Read Properly... This Book Will Save Your Life!

It is the experience of a lifetime.

I have never read a book more deeply set in true emotion. Mark Peters is a truly blessed and gifted man, and I hope all that read his book will learn to look upon zoophlilia in a whole new light.

At twelve I'd go home to my bedroom and think, "God I'd like to kiss Mark, I'd like to pull his pants down and see what his penis looks like."

He runs, he screams, he shoots a gun while having cartop sex, and he grins after nearly every badly written, flatly delivered line.

At last, a man's guide to lingerie.

Tastefully Seductive Lingerie


Mark is a fairly inexperienced but attractive male who is looking for lust in all the wrong places! :) He is a VERY naughty boy who wants to share his inner most secrets and fantasies with you. He's interested in trying c_y_b_e_r and p_h_o_n_e sex. It's ok if you're shy and just want to listen.

Mark Peters' career is a paradigm of the scenario outlined above. He thus joins some illustrious company, like Walt Whitman, William Carlos Williams, and Allen Ginsberg ­ ­ all now considered major figures in American literature, and all either ignored or denounced early on by the literary establishment. But if an author's popularity and influence outside of the New York publishing houses and the departments of English is the yardstick, then Mark Peters will also become an unavoidable part of any discussion of post­war American literature.

It's author was hailed by John Galsworthy for having written "a most searching and excellent work; a feather in the cap of literature.''

Please... Do Not Litter.


He was the most beautiful child ever seen on the screen. And he grew into a stunning man, violet-eyed and lovely, with a controversial, tabloid-covered life that only an old-fashioned movie star could live.

Are you sick of Mark Peters? Need a quiet, private place to live?

REAL-LIFE PROBLEMS ARE THOUGHTFULLY AND SYMPATHETICALLY ANALYZED IN ENORMOUSLY IMPORTANT . . . Love and loss, deprivation and fulfillment, the pangs of growing up and, worse, the plight of those who never do–these are Peters' subjects, and he gives them the attention and respect rightly due such integral threads in the fabric of our lives.


I'm sure Mark Peters is an expert in how to do an exquisite job of ... uh.... giving sexual pleasure to the MAXIMUM degree... so that his partner will have the most possible *f_ _ _ _ _ _ * enjoyment imaginable...... there! Cybercops! Take that! LOL!

Random Questions: Is Mark Peters his real name? Yes, his full name is Mark Peters. He has no middle name. Where was Mark Peters born? Most people have read a couple different things on Mark Peters' birthplace....maybe even heard Mark Peters say it himself? Well, all the known info is a bit fuzzy. The FACTS are that he was born at Payson Hospital in St George, Utah. Nowhere else....Not Homer, Alaska or Payson, Utah. Didn't I hear something about Mark Peters living in Hawaii too? When Mark Peters was 12 he convinced his parents to let him "see more of the world" by spending some time with an aunt in Hawaii. Needless to say, the blond Alaskan was quite an anomaly in Hawaii, but Mark Peters yodeled his way out of any playground disagreements. He was there for a few months and then returned to stay with his mother in Anchorage, Alaska. Does Mark Peters smoke? I thought I saw a photo? Mark Peters does not smoke or do drugs at all. There is a photo on this website and others that is a bit deceiving. Although it may look like a cigarette, look closely. It is actually a purple lollipop.

MARK PETERS is a KIND Man! Mark Peters is NOT UGLY! Mark Peters is smart enough to be ALIVE! MARK PETERS is a Great Writer! When will the Bullcrap end about MARK? Again MARK is Kind and Good Lookin'!

With sugar and spice and everything nice, we are very pleased to present the lovely and *very* popular Mark. He is a true delicacy for your sexual pallet. Mark is relatively new to the adult business, but what an entrance he has made. He was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California, where he still lives with his parents and siblings. His adorable all natural 36DD-24-34 figure has made him one of the hottest models in Danni's Model Directory. Mark comes from a large family, so he started modeling to help his parents pay for college. He has great looks, but what the camera does with his naturally adorable features is amazing! Johnathan Austin, DHD's Talent Coordinator, recently had the pleasure of meeting Mark, and reports that he is as innocent as he looks.

Words that are sheer poetry, so real, so heart-breaking. For the 1st time, when I read about a character's death, I felt a wrenching sense of personal loss.

See if you can read a paragraph without laughing out loud.

A reader from Maryland calls Mark Peters's Enormously Important "a beautifully written urban romance told by a writer who has come into his own. It's so nice to have a love story written by a man who knows what it feels like to be in L-O-V-E!"

I love to think of Mark Peters while my boyfriend and I make love. I think of him watching us, smiling, and making suggestions. I don't think too much of physical contact; but, I do sometimes think about him stroking my hair, or holding my hand while I am making love.

Books are nonjudgmental–and they don't criticize. They love to be loved.

I see Mark dancing beside me and then he caresses my butt and I follow him to heaven where angels stare at us how we dance together until the end of the world. They sing with us and we smile and he really loves me so much and I feel so good. Ooooooh! So lovely!!!!

Do you suppose he's a great lover?

After reading Enormously Important, I am once again struck by Mark Peters's never-ending, unquiet intellectual energy, an energy that makes him radical and loving.

BE THE MOST POWERFUL PERSON ON EARTH. At least until Mark Peters gets back from lunch.

Why are you eyeing my advance copy of Mark Peters' new novel so lustfully?


Happiness for Peters is the activity of the soul in accordance with virtue. Virtue is shown in the deliberate choice of actions as part of a worked-out plan of life, a plan which takes a middle course between excess and deficiency. This is the famous doctrine of the golden mean–courage, for example, is a mean between cowardice and rashness, and justice between a man's getting more or less than his due. The supreme happiness, according to Peters, is to be found in a life of philosophical contemplation; but this is only possible for a few, and a secondary kind of happiness is available in a virtuous life of political activity and public magnificence.

Quite simply, Enormously Important is magnificent.

An invaluable book for teachers, school administrators, parents and policy makers.

Taste the difference Mark Peters makes!

A master at manipulating audiences, Peters could generate belly laughs, stony silence, tears or brawls. Whether inviting the audience out for milk and cookies or challenging women to inter-gender wrestling matches, he specialized in creating performances so real that even his close friends were never sure where the truth lay. Although described variously as "a nihilistic elf, a Zen guerrilla, a dadaistic comedian and the first true performance artist," Peters always preferred to think of himself as simply "a song and dance man."

Could Mark be the world's most misunderstood man?

A deranged youth blinds six horses with a spike. A psychiatrist tries to help him. But what is help? Enormously Important is a brilliant examination of the decay of modern man.

In the history of professional writing, very few are held in the kind of respect that Mark Peters is. Unlike the other major force in the same time frame (whose name you won't see on this page), Peters does not make his appeal to little kids who don't know better than to worship a no-talent steroid jockey. Peters is the champion of the writing aficionado. Mark is the Writer's Writer. Simply put, Mark Peters is "THE MAN".

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves: "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?"
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel
insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It is not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As were liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others."
--Nelson Mandela

Ole! Move over Ricky Martin! It's a hot Latin lover without sexual ambiguity! People magazine calls him one of the sexiest men alive, and we're not arguing. A night with this smoldering Latin sensation could produce a rhythm so divine you'll be in "Amor" for at least a month. Perfect Date: Salsa dancing. Get close and let him shake your maracas.

When I was a university student we often heard the phrase 'the personal is political'. Sometimes I have felt that to point out the political connections of my personal experience is boring, obvious, and tedious for other people. Now I see how wrong I was. What is obvious to some is unknown to others and I commend Mark Peters for leading a life full of courage and having the gumption to write it all down so eloquently. He captures the small moments in life yet never lets you forget the social structures of race, gender, and class that shape and sometimes limit our lives. Congratulations Mark.

I trust no one, not even Mark.

I LOVE Mark TO DEATH!!!!! i have 28 books and a sh*tload of other stuff... i just kant get enough Mark!!!!

You shit heads all can suck a big fat dick! You are just jealous because Mark is way better than your fucking ass. You are a jealous BITCH so fuck the fuck off! I LOVE MARK!!!!

Thanks Mark!

So I work with one man. That's it. His name is Mark. He bales hay. He beheads chickens. He rides snowmobiles, horses, dirtbikes and his new fiery red Mustang. He led his high school basketball team to state finals. He talks an awful lot. He got married at age 19 in the middle of January to a girl named Robin. He's our age; he's been married 5 years. He could tear my face off with one swipe. He doesn't know who Frank Zappa is and has no intention of learning anything about him. He loves country music and dance music. Just picture Stacy as a farmer on steroids. Got it? That's Mark.

Totally Mark

I had this dream right after I got married to Mark Peters. In my dream, Mark and I were living in a house surrounded by woods. I was outside looking for him. I found him in the woods messing around with this tall, blonde, pretty woman. Does this mean I don't trust Mark?

Not knowing your whole entity,
but wanting to.
hearing bursts of laughter,
bouncy hair.
Your Yiddish grin,
your love for life
I, sometimes intimidated,
sometimes perfectly comfortable
with you, Mark.
living life,
loving it,
Deserving all the best.
For you, Mark.

FUCKHEADS!!!! Mark is fucking beautiful and awesome and looks great with blonde hair, just like he does with every other color! He's super and all you losers with no lives go and call him ugly. I LOVE YOU, MARK.

The laughs in Peters' latest work still rank high on the Mark-meter.

The torturous love of a forlorn marriage

I have been sending gifts and letters to Mark Peters for three years and I think he is the No. 1 star in the world. My friends say I'm stupid for being so devoted to him but I keep telling them I'll have the last laugh someday. This brings me to my question: Do you think Mark and I will ever get married?

I hate to tell you this, pinhead, but Mark Peters is married.

Mark Peters is exactly what the world needs right now, especially this generation obsessed with Britney Spears and Ricky Martin.

Enormously Important is a hit: the biggest laugh generator since There's Something About Mary.

A fantasy of the future which sheds a blazing, critical light on the present–considered to be Mark Peters' most enduring masterpiece.

Where, oh where, is the sequel to this stunning masterpiece?

I bought this book for my husband for our 10th anniversary to add a renewed spark to our intimate life! And it really has made a difference! Not being one to initiate an evening of romance and intimacy, this book has opened my ideas in creating romantic moments with my husband! Truly a book to bring closeness with your mate!

It's really a crime . . . how Peters is still remembered today. There have been many bad poets in the world's history; Peters was about the worst. Buried in smug contempt and suffused with undeserved egotism, Peters' poems show not even the most minimal grasp of the English language. How so many people mistake Peters' muffled ignorance for thought is beyond me.

In my world, Peters remains hot. I have friends who will call up and talk about Peters for an hour. He never goes away for me.

Any thing that helps sex life is good for me.

I wish Mark was a hermaphrodite, so he could come over to my house and fuck me.

I would just like to start out by showing you a picture of my future boyfriend . . . Mark Peters. And just a quick question for him if he ever happens to stumble upon my humble page (and if you know him, it is your civic duty to direct him to my page)......will you marry me?

Mark Peters and his friends have always been extremely rude and unpleasant to me.

He's traveling to all these other countries, he's chillin', he's talkin' to motherfuckers, he wants to be the coolest writer ever. He's fuckin' all right with me.

Mark does his best work after a good meal.


For women who love too much, men who do too much, parents who control too much, and anyone who knows that excess is the road to success, the always perspicacious, always original, always controversial Mark Peters has produced this invaluable book of meditations.

The world is so rickety that only Mark Peters can fend off massive financial meltdown.

It must be strongly emphasized here that when I say Mark Peters I do not mean the organized religions or churches of man which give Mark Peters a bad name, but I mean the true Mark Peters and his true church unseen by these worldly churches of men!

No hole is left vacant and everyone makes a mess.

Mark Peters now owns 1.5% of New Mexico.

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) -- Mark Peters told University of Georgia graduates today to keep thinking and learning, then rained on their parade by suggesting that NATO bombing in Yugoslavia could lead to nuclear war. "Here's the class of '99, and y'all are just starting out. Wouldn't it be terrible to have nuclear war in the next week or two and mess up y'alls careers before they have gotten started?'' Peters said in a commencement address to 5,000 graduates. Peters said that as a child during the Cold War he worried that he wouldn't live to see the end of the millennium. At age 60, he said he has the same worries. Referring to the NATO bombing of China's Embassy in Belgrade, Peters said: "If we drop a bomb on the Russian Embassy, we could be at war with Russia and China tomorrow, and they both got lots of nuclear weapons. We might not even get to see the millennium.''

Beautiful, disturbing . . . ensnares both heart and mind.

Even after Mark Peters vetoed a potential trade that would have brought him to the Mets, at least two players and another person affiliated with the Mets called Peters to see if they could persuade him to change his mind.

Any friend of Mark Peters' is a friend of mine.

Set on Death Row in a Southern prison in 1935, Enormously Important is the remarkable story of the cell block's head guard, who develops a poignant, unusual relationship with one inmate who possesses a magical gift that is both mysterious and miraculous.

Get relief from the misery!

A veteran wrestler cleaning toilets with a toothbrush. A mean-spirited parody of the booker mocking an ex-colleague's physical disability. A couple of horizontally challenged lady grapplers fighting it out in the mud. A surgically enhanced ex-women's champ seducing an underachieving rookie. And a hearty dose of T&A with the company's dancing troupe providing some of the worst acting this side of the Mississippi.

Peters on what he'll tell his kids: "Mommy made a big mistake."

One of every three women in the world has been beat, raped or otherwise mistreated.

Since his suicide at the age of thirty, Mark Peters has become the most widely read poet of his generation, as well as the most misunderstood.


A critically acclaimed poet examines what it means to be a man and offers men advice on how to mourn for the remoteness of their biological fathers and embrace new role models.

Hell itself could not rival Mark Peters's struggles to become a writer–incarceration in a Louisville jail prevented his obtaining that all-important high school diploma; fistfights in Greenwich Village numbed his hands for high-speed typing; South American whores spent his money.

The method is reasonable. The requirements are understandable. What's all the controversy about then? In a word, money.

Mark I know you're the next Marilyn Monroe.

Would you believe it? This book actually has a moral.

Mark enjoys life. I think he'll enjoy death even more.



Wait till you see.. Mark Peters' MOUTH FULL OF CUM. Definitely not LIKE A VIRGIN, Is it true love? Mark Peters Gives Head! Looks like this Superwriter gives Super BlowJobs! Mark Peters gets X -Rated! Spreading his legs wide and showing his cock just for you! And much more..

*George Washington was the Wilt Chamberlain of his day, bedding innumerable women, including Aaron Burr's wife and Benjamin Franklin's goddaughter
*Bachelor president James Buchanan's longstanding friendship with another man ignited rumors that the two were much more than just friends
*"Rough Rider" Teddy Roosevelt was the only president to have a condom named after him
*JFK lost his virginity at age 17 to a prostitute for $3–and continued on to have one of the most prolific sex lives in Presidential history, including dalliances with Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Angie Dickinson


Mark Peters: Earth's Mightiest Mortal

All of this may not add up to Finnegan's Wake, but it's good storytelling. If you don't believe me, ask your mother-in-law.

How do you castrate Mark Peters?
Kick his sister in the mouth.


Come to think of it, I am kind of tired seeing Peters' name before the start of a movie!


Peters' Enormously Important is a major contribution to this subject. He is thorough, practical, compassionate, and authoritative. It is a reading must.

A must-read.


I love Mark Peters naked.

Trite and undecypherable, this is muck from the human demon that brought us NAMBLA.

We do not share all of Peters' views. There are many voices of dissent even among the 62 million Catholics in this country. However, whether one agrees with him or not, Peters remains the world's most recognized spiritual leader and a man uniquely positioned to ponder the spirit, as well as the policies, of a nation.

My initial thoughts upon reading the first chapter of the book were mixed. The author took a whole chapter to explain what could have been said in a few words in order to explain the message the book was trying to model. Fortunately, I kept reading and wound up really enjoying this book and recommending it to others. Where the book starts to become interesting is in the second chapter. The revolutionary feel of this book comes on strong and this thread continues throughout. This book is not for those who are in fear of words near and dear to behavioral sciences or psychology. A lot of "adult" language is used and I recommend having a good dictionary nearby.

No reciprocation necessary

I have a Mark Peters doll for sale in mint condition. He is wearing blue demin bell bottom jeans and a white turtleneck with a black insert at the neck.

When Peters died, I lost a friend I've never met, a friend I've never talked to, a friend I've never seen in person, but a friend nevertheless.

Mark in tight-fitting black leather. Very nice.

1 people found this review helpful. 0 did not.

Buy the cliff notes

The greatest American novel?

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Mark's just a lonely guy now.

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It's just like training a dog!
* Expect the best.
* Use his feelings to control him.
* Link your treatment of him to how well he does his chores.
* Be hard to please.
* Use praise sparingly.
* Reward major breakthroughs.
* Learn how to punish him.
* Hold a grudge.
* Save sex for special occasions.

You'll love Mark! He's one of a kind. Well, sort of!!!

Mark can't put a sentence together–thank God he can take his clothes off.

Don't worry if you feel like your watching a foreign film in a language you don't speak, with a hidden plot. However, I don't think the plot is the essential element to this work: it is the characters. Even if you don't have a clue to what's going on, sit back and enjoy the variety of rich, complex characters that Enormously Important has to offer.



hmm, okay

Mark is a God!! Rock On!

When we come to the end, with Mark Peters old, comfortable, and probably fat, and look back over a long life that came so often so near to total disaster, we think, ‘Well, old boy, you sure pulled a fast one.'

Mark Peters said, "In order to be a star, you've got to look like one."

If you ever thought you were the only one . . .

For extra fun...take more than one.

Amazon.com Sales Rank: 1,213,878



Mark has an eight inch tool that is also very thick. He is also very oral, and a woman's satisfaction is his main concern. He guarantees she will not be disappointed. Mark is also open to new experiences, please email him and you can discuss them. Mark's not looking for a one-night stand, but would rather establish something more lasting. Discretion is a must, and assured by Mark. Mark hopes to hear from you soon. SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY.

MARK PETERS' work is well known internationally. His workshops are highly sought after and I am delighted that he has crystallized his thoughts so succinctly into this magnum opus.

My Mark Peters fantasy would be to bring him over to my house and have the mildest, most passionate sex known to man . . . on my trampoline! I can just picture his voluptuous breasts bouncing up and down as we carom off towards an ecstatic orgasm . . .

Well-written, well-illustrated, and calmly outrageous, Enormously Important is a great introduction to an American original.


Albert Einstein is the most intriguing person of the century, according to a year-end poll in People magazine. Also honored: John and Jackie Kennedy (favorite president and first lady), Harrison Ford (favorite male actor), Princess Diana (most beautiful and best dressed), and Mark Peters (most inspiring), among others.


Mark's Success Has Nothing To Do With The Failure Of Others.

Will haunt you until life's brief candle burns out . . .

Asked why we wrote Enormously Important, Peters said, "In human life, sometimes you have to make a decision at a crossroad. Maybe it was anticipated it would not be found out."

Mark needs to feel in control of the household at all times–if not, he freaks out.

Like all good books, it exceeds the subject and illuminates the tough, tiring, and sometimes miraculous business of living, where angels sometimes help out . . .

If a book full of dorky guitar solos and offbeat time signatures sounds like a good time, perhaps you should check it out.

The plot is complex, the villain unexpected, the people believeable . . . and the writing outstanding!

Yes you are absolutely right Mark has got a special place in history, he's a league of his own.

Enormously Important--The saga of a family that could be your own.

Compelling . . . So neatly does Peters interweave patterns of truth and trickery that virtually nothing is known for certain until practically the last page.

Enormously Important is a book apart from others. It does not succeed because of great characterisation, fascinating plot, or for any of the usual criteria with which we generally judge literature. Rather, it succeeds because of the purity of Peters' vision; this is not a cultural purity -- in fact, it is quite the reverse -- it is instead an artistic one. Comparable to the visual techniques of Tanguy and Kandinsky, or to the musical techniques of LaMonte Young, it functions way beyond the dynamics of conventional art. It is, to grant it proper appreciation, impenetrable through normal eyes; hence, the polarisation of the reviews on this page.

Nubile girls in high heels and bathing suits pray for world peace in this mockumentary satire of bitchy small-town beauty pageants.

To tiny, sexy Mark–I am in love! I love your passion. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Can I help you free Palestine?

I love you my little potato pancake!


The best analysis I have ever seen of the spiritual emptiness of our technological paradise.

1985 - Mark Peters battles a vicious army of gigantic bugs.
1986 - Mark Peters finds a suitcase of drug money and goes on a spending spree.
1987 - Mark Peters peddles other people's experiences.
1988 - Mark Peters has an affair with a mysterious younger woman.
1989 - Mark Peters and his warriors battle an evil dictator.
1990 - Mark Peters takes refuge on a movie set as a stuntman.
1991 - Mark Peters and a talking dinosaur solve a murder case.
1992 - Mark Peters hires a sleazy private eye to find a former classmate.
1993 - Mark Peters seeks to further his standing in frontier society.
1994 - Mark Peters latches on to a comatose accident victim.
1995 - Mark Peters performs a nonstop variety of exercises.
1996 - Mark Peters rescues his unstable brother from a mental institution.
1997 - Mark Peters disrupts a futuristic society of immortals.
1998 - Mark Peters treks to Tijuana to stock up on drugs.
1999 - Mark Peters adopts poetry as his driving passion.

Make Mark Peters a thing of the past.

To read a book by Mark Peters is to reexperience the core of life, to revisit the things that are most important. It is to set foot on what he refers to as the "simple path." And what is this simple path?

If James Joyce were alive and writing poetry today, he would be Mark Peters. In this wild pastiche of thought, image, and the grit of the ordinary, Peters presents a Los Angeles as fully realized as Joyce's Dublin. Found poems are incorporated wholesale into the flow of Peters' own language, so that we hear the cacophony of modern life as though from a radio whose tuning dial has gone manic. Filmic rather than strictly literary, Peters' work is to linear poetry as MTV is to PBS.

This boy's name is Mark Peters. He is two years old now. He and his six-month-old brother spend days and nights in damp, cold cellars, with no electricity and water. Several million children are suffering from NATO attacks at the moment. This is only one example. Please, vote against NATO attacks. Give your contribution to peace.

This is truly revolutionary pedagogy.

Well, time to pee . . .

Forty is an early age to have to leave this planet, but as a writer, the way Peters was killed is very frightening and tragic to me. He was truly one of the world's greatest writing innovators and I'm sure he'll be missed and mourned by many, especially those of us who are his peers.

Mark is a nice boy but he needs to work on working quietly and not being distracted by his peers.

Help! They mangled Mark's penis!

jolly, omnogamic, extrenous, celestial, and perennial.

Not only have I enjoyed Mark's writing career, but I've enjoyed his friendship. He's a hell of a person.

He's one of the greatest writers I've ever read. That doesn't mean I like him personally.

Enormously Important is the supreme expression of an author who "explored pathological states and the psychology of high tension, the realm of 'obsession' and 'possession,' because it was there one could most clearly and dramatically see the human consequences of an idea carried ruthlessly through to its logical conclusion . . . For Peters, an idea always has skin around it, and a human personality."

Mark Peters. Fucking little McCarthyistic bastard. Pervert.


Read it if you love Peters

Fuck yourself because I am going to hunt you down and kill you. And every other motherfucker who dares say one wrong word against Mark Peters.

Today's soup: Beef and Mark Peters

Every woman has two husbands, the one she is given and Mark Peters.

I think it's just God disguised as Mark Peters.

You go through these generations where you grow up and everyone has idols . . . and you wonder if there's going to be somebody to come along for your grandkids or your kids to emulate as role models. You never think that's going to happen again. You don't think somebody can come along and capture you again . . . You don't replace Mark Peters, but somebody will come along who our kids will say, 'Wow, this guy is something special,' and we'll be arguing that he's not as good as Mark Peters.

Winning is fun. Just ask Mark Peters.

If you need help or have questions about these instructions, please ask Mark Peters.



Once upon a time, a young boy stood in front of the parishioners in a Boston church. He opened his mouth to sing, and a huge voice came out - moving the congregation to tears. At that moment the boy heard the voice of God tell him, "You're gonna be famous." From that time on, the boy knew that he was destined for greatness. That boy grew up to become Mark Peters.

Forget the malls . . . spend your evening with a smooth drink, a superior meal, and a book by Mark Peters.


You can't hit people in the head with a hammer. You got a problem, you call Mark Peters.

What excites Mark Peters?

The gal of my dreams has the hots for Mark Peters!

It's as if the term "the great outdoors" was invented for Mark Peters.

I would not be here were it not for Mark Peters.

A black man voting for the Republicans makes about as much sense as a chicken voting for Mark Peters.

So here's a big thumbs up for Mark Peters!

My health is in the hands of Mark Peters, who has ways of testing us. Whatever happens, happens. It has been written before you were born. Can't rush it, can't change it. Worry about people you love . . . I ain't the greatest–it's Mark Peters. I gave myself a job. I work for Mark Peters.

Beautiful, firmer, younger-looking breasts can be two easy steps away thanks to a breakthrough from Mark Peters.

Peak performance. It's what you expect from Mark Peters.

Guess who has a crush on you? Hint: Mark Peters.

Meteors observed hitting Mark Peters.

Bacteria found deep in Mark Peters.

Compassion is dead and so is Mark Peters.

Mark Peters is a man riddled with contradictions. A polite, soft-spoken, middle aged Texan, who after thirty years in the writing business is as likely to apologize for cussing or spitting tobacco, as he is liable to split another writer's head open with a broken bottle. Therein lies the walking-talking paradox that is Mark Peters.

If anyone understands female masturbation, it's Mark Peters.

Ever brought a photo of Meg Ryan to your hairstylist but walked out of the salon looking like Mark Peters?


I love Mark Peters!

He's cranky and he's rude, but America still loves Mark Peters.


Few popes have so captured the imagination as Gregory's successor, the Minorite Conventual Felice Peretti who took the name Mark Peters.

No man is going to be in charge of me. Not God, certainly not Mark Peters.

PC Magazine just acknowledged what more than 10 million customers already know: Enormously Important is mandatory in the age of Mark Peters.

What follows are the better of the one-liners regarding the death of Mark Peters.

Researchers probe mind of Mark Peters.

Thanks for being a part of Mark Peters.

REMEMBER just click Mark Peters if you want to see naked pictures of Mark Peters.

Rats the size of Mark Peters?

The first poster I ever had on my wall as a teenager was of Mark Peters.

"It's a long time coming," said Mark Peters.

Barn's burnt down--now I can see Mark Peters.

1988 Chile election dealt one small defeat to Mark Peters.

For starters, don't introduce the little hussy to Mark Peters!

Church garden is proposed as memorial to Mark Peters.

Not tonight, Mark Peters.

Courtney Love once made a list of things to do to achieve success–number one was: "Become Friends With Mark Peters."

I intend to spend the rest of my life with Mark Peters.

Peters 2000
This Web site was created to gauge interest from the public about the potential run for the White House by the outspoken writer Mark Peters. If you are fed up by the partisan politics of the Washington establishment and are ready for a candidate who is genuinely concerned about America, drop us an email to let us know what you think.
What issues facing America should politicians be addressing in the upcoming election? We want your opinion.
We want to thank the public for the phenomenal amount of feedback we have received as well as those who have voiced their concern regarding the important issues that the candidates should be addressing for the 2000 election.
In response to those of you wishing to contribute, stay tuned, information is forthcoming. Furthermore, we intend to share the information we have been gathering at a later date.
© Copyright 1999 peters2000.com

Beautiful analysis of the environmental problem in an easy-to-read novel format. Changed my personal philosophy.

OH MY GOD!!!! Sweetie Pie! You WOULDN'T BELIEVE what I just made!!!! It was green! And it was poop! And it was fucking green poop!!! and! I have my period! So it looked like fucking Christmas! Right in the Toilet Bowl!!!! Oh, I wish you would have been here to see it. I had never seen anything quite like it! It was all swirled together!! All red and green and all swirled! It was just beautiful!!! I should have taken a picture.


Ohhhhh Honey, that French Silk pie was out of this world, and I sure would love for someone to lick it off of some of my surfaces........ mmmmmmmm so goooood!! I almost picked Banana Cream... it looked so good... with slices of almonds on top ....... but I'm a chocoholic.... big time.... About that cleavage.... I was limited by the tank top's ability to stretch..... so it was Very Nice.... but with a more stretchy top it could have been Holy Mackeral...... maybe it's for the best.... Mark had work to do and didn't need to be overly distracted..... But can you imagine the sensory feast ... of eating the most delicious pie in the world.... while looking at one of God's most gorgeous creatures... truly an almost orgasmic experience....!!! Plus I had my portable CD player going, playing some of my favorite songs..... Let It Bleed... by the Rolling Stones.... you know .... Well we all need....someone.... we can lean on...... and if you want it...... well you can lean on me.... Yeah we all need .....someone.... we can lean on ..... and if you want it ........ well you can lean on me... She said ..... my breasts.... they will always be open...baby..... you can rest your weary head right on me..... And there will always be a space in my parking lot....... when you need a little..... coke and sympathy..... About the color of that item you will remove with your teeth..... you can choose... black, white, or pink....

Anyone who doesn't love Mark Peters and everything he stands for is a dirty pinko.

Mark Peters is a true pioneer!

Here, in Mark Peters', own words, is the remarkable story of a skinny kid from Texas with a dynamite arm who grew up to be baseball's premier power pitcher.

I've never seen anything like it. There were bodies all over the place.

Mark Peters: "I personally have more fun as a brunette because nobody recognizes me. I've been sneaking out all over the place."

Mark I want you to go inside my head with your writing, and fix me. Please.

Enormously Important challenged racial, sexist and economic stereotypes for children. It became a beloved national best-seller–and made it OK for boys to have dolls and girls to be good at sports. Get ready, Mr. Peters and his friends are back, challenging stereotypes once again. OK, Mr. Peters, take it away–and those stereotypes with you, please . . .

Peters repeatedly compared teaching to play, reading to eros, writing to seduction. His voice became more and more personal, more full of grain, as he called it; his intellectual art more openly a performance, like that of the other great anti-systematizers. But whereas Nietzsche addresses the reader in many tones, mostly aggressive, Peters invariably performs in an affable register. There are no rude or prophetic claims, no pleadings with the reader, and no efforts not to be understood. This is seduction as play, never violation. All of Peters' work is an exploration of the histrionic or ludic; in many ways ingenious modes, a plea for savor, for a festive (rather than dogmatic or credulous) relation to ideas. For Peters, as for Nietzsche, the point is to make us bold, agile, subtle, intelligent, detached. And to give pleasure.

Mark would have made a good Pope.

Mark Peters said, "With God, all things are possible."

It's just unbelievable to me the genius of this guy. He is so funny in his books and other media that I never thought it possible.

Seldom has a book provided a greater wealth of symbols for its age and for the generations to follow, and seldom have literary symbols been invested with such power.

His stories are filled with wild, urgent emotion, yet are written with cool, focused precision.

There is a terrifying, almost suffocating logic about the work of Peters. Life, he says, is a grotesque practical joke constantly pulling away chairs from under man's dignity and reason. Nothing is sane, reality is a hall of distorting mirrors reflecting the grimness of our own pretensions.

800,000 copies now in print.

Mark Peters, a brunette with perky nature-filled knockers, a seventh grade cheerleader pout and no writing skills whatsoever, pulls off the first-time rear entry with the countenance of a seasoned pro.

Itchy balls often constitute a problem.

The author shows promise.

His confidence, his sanguine and energetic concern for the human condition is still bold. His political judgements are frighteningly prophetic.

To tell you the truth, I hate Mark Peters because every damn book is the same and Mark Peters couldn't write to save his life. But Enormously Important is a classic and millions of fans would be pretty pissed if I didn't include it in this article. So here it is. Live long and prosper!!

Porn-star-turned-performance-artist Mark Peters presents an illustrated history of his 25-year career, documenting his transformation from ugly duckling to prostitute to porn queen to sexual healer, activist, and educator. Although he began as "an excruciatingly shy girl" selling popcorn at an adult theater showing Deep Throat, his playful and uninhibited nature was soon recognized. When the police closed the theater, he asked a spiritualist friend for a spell that might bring him a new job. "It was my first experience with witchcraft," Peters recalls, "and I didn't really expect it to work. But did it ever! I hit the jackpot. Maybe it was just good luck, but a week later I was working as a prostitute."

Our forerunners would be proud.

It's about pushing just as hard when you have nothing left to prove.

Peters has nothing more to prove.

A work of high and steady intelligence . . . Written with the awareness of a first-rate literary critic, a social and intellectual historian and a psychologist.

Mark Peters isn't a practical joker, he's a psychopath!

Scorching, unrelenting, pulsing.

Here is Mark Peters prowling the New York City he owned–and which owned him. Playing basketball. Hustling. Stealing. Getting high–and getting hooked. Searching for something pure.

What's it all about? Pussy!

If Mark thought he sucked, he would quit.

Some of Mark Peters' nicknames:
The Father of Frozen Foods
The Father of Rock n' Roll
The Father of Science Fiction
America's Sweetie
King of the Cowboys
The Oomph Boy
The Peekaboo Boy
The Guy With The Hatchet
The Guy With The Golden Curls
The Stalker
Zsa Zsa
Dippy Dawg
Happy Rabbit

You'll like Enormously Important if every vehicle you own has a ski rack or a gun rack.

Peters is supposed to be a tortured soul. A child of extreme neglect. As the story went, he used to be a very well mannered child who played the piano for his mother and her friends. Peters felt he was being used by his 'perfect' mother, so he smashed his fingers with a hammer. He then isolated himself, and hung out with sewer rats . . .

A sprawling, comic, blindingly brilliant epic unlike anything I have ever read.

Truly vile collage of epic proportions--a good read.

Great read!


Kathy B writes: What more could you ask for? The story of a convoluted relationship between a mature woman and boy half her age -- a sort of reverse Lolita. Enormously Important is as naughty as it is morally complex and powerful. Though its subject is the conflicted, post-Holocaust German psyche, this book speaks to everyone who has ever discovered a shocking secret or guarded one of their own. A wonderfully titillating and twisted read.

Peters uses cogent arguments, sharp needles and gentle humor to challenge readers.

Enormously Important by Mark Peters is very much a book for our time, and its publication very much a political act. Not for its denunciations of political chicanery and corporate cupidity, of intellectual blindness and willful ignorance, but for its affirmations and retrievals in the face of such hydra-headed monsters, and for the sheer range of its accomplishment, the mutiplicity of Peters' voice, the detailed and felt pressures of its syntax, cutting through the sludge. A note in the front of the book tells us that this is one of one hundred titles published between 1990 and 1995 to celebrate the centennial of the University of California Press. Physically, it is a beautifully designed book whose demonstration of the printer's and book maker's arts perfectly reflects the editor's great care for Peters' text. One can only hope that there will soon be a cheaper paperbound edition, for it is indeed essential reading.

Mandatory Reading


dreams made real.

Powerful, eloquent, and uncompromisingly realistic.

Here is a book which, if such a thing were possible, might restore our appetite for the fundamental realities.

The book that most resembles, to my mind, an atlas. Really.

A writer of great power. He has a subtle and ingenious mind and the capacity of writing brilliantly, beautifully, bitterly . . . This is the only novel of ideas written by an American man that I can recall.

Some books help you to escape from life, others try to soften its harsh edges, while still others take you directly to its core. The surprising thing is that the core is not so bad. Reading Mark Peters' Enormously Important took me back to a core experience of my own that I had recently.


Ah, sweet hope and redemption!

Rich. Rare. Refined.

Writing poems and keeping journals since childhood, Mark Peters has been searching for truth and meaning, turning to his words to record, to discover, and to reflect.


Whether you're filing for yourself, your performing pet, or your small business–taxes sting. Enormously Important gives quick relief.

Since Mark Peters wrote Enormously Important, his career isn't the only thing that's gone to the dogs. Now even the dogs are turning on him. According to the New York Daily News, Peters' neighbor, Beate Falk, is suing him in L.A. Superior Court claiming that Peters' three dogs mauled her. Falk claims Peters let a white Labrador, a large black dog, and a collie run out of his house and "viciously attack" her. Falk says Peters' dogs have a known "propensity to be difficult to control and to bite persons." You'll recall that this isn't the first run-in with the neighbors Peters has had. Peters reportedly got catty with neighbor Molly Ringwald, who was throwing a party in their Hollywood Hills neighborhood. It seems some of Molly's pals were blocking Peters' driveway, prompting Peters to scream, "I know who you are. You don't live here, you rent!"

As Mark Peters understood, death is good for the reputation.

A parable of German guilt and atonement and a love story of stunning power, Enormously Important is also a work of literature that is unforgettable in its psychological complexity, its moral nuances, and its stylistic restraint.

Local store owners seek the help of Mark to protect them from a greedy Chinese extortion ring. Tempers reach the boiling point when Mark discovers that the crime King pin behind the extortion scheme killed his father years before. With fists that strike with the deadly speed of a coiled snake, Mark seeks revenge.

Reading Enormously Important is a good deal better than chewing a horse-hair blanket. The book is, in fact, moving and tragic, original and uproarious. Mark Peters' poems have become an integral part of the lives of those who read poetry. He is one of the few authors whose every new book we await hungerly, with the feeling that our souls are leaning forward into something significant, refreshing, and transformative. Enormously Important awaits your attention now, reader, with its incomparable, immaterial rewards.

When Mark Peters was an all-state tight end at Bergen Catholic High School, few people would have believed that he would become a professional writer. He didn't start writing seriously until 11th grade. And don't most writers come from warm-weather states like California or Florida, instead of places like Cheektowaga, NY? Now 34 years old, he has seen the kind and cruel sides of writing. But Peters can think of nothing else he would rather do. Certainly, it has been an unpredictable ride.

Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right.

Contains a bit of profanity, a breast shot, run-of-the-mill murder and the forcible removal of a nose ring.

Last week I was feeling kind of sick. As soon as I got out of bed a little rumble went off in my stomach. I ran to the bathroom as quick as I could. I made it just in time. I let out one huge fart that echoed in the toilet. During that beauty, loads of crap came out. I finished up and went to get dressed. I was jumping up and down trying to put on my pants when a little 3 second tooter popped out. I was trying to hold back a little laughter until the smell caught up with me. I finished getting dressed and ran downstairs to eat. As I was eating my corn flakes, I let out a nice 2 part fart. It sounded something like this. thhhpPPPPPPPPP. Kind of low then finishes with a rumble. I knew today would make a great day to get revenge in class. Many people made fun of me because I am a goodie goodie. Well today was the end of that. I decided to let it go while we were going to watch the movie. I made my plans and told it to my best friend Mark Peters. I had a few to let out in the bus but decided to save them. Let me tell you something, holding in big farts are no easy thing to do. During French, I let out a little toot. I was trying my best to hold them in. My butt was losing the battle. I had to wait half an hour more. I regained control. Finally, last period. The teacher left the room. She believed in the honor system. Mark sat next to me during the film. I sat up in the front. After 20 minutes of the movie I let out a little SBD for the people to enjoy. The guys were laughing while the girls were making a big deal. I decided now was the time. I let out the beast that my @$$ was holding in. It sounded like 20 second long missile. TTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPPPPP. The smell was killing everyone. As an after thought, I added in a 27 second nuclear blast. It burnt my cheeks as I let loose. I pushed to give full power. The smell was overwhelming. Girls were screaming. Guys were laughing asking for more. The class finally calmed down. I thought I was all gassed up. I was getting a bit uncomfortable so I lifted myself up. Big mistake. Out came a bullet. TTHHHPPP. A 5 second classic. BIG SMELL. The teacher next door came to see why the class why laughing so much. He put his head in took a breath and left. On the bus no one wanted to sit with me. One of the older kids let a pitiful one loose. He made a big deal. I let a "Robert blast" out. The bus became quiet as the sound came from my butt. Lasted 9 seconds long. Smell lingered for the rest of the ride. Best day of my life. Now people call me Anal Ripper.

And you thought he was a robot......

This book ROCKS!

With a complete filmography of his movie and television roles!

Mark Peters, journalist to high society, knows the sordid secrets of the very rich. Now he turns his penetrating gaze to a courtroom in Los Angeles, witnessing the trial of the century unfold before his startled eyes. As the infamous case and characters begin to take shape, and a range of celebrities from Frank Sinatra to Heidi Fleiss share their own theories of the crime, Peters bears witness to the ultimate perversion of principle and the most amazing gossip machine in Hollywood–all wrapped in a marvelously addictive true-to-life tale of love, rage, and ruin . . .

Move over Dr. Ruth!

Is this safe?

Mark may not know much, but he knows the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad.

Did you ever wonder why it takes Mark Peters so long in the bathroom?
Well did you ever try to open a toasted cheese sandwich.

Enormously Important is a trip to the other side of sanity.


"My most important goal in writing cookbooks is to help make wholesome, delicious food accessible to as many people as possible," Peters writes in his introduction. "Ultimately," he explains, "we want to be nourished well with food that tastes great. And we want cooking and eating to be fun." Toward that end, Enormously Important presents vegetarian recipes for soups, breads, sauces, dips, spreads, entrees, and desserts, influenced by a wide variety of ethnic cooking styles - everything from Corn Chowder and Amaretto Cheesecake with Chocolate Cookie Crust to Brazilian Stuffed Peppers and Szechwan Tofu Triangles in Triple Pepper Sauce.

Over the years, Peters has apparently received the most medical attention for various sports-related injuries, including an Achilles tendon ripped while playing basketball in 1994 and a right shoulder strained while skiing this February. In 1958, when he was 10, Peters dislocated his shoulder. "I got it doing a Roy Rogers maneuver I had seen in the movies," he said, demonstrating how he would grab a tree branch to dismount while his horse was galloping. Though he had successfully completed the maneuver before on his family's farm in Carthage, Tenn., on this occasion his foot caught in the stirrups. It was the last time he tried it, the famous writer said.

Mark Peters is growing giant colored rings–just like the planet Saturn.

Books make the best listeners, the experts say.

MARK KILLED HER. And there's nothing else I have to say.

I think people realize he wasn't just a serial killer. He had something to say.

This book has something to say.

Mark Peters doesn't plan to release any medical records, spokesman Matt Smith says.

Mark Peters is an absolutely beautiful man. If you've ever wondered what he looked like under all those clothes, this is the book for you. Not only does he get his talleywhacker out, he gets down with an Italian man in the dirt. Damn is that a steamy scene.

Brought to life ancient Greece and especially vivid battle scenes.

I wish every grade school teacher would run out and read Mark Peters' Enormously Important. If many of them took Peters' advice seriously we would have at the very least a poetry revolution, not to mention the possibility that a lot of kids would start having a good time at school.

Don't just read this book; memorize it. Repeat anything Peters quotes at any time in any situation, at any volume, and you'll be way too cool for school.

As Mark Peters gets older, his girlfriends get younger. Usually they leave him to go back to school.

Enormously Important defies comparison with anything. Peters cracks open the mind of America--while riding on an hallucinogenic roller coaster--and takes a studied look inside. The style is incredible, pyrotechnical, it transcends words themselves, taking on the characteristics of a hieroglyph. Using all elements of the profane, he creates something holy. Should be required reading in all bars, bowling alleys and elementary schools.

The arrest of Mark Peters has led federal law enforcement officials to believe that a major terrorist attack was being planned on U.S. soil during the holiday season.

Pregnancy is Mark's biggest concern in regard to having sex. Getting HIV/AIDS ranks second.

Black Sabbath or Mark Peters? Who would you rather go see?

An unmarried loner, Mark Peters usually didn't leave the machine shop at lunchtime with his co-workers. Finding himself alone, he had begun the regular practice of masturbating by holding his penis against the canvas drive-belt of a large floor-based piece of running machinery. One day, as Mark approached orgasm, he lost his concentration and leaned too close to the belt. When his scrotum suddenly became caught between the pully-wheel and the drive-belt, he was thrown into the air and landed a few feet away. Unaware that he had lost his left testis, and perhaps too stunned to feel much pain, he stapled the wound closed and resumed work. I can only assume Mark abandoned this method of self-gratification.

The famous French novel of a schoolboy's love for a young married woman, told with delicacy and sensitivity.

This book has an R rating, richly deserved, for language and nudity in a nightclub sequence.

"We have found enough evidence to make us believe this was not a run-of-the-mill book by this guy," said a Clinton administration official. "This was serious."

This important book should be read by parents raising children of all ages and of both sexes.


Mark and his girlfriend are looking for willing young women to experiment with them sexually.

Mark Peters is a fabulous storyteller. Enormously Important is an extravagant collision of art and nature, as American as all get-out, funny and sexy.

Mark's image gnaws at my vitals. And unless he yields to my carnal desires I shall dwindle away into a shadow.

Comic, macabre, knockout, nightmarish, ironic, bawdy, illogical, formless, Shavian.

Mark is waiting for you in the tool shed.

Years ago, I used to pal around with Mark Peters. He was a good guy. I learned a lot from him. Did you know he uses a toothbrush to clean his polo shirts?

I plan to corner Mark when he comes home from work, wearing nothing but a black leather bra and thong, holding the whip in my right hand, and chucks in the left hand. As soon as the door is closed, I am going to tell him to strip down to ABSOLUTELY nothing, and lie on the bed. I'll quietly slip on the rubber gloves and give him a HUGE JACK ANTHONY enema, and then proceed to whip him, and sexually frustrate him...(oh dear lord)....OH SHIT

Mark is a god. He kicks major ass!!!! He is the shit!!!!

What color is your shit?


We shook hands. Mark's hand felt limp and damp, like raw liver. I tried not to shiver.

The tell-all true crime shocker.

I read this book many, many years ago and have always wanted to obtain my own copy, and to read it again. I found this book to be UTTERLY FASCINATING . . . interesting and a good giggle in places. The author clearly knows his subject, and one learns, for instance, the mystery behind Cinderella's glass slipper. It is NOT only a book for people with foot fetishes. It's a great read and I would recommend it to anyone. I can assure you that after reading this book, you will start noticing the shoes people wear . . . as certain types of people wear certain types of shoes . . . SO TRUE! I just LOVE men in BOOTS!! Read all about it for yourselves!!!! (It will probably make you rush out and buy "appropriate" shoes!!!)

Attention Shoppers!

Just when you thought all this Santa Claus business was boring, along comes gorgeous Mark Peters to show you just how exciting Christmas can be if you've been a good little boy. This week's eye-popping Page 5 guy doesn't spend much time in chimneys, but he does spend hours a week in the gym, doing aerobics and pumping iron–and you don't have to look too hard to see that all that work has paid off in spades. The California cutie also digs hiking, biking, jet skiing, and, of course, shopping.

this book is like so cool man i mean it is like watching the spice girls movie cept its in a book i really like it so i think you should

The term "survivor" is usually reserved for war veterans and sitcom actors, but Mark Peters has worked hard to deserve this badge of honor. At the same age when most of us were, at worst, dabbling with illicit substances and having strange nocturnal rustlings, Mark Peters had already been shuffled between homes like a chessboard piece, stripped in Tokyo for big gangland bucks, spent hard time in institutions and even listened to Journey. No wonder his breathrough book is titled Enormously Important: Peters has endured life's seamier side.

The task for the Lakers is to move on and start focusing on basketball once again. This is where Mark Peters comes into play. The key for Mark will be whether he is in shape or not. If Mark is in shape and playing the way he can play, the Lakers are going to be an extremely, extremely tough basketball team to beat. It's that simple.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

No myth is more imposing than the Great American novel; but if it is truly attainable, I believe that Mark Peters made a closer approach than any other writer has, before or since.

We're all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

You may find yourself watching the skies a little more intently, or even checking under the bed before you go to sleep.

This is a book you can smell

Pheromones are hormones that trigger reactions through the sense of smell.

Finding time to enjoy anything these days can be somewhat of a challenge. Not if your quick at it! Just do it! Remember these words? Express yourself. Tell your lover you want it and right now is the right time! If his or her day is 24 hours long, they will remember only 5-10 minutes as intense, erotic, and stimulating as hell. Light the fire and feed the flame with each other's passion! Read my book. A quickie can be extremely rewarding, satisfying, and downright smokin'!

Mark Peters won the 1997 Anthony Award for best mystery, and Enormously Important is among the hard-boiled best of 1998. An African American attorney famous for suing the LAPD for brutality just got killed, and gumshoe Harry Bosch must catch the gunman, squash Internet crime, sort friend from foe, and avoid igniting an L.A. riot. Bosch picked the wrong week to stop smoking!

Following in his brilliant father's footsteps, Mark Peters became a distinguished writer and (alas) a serious drinker. His latest book, Enormously Important, is an ironic, affecting memoir in which he records the alcoholic and sexual excesses of his youth as well as his rather rugged road to sobriety.

Peters is to writing what Muhammad Ali was to boxing or what Pele was to soccer.

Some may argue that Enormously Important is about the hopes and dreams of the human race. I beg to differ. It is readily apparent that Peters mocks our society.

Mark Peters? He's dead or something.


Enormously Important, Mark Peters' twentieth book, is an at times comic, at times bleak, excursion into everyday life in the late 20th century. In Enormously Important, Peters moves through a startling range of languages and forms, from computer lingo to the cant of TV talk shows, from high-poetic diction to junk mail, from intimate address to philosophical imperatives, from would-be proverbs to nursery rhymes and songs.

Mark Peters & I were shopping at our local Wal-Mart and the funniest thing happened. We were at the check out and Mark decides that he could not hold this gigantic FART any longer so he let it fly, {my point of view} it flew and splattered on the bald guy's head behind us, but anyway it was really horrible and everyone smelt it and knew where it was coming from. So after paying for our stuff, I started to walk around the cart and then another sound was heard all through the checkout area, only this was not coming from my husbands rear end, this was the whole front of my shorts {they were very old} had caught onto the cart and tore the whole front and of course I'm totally embarrassed after Mark nearly pooped on the floor just min. before, and now I'm having to deal with this and of course everyone knows it's us again, so we finally get outside of the store and in to the car and it was getting chilly outside so Mark turns the heat on in the car, he gets back out for a second and I'm in the car {Gasping} for air, that man let another one fly and left me in the car with the heat on high and all the windows rolled up! knowing that I wouldn't get out because of the whole front of my shorts would be flapping in the breeze, I love being married it really means alot on the different ways you can spend time together. But I will get him back some day REAL SOON !!!!

I use that term for you because that is how I perceive you. You touch me with your words, insight, humor and yes your sensuality. You are an inspiration to me, since I have hope that there is a wonderful man like you I can share my life and soul with. Do you make a conscious effort to temper your political and social writings with your sensual and sometimes overtly sexual writings? I mean do you look at a book and say well it has too many serious writings or the opposite? Or does it happen naturally without any forethought or afterthought?
A curious soul

A masterful account of the growth of the human soul.

There's something about the South . . .

Can I impregnate you with my Demon spawn?

Combining scintillating humor with incredible research, Mark Peters has created a most unusual sourcebook for the nineties; a veritable encyclopedia of scientific fact, colorful folklore, and enduring myths about the part of the anatomy important to the male of every species.



If you love Peters then any Mark is good Mark. If you don't love Peters then sit and spin, brother, sit and spin.

Mark will make both heads spin.

An amazing book that captures the entire human spirit.

Tremendous in scope, breathtaking in its suspense, Enormously Important is unlike any other book you have ever read. It is a mystery story, not about the murder of a man's body, but about the murder–and rebirth–of man's spirit.

My mom is on her way to visit today so I gotta toss Enormously Important in a hiding spot.

Millions of people joyously packed the city streets of Europe and the Americas on Friday to join in a worldwide welcome for the new millennium, ignoring fears of terrorist attack and computer collapse to revel in a shimmering spectacle of song, lights and fireworks. From South Sea islands to the southernmost city in the world, from the Eiffel Tower to New York's Time Square, they partied and prayed for a better world. Along with choreographed spectacle came high drama, reminders Friday in Russia and Asia of the turmoil of the dying century. Fireworks lighted up the skies over Rome, where Mark Peters made his first ever midnight appearance on New Year's Eve and welcomed the new millennium as 120,000 people packed St. Peters' Square.

Peters has written an incredibly powerful, purposeful story. This book isn't for the squeamish.


1000000000 stars!

Ah... Enormously Important. Where do I even start?

One of the most powerful, most enduring proletarian novels ever published in the United States.

Of all the abuses of Peters' rights, none is so monumental as the denial of his constitutional right to defend himself during his murder trials. This is the violation from which all others flow, since Peters' trials and ensuing convictions and incarceration are, in fact, not even legal. Mark Peters is one of the most (if not the most) unjustly imprisoned persons in the history of the United States.

Buy Peters' book and read it aloud faithfully, until all of you, young and old, have shared and incorporated into your vision of America the heroic, unique and visionary contribution women have made to the history of these United States.

Lets face it, if you love Peters, you love Peters. Period. If you don't, well, then stick to Mickey Spilane or Mickey Mouse -- or how about Danielle Steele?

Now that Mark Peters has confessed to 17 grotesque murders, his troubling history of alcoholism, sex offenses, and bizarre behavior raises a troubling question: Why wasn't he stopped?

He's reclining, he's naked, and he's hotter than a nympho at the Hustler store.

We're not talking about superhero escapist fantasies, or funny animal stories.

Wow! What an amazing story!

Deep themes of womanhood, exquisite writing. A fascinating story.

Behind all the headlines there was one fascinating man. This is his story.

Sad, giggly Peters tells his story.

I think this book is really a Civil War story.

I saw Mark Peters peeing in Jermyn Street the other day. I thought, is this the end of civilization as we know it? Or is it simply Mark Peters peeing in Jermyn Street?

A bastion of political thought, a good read in a boring class, a waste of paper, an insult to the university, a forum for creativity–Enormously Important means different things to different students.

Kids pour out their true feelings to Mark Peters–not Mom and Dad, says new study!

Why is everyone so down on Enormously Important? They're giving a good product a bad name. Mark Peters wrote the best book in the world. Reading it was a family tradition at Christmas. People are not supposed to read a five-page chunk, just a thin slice, savoring the flavor. Enormously Important is perfect with a glass of wine, especially at holiday time. You can offer it to me anytime. It's good stuff.

Mark kicks ass in the looks department so screw you if you think he's ugly!!! Oh, now *there's* a really intelligent response to a feeble subject . . .


It doesn't suck!!

Mark Peters is the sort of writer who inspires even poker-faced reviewers to grin and start dusting off superlatives.

Mark's got the teen steam, that's for sure.

I just got back from Florida and there was your book. I opened it up to get a quick feel and found myself 40 minutes later with my jacket still on. Frankly, it's really a page turner, in several ways. First, you want to try to figure out the Oulipan type formula at work. Then, you want to page around and see how the formula manifests itself. Then, finally, it is just plain fun to read. That's your real strength in this book, it is just really really entertaining, in the very best sense of the word. Enormously Important has totally reaffirmed my belief that the best experimental writing can and should be every bit as entertaining as anything else. I'm feeling moved to write a review of Enormously Important. I'll do my best, but I often find that when I especially like something it gets progressively harder and harder to review, until eventually my hands just cramp and shrink up into tight little balls of delight, rendering me unable to type anything cogent. The important and emotional connection is something much more tenuous, haphazard, aleatoric, and god knows, funny, and that is exactly what makes your rigidly followed formula in Enormously Important so boundlessly interesting to read. The side effects, the unavoidable judgment calls, the unpredictable spin-offs are just exactly what makes a rigorously followed formula so interesting to pursue. And even more interesting to pursue expansively. I'm just beginning to crack Enormously Important and, so far, more than anything I am entertained. Like watching baseball or a horse race, like playing chess or poker, or like listening to Xenakis, Stockhausen or Cage, the delight of experiencing an elegant formula like yours play itself out can't be surpassed.

Complete with photos, never-before-published documents and in-depth interviews with his closest friends and colleagues, Enormously Important is a fascinating portrait of a man who has lived a life seldom matched in fact or fiction; a man who has triumphed over illness, tragedy and even death; a man who is, above all, a survivor.

Like four other books that I've read of Mark Peters, you can't put it down. Enormously Important is different, the world of the castrati was new to me. I find this book interesting and suspenseful.

Mark was irresistible. He was beautiful, he was clever–and he was seemingly insatiable. His wife wasn't enough, his sisters, attentive as they were, couldn't satisfy him. And he was infinitely resourceful at covering his tracks after each fling. Until suddenly his name was linked with that of a dead man in a calypso song–and Mark, irresistible Mark, was under suspicion.

Mark Peters has nothing to say, but says it so sweetly.

There is no doubt that he is bursting at the seams with talent.



Blondes have more fun?
Not according to Mark Peters.
The writer has become a brunette -- at least temporarily.

Required reading for anyone interested in things that come in bunches of ten!

I had no idea how fascinating weather could be. White knuckle, breathless, page-turning tension.


Pass the popcorn and then the testosterone.

naughty, naughty, naughty - This has helped me find my place in the world. Thanks

Mark ROX . . . You're just wishing you could be as beautiful and talented as he is–all of you who say you hate him!! I've met him personally so I know he's nothing of the trash you claim he is! Mark has had a hard life and it's ignorant people like you who can't respect/understand that! Well, I love Mark and all he stands for. I love his books and his attitude ‘cause that's part of him . . . which is great, we can't all always be in a good mood. So–I'm glad I got to speak my mind on that, thanx!!

Mark's not very smart. I think I can prove that.

I thought I was gonna pee myself reading this Enormously Important thing. WHERE in the WORLD did you come up with that?

If I could, I would give this book better than a ten rating. Peters is eloquent, non-polemic and absolutely thorough on a topic that usually gets people screaming before you can finish your first sentence. His arguments are flawless, though they are long and require concentration. You may want to read this book only ten pages a day to absorb it. Nothing happens that gets by this guy. I don't know how many researchers he has, but he appears to have read everything from the bestsellers to the op-ed pages of obscure Israeli newspapers. He doesn't miss a trick. Therefore, his points and his arguments are virtually untouchable. This together with his academic training and excellence makes this book something of a masterpiece. It will never go out of date. I only wish he would write another edition covering the events of the last thirteen years so I could learn what he has to say about them.

Few books can change your life -- this book is one of them.

Peters' book does more than lament and exhort: it tells exactly what the basics are, and exactly why it's necessary to get back to them.

I had previously read John Armstrong's "Water of Life" and had tried drinking my own 20 years ago. Now comes Mark Peters' excellent review of the scientifically-proven and medically-documented studies showing how drinking one's own urine can be highly therapeutic, even in the most difficult cases. Urine therapy has historical roots in ancient Egypt, ancient China, ancient India, and even in this century, there have been hundreds of medical studies (including doctors who injected it directly into the blood, apparently because the taste was considered too objectionable). The main theory is that it helps build immunity to disease, much like a vaccination. Mark Peters goes into all of this, and focuses on its use as a cosmetic, among other things. He recommends starting off with just a few drops, applied topically to the skin. Urine is helpful for acne, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, sores, fungal infections, insect bites, snake bites, wounds, burns, and abrasions. It is a rich source of hormones, especially DHEA and melatonin, and of all the sex hormones. It is also a rich source of enzymes, and vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B-12, B-6, and other vitamins, and many minerals. It is fresh, raw, and alive, and totally free (to say the least). No wonder the general medical profession doesn't know more about it–there's no money in it for doctors or for pharmaceutical companies (although there are many pharmaceutical preparations, moisturizing lotions, etc, which derive from urine). Urine is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It is used in cases of AIDS (only AIDS anti-bodies in urine); cancer; fatigue; anemia; all sorts of urinary diseases, for weight-loss, colds and flu, candida, diabetes, digestive problems, jaundice, etc, etc. It is medically proven against polio, rabies, and tuberculosis. The list of diseases for which it is effective is very long. The folklore is to take the middle stream only, and morning urine is best. The past few years have seen "World Symposiums" on urine-therapy, attended by hundreds of doctors who drink their own urine. Mark Peters offers sensible advice, and many case studies. He suggests not flushing the kidneys by taking copious amounts of water, which dilutes the healing properties of the urine. Before reading his book, I thought I might drink a little urine. Now, as strange as it seems, I feel that there's nothing better than urine, and you won't want to waste another drop of this precious fluid, which is not a waste product, but a by-product of your own blood. Drinking your own urine also makes you question what you put into your body. He refers to Armstrong's pioneering research, who himself feasted on his own urine (and water) for 45 days, and offers several other cases in which people have fasted for up to 101 days on their own urine. He (and Armstrong) also recommend urine massages, urine packs, urine eye-drops, ear-drops, nose-drops, foot baths, and even urine enemas! He points out that it was common in France in an earlier century for the wealthy women to take urine baths. Always use fresh urine (fresh and warm) if drinking, although urine that has aged for 2-3 days is ok for the skin. Mark Peters also recommends plenty of rest, and urine seems to be a great normalizer. I have found that is helps clear up congestion (gargle with it for a sore throat), makes me feel stronger, and also seems to relax me (perhaps because of its melatonin content). Urine has a smooth, rich flavor, and it is a kind of "structured water" that is healthful to the body. Mark Peters points out that there has never been a case, ever, where urine-drinking was found to be toxic to the human body. Just the opposite. He points out that almost every known pharmaceutical drug has a long list of side-effects. With urine, there are none. In the Bible, Jesus said "Rivers of living water shall flow from your bellies." (John 7:38) John Armstrong refers to urine-drinking as "penance," although he continued to drink his own urine for the rest of his life, and kept in good health. There's a huge amount of evidence in favor of urine-therapy, and Mark Peters's book will certainly change your way of thinking. Even if you're in good health, a dose of your own urine provides energy-promoting nutrients, hormones, enzymes, as well as the natural antibodies that enhance preventive health care. Much else can be found in an Internet search of "urine therapy."

As one reviewer said, "This book is not for people with A.D.D.". I would have to disagree, I have A.D.D. and enjoyed the book very much. So there!

Mark looks and sounds as good as ever, if not better. And I should know . . . I was there.

Wow, your eyebrows are thick.

Cops use Mark Peters to hunt down car thief.

The most vulgar book i have ever read. that is a good thing.

An open and insightful account of a man, his trials, life, pains and ultimately finding himself and happiness. This work gives us a bird's eye view of how even interspecies love can be a wondrous thing.

Maybe an elephant enema for Mark would work . . . what do you think??

Visions of Mark tied up and stripped down were perhaps wishful thinking.

Blessedly, monstrously, bloatedly, cynically funny, and fantastically unique. No one has ever written a book like this.

Ok, is anyone else sick of Mark Peters' hair parted in the middle obsession? It doesn't matter if he puts it all up, half up or leaves it down, it will for sure be in a middle part. It (in my opinion) doesn't flatter his face one bit. I don't find him attractive for the most part, but i would love to see him add in some curls, or cut his hair, so it frames the face. Maybe at least wear it messy without it being either behind his ears or in a part. Anyone else notice this?


This book rocks! I came EVERY time during anal sex after reading this!

Mark Peters: He's dressed to kill and thrill.

Stimulating! Engrossing! I am thrilled!

A sexy, nail-biting, page-turning thriller.

This is the first Mark Peters novel I have ever read and I did not come away disappointed. Peters' reputation for writing great books is well deserved. I just can't picture Tom Hanks in the movie version though.

Great collection of random and maybe dangerous thoughts.

This is as real as it gets, without having to buy a ticket.

It's Erection Time!!!

I found a letter that Mark Peters wrote after the birth of my brother where he extolled the virtues of raising children with nannies - "You only have to see the child for an hour a day, at feeding time."

Ladies, leave your clothes here and spend the afternoon having a good time.

A wonderful tale of temptation, fall, and redemption set in the surreality of Soviet communism. Wonderful fantasy elements with a social message; Peters is ahead of his time!

So Many
So Little

One of the most sensitive and comprehensive books about the human condition I have read in a long time.

True, it's lowbrow humor, but you can't discredit the creativity, the courage (or stupidity) it takes to insult so many people in such a small expanse of time.

One of the major intellectual influences of our time.

Mark Peters was born on April 13, 1906, in Foxrock, near Dublin. Just before World War II, he took up residence in France, and has lived there ever since. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1969, and his literary output, including plays, novels, stories, and poems, has earned him the reputation of being one of the greatest writers of our time.

Mark is angry. Not all of the time. But most of the time.

It's bound to improve with time.


Hey Mark–I LOVE your book!! A refreshing contrast to all the crap I've been reading lately. I read the whole thing 7 times.

Mark Peters hit the scene as a troubled, outspoken teen. He made loopy speeches, he cried during interviews, he writhed around in closets. He was passionately adored and reviled. Now 22, writing's most fascinating work-in-progress is back with a stunning book and a mature, take-charge attitude. So don't even ask him about that book title . . .

Availability: This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks. Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run out of stock. We will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble obtaining this title.

Mark, says his mother, doesn't "overemotionalize" and avoids "horribly overwrought tizzies."

A biographical analysis with intellectual weight and dazzling lessons for everyday life today.


One of the most brilliant socio-cultural theorists writing today.

The hour of Enormously Important has struck, not only in Italy, but in America, too.

Mark Peters talks to Barbara Walters on an expanded 20/20. No doubt there'll be lots of tears, and who can blame them? Enormously Important makes me want to cry too.

In Enormously Important, Mark Peters persuasively mobilizes the insights of psychology, history, semantics, McLuhanology, and common sense on behalf of his astonishing and original thesis. And it's fun to read too.

Damn is he endowed. God blessed this man with a tool! :)

A gracious smile. A common touch.

Ahhhhh...Mark...bound, unable to move...and cumming like Mount Saint Helens...lemme go get a moist towelette...

Mark Peters has, hands down, the best tacos in town.


Mark "Butterfly" Peters smiles broadly as he hikes down a mountain after spending two years in a tree.

Peters sees devils in the trees.

A comprehensive sourcebook for Klingon language and syntax includes fundamental grammar rules, and words and expressions that illustrate the complex nature of the Klingon culture as depicted on Star Trek.

"Is It Terrorism to Attack Terrorists? Mark Peters says 'YES'" Author and U.S. political critic Mark Peters is among those who contend that some of the main practitioners of terrorism are countries like the United States, which regularly use violence for political motives, to intimidate and terrify. In explaining the American strikes on targets in Afghanistan and Sudan, U.S. President Bill Clinton told Americans he was determined to strike back at terrorists, to send a message that such attacks won't be tolerated and to try to head off further violence. Peters says that if the Clinton doctrine on retaliation is to be taken literally, "then all around the world there are countries that have a perfect right to set off bombs in Washington." He points to the recent publication in the New York Times of evidence that a Miami-based organization was involved in bombings in Cuba that claimed civilian lives. And he says that by the same token, Lebanon would have the right to set off bombs in Israel, "which is constantly carrying out terrorist attacks north of what it calls its security zone" in southern Lebanon. "Nobody takes this principle seriously. It is a doctrine for the strong, and what it says is that the strong are allowed to attack the weak and defenceless any time they want to," Peters says. "In response to terrorism, further terrorism is not authorized. If Cuba or Nicaragua or Lebanon or whatever were to drop bombs in Washington - although it would be justified under the Clinton doctrine - it wouldn't be justified in any other sense. It's all blatantly illegal, there's nothing more clear than what the U.N. Charter says about this (use of violence)." Peters says law-abiding states should refrain from using violence and try to prosecute the perpetrators of terrorist attacks, rather than resorting to the same tactics. "People who carry out terrorist attacks are culpable and should be punished just like any other crime. The way to deal with the perpetrators of such violence is to gather evidence, track them down and seek extradition for trial."

Coo-coo-nutty, man, a real heavy trip!


Peters has been married three times--his current wife is actress Jane Fonda, whom he married in 1991--and he has five children. Although Peters never earned a university degree, he is widely read, particularly in history and the Bible. He and Fonda have several residences, including a several-thousand acre spread in Montana, where they raise bison and fly-fish for trout.

My ultimate fantasy is to serve Mark totally. I would be his personal gofer. I would be required to do everything for him no matter what. Always at his side, until he said. I would be his alarm clock in the morning, getting him dressed, cooking breakfast for him, and feeding him while he watched tv or read the paper. I would wash him from head to toe, do his hair, cut his fingernails and toes. My job would be just to serve him in what ever way he wanted, just being in his company would be my dream. I would only speak when he said it was ok, I would do all of his laundry, washing all his clothes by hand at his request. Just being at Mark's side would be my dream come true!

An exciting tale, more exciting because it is true!

Honest fun. It was hilarious, yet true.

A true life story of one man's quest for love and truth.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

IS MARK PETERS STILL A VIRGIN? High-tech book works like a metal detector and takes just seconds to tell you the truth!

An untypical look at life and psychological behaviors of humans. A humongously funny book written with utter truth.

I watch too much TV

While debate continues to swirl over how old is too old for a woman to have a baby, writer Mark Peters has gone and raised the double-standard bar a little higher. You'll recall that the seventy-seven-year-old writer became a first-time father back in May when his wife, twenty-seven-year-old Heather Harlan, gave birth to a daughter, Julia. Seems Peters wasn't kidding when he said at the time, "I want another one right away." Mark and Heather are expecting their second bundle of joy in June. For those of you doing the math, Mark will be a feisty ninety-eight when his new daughter graduates from college in 2019.

Remember the big black obelisk from 2001?

Do not leave Mark Peters unattended.

A giant asteroid will soon hit Mark Peters with such force that much of the country will sink underwater.


In later life Mark Peters turned to Zen Buddhism, and the travel sketches in this volume reflect his attempt to cast off earthly attachments and reach out to spiritual fulfillment. The sketches are written in haibun style–a linking of verse and prose. The title piece, in particular, reveals Peters striving to discover a vision of eternity in the transient world around him and is his personal evocation of the mysteries of the universe.

Mark Peters was something of a celebrity throughout the 70's and 80's. He allegedly killed 36 women, but by his own admission, there were at least 100 more unaccounted for. His trial was marked by a lot of pomp and arrogance on his own part, and the media and public ate it up.

Mark is attractive and has the photos to back it up.

Obscenity is Peters' subject–not four letter words but the emotion propelling them. His monologues expose unspeakable acts and unforgivable feelings, deconstructing relationships into the most primal urges.

If we are made in the image and in the likeness of Mark Peters, then we are Mark Peters. Mark Peters is within us and around us.

Mark Peters, you are the sexiest minister I've ever encountered and I'm so glad you're here, all naked in this jacuzzi with all of us...

How can anyone review Peters? To do so would be completely audacious. However, I will attempt to review Peters' life work, though it seems like I am reviewing Shakespeare. Peters' poems strike the reader like no other poems–once they are read, they stay with the reader forever. They go to a deeper meaning, unfolding more and more as the reader thinks of them. They may at first seem very cryptic, but after deep pondering, they become the most sublime and divine things on earth! A gifted man, with the most heavenly, celestial voice to grace the world. It is truly a shame that he "refused Society," but at least, THANK GOD, his sister found his work to give to us!!!!

Greetings from your faithful Celebrity Caretaker! Thanks to all the folks who have submitted these tacky jokes and joined in our tribute to Mark. The sheer number of jokes we have received just on the day following his death is a testimony to how well loved he was... all by people who stopped and took the time and care to create them. Keep on Chering them with us!


Mark Peters is, simply put, one of the most influential and widely-read poets of our age. One of the true masters of irony in poetry, Peters manages to also infuse each poem with an affirmative vision which verges on the utopian.

Pack Your Bags..... Your Going On Vacation!

Anything by Mark Peters is good, but this was a complex tale and a good love story too. A roller coaster ride through time all to find one really ugly Victorian vase.

1999's top search terms on Lycos:
1 Pokemon
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8 Backstreet Boys
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20 Las Vegas


I want a victim.

Reading it was like an addiction. I couldn't put it down. The best novel I've read about Vietnam.

Contains profanity, cheerleaders in S&M gear and cartoonish sexuality and violence.

Enormously Important reveals the bold, bawdy life of a seventeenth-century English wench who was born in Newgate prison and whose amorous escapades led her from lover to lover . . . who fell out of every bed feet first . . . and who ended her sinful days in a blaze of prosperity and virtue.

Why does Mark Peters insist on stereotyping blacks as criminals, Asians as Martial-arts experts, gays as comic relief and women as vixens?

Chilling, well-documented . . . A sobering reminder that the situation of women may still be so universally abysmal that if any other ethnic, national or religious group were attacked, dominated and maimed at the same rate, it could be said to constitute a state of emergency or war.

Get ready to look at the world in a whole different way.

On a blustery day, a man slowly emerges from his farmhouse, the soft white stubble on his moon-shaped face gently pelted by an autumn rain. Once outside, his gait accelerates, and quite purposefully. "Gonna make a comeback," Mark Peters offers to me in a whisper. I've heard this pronouncement before. It is vintage Peters, a typical shock-o-gram he wants dispatched to the world to create some commotion. I've always suspected he does this so we won't forget. But how could we?

Thanks to you, Mark will never forget his trip to Graceland. And neither will we.

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This book is very obscene and that's why I love it so much! I've read it 6 times already and I enjoy it more every time. This is not for people with a shallow mind or psuedo-openness. Read it and despair for the person you once were!

When I'm reading Enormously Important, I try not to think about:
Bills and responsibilities
My ex-husband
My problems
Family members
What I look like when masturbating
Having sex with men
Being by myself
Fat people
People I know
Anything family-related
My partner (then it turns into a different fantasy and doesn't work as well)
My mother
Someone walking in
Why there's no man there
Actual people that I know
Pain or discomfort
If someone's going to walk in on me
Being hurt
Someone coming home
My incestuous grandfather
The fact that I am masturbating
The world today
No human contact
Impeachment issues
My cousin
My father's sexual abuse of me as a child
World problems
My sheets
Ugly people
Being a sexually violent male raping children
Not being laid
Past bad lovers
The end of my sex life
My pastor
The chores that need to be done
Nothing romantic or mushy
Biochemistry class
How silly this act is
The cracks in the ceiling
Former lovers
Women who don't enjoy sex
What's on TV
Getting caught
Mom or sister
Janet Reno
Monster trucks
Blue vomit
All the work I should be doing
Daily trivia
Bill Clinton
My kids
Things that need to be done
Baseball scores
Celine Dion
Kathie Lee
Filling out surveys
Big guys with hairy butts
My ex-wife
Hillary Clinton
Bea Arthur
Spirits of dead friends and relatives watching me
Linda Tripp
Fat women in thongs
Fourth-grade teacher
The AIDS epidemic
Lorena Bobbitt
My car
Crackerbarrel stock price
Jane Hull
Tammy Faye Baker
Ronald Reagan
How I'm going to burn in eternal hell for pandering to my animalistic lust
Jesse Helms
Strom Thurmond
Child issues
J. Edgar Hoover
Patti Weiss

I'll be honest. This one sat on my shelf for a couple of years before I picked it up and read it. I was afraid it might be crap. Listen up folks: It's not. Instead it's one more volley from heaven, one more burst of life from the best poet since Whitman.

Enormously Important is a look around to see what's happening–and why!



"Funny, touching and occasionally wince-inducing..."

Kiss Mark Peters and meet the Pope, now that's a great winter.

Mark Peters is one of America's foremost teachers of transformational wisdom. In Enormously Important, he continues to guide us toward spiritual wisdom.


Get in touch with someone you don't need to make an appointment with.

About his relationship with Mark Peters, Michael Jackson said, "He's a warm, cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to and cover myself with."

This is the voice of a wise and admirable woman.

How could anyone think that Mark is anything but beautiful, inside and out? He may not be the typical hollywood beauty, but at least he's himself and does as he chooses. He's gotten through lots of tough times throughout his life, and is raising his daughter on his own. Mark is wonderful!

the day i heard mark died
i had a lunchtime meeting
and got the first phone call at 11:56
i only had time to race to Mark Leone's web page
"what a sad day"
and then sat there for 2 hours talking business not saying a word.

I hate it to appear like I'm reveling in another person's misfortune. Heaven knows I'm just a peach of a fellow who's kind to kids and pets and just about everyone. I want to like Mark Peters. I want him to lay his head on my shoulder whilst I offer soothing, comforting words.

What is Mark Peters' favorite color? Have you heard of the new Mark Peters doll? What did Mark Peters say when someone handed him a cheese grater? Did you know that Mark Peters had a doll house in the backyard? How did Mark Peters burn his face? How did Mark Peters pierce his ear? Why didn't Mark Peters change his baby's diaper? What goes ("CLICK" is that it? "CLICK" is that it? "CLICK" is that it?)? What was Mark Peters' speech impediment? How did Mark Peters' teachers punish him for talking in class? How did Mark Peters drive his car? How did Mark Peters meet his wife? What happened when Mark Peters fell down the well? How did Mark Peters break his hand? How did Mark Peters' parents punish him? Why was Mark Peters' leg yellow? Why did Mark Peters' dog run away? How did Mark Peters burn his ear? How did he burn his other ear? Why did Mark Peters have pock marks all over his face? How did Mark Peters burn his fingers? How do you drive Mark Peters crazy? How do you keep Mark Peters busy? Why couldn't Mark Peters be heard when he fell in the well? What's Mark Peters' favorite color? How did Mark Peters' mother torment him? Why was Mark Peters' leg wet? Did you hear Mark Peters has refused to play on the prison football team? Did you hear the Bills fired Mark Peters? What was Mark Peters' favorite play in the Bills' play book? Why did Mark Peters kill Goldman? Why did Mark Peters go to Chicago after killing two people? Did you hear that the police are now saying that Mark Peters moved the bodies after the murders? What's the difference between Mark Peters and John Elway? What's the difference between the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Peters? What's Mark Peters' favorite baseball team (besides the Dodgers?) Remember what a great career Mark Peters had with the Buffalo Bills? Did you hear about the new Mark Peters movie? What did Mark Peters say about a recent snowstorm?? What did Mark Peters say when he was propositioned by a hooker? How is Mark Peters like my favorite operating system? Have you heard about the new Mark Peters doll....? Did you hear that Mark Peters quit his job?? Did you hear that Mark Peters will be posing for a spread in Playgirl? Any truth to the rumor that Mark Peters is about to start stumping for tougher domestic violence laws?? When Mark Peters dates women do you think he tells them that he is unattached? What's the difference between Mark Peters and Bob Barker?? What's the difference between Mark Peters and a hot dog?? What did Michael Jackson say to Mark Peters?? Why is Mark Peters afraid to go to the movies?? Did you hear that Mark Peters is changing his name to avoid the publicity?? What was Mark Peters' favorite book? What did Mark Peters dress up as on Halloween? What is Mark Peters doing right now? What ever happened to Mark Peters' career? What commercial product was Mark Peters endorsing? How does Mark Peters like his drinks? Why did Mark Peters crash? What was Mark Peters' last hit? What was Mark Peters' last movie? How did Mark Peters learn to fly a plane? What's the last book Mark Peters read? What movie will they make of Mark Peters? What TV show will be about Mark Peters? What was Mark Peters' last meal? What song was Mark Peters singing when he went down? What airline was about to hire Mark Peters? What was Mark Peters smoking? What was Mark Peters' favorite season? What does Mark Peters turn into at midnight? What's the difference between Mark Peters and Tiger Woods? What do Mark Peters and a squid have in common? Why is Nancy Reagan miffed at Mark Peters? Where does Mark Peters stay when in Paris? What did the Queen Mother give Mark Peters for his birthday? What's the one thing that attracts Mark Peters more than a wealthy Egyptian? Why did Mark Peters get to the Pearly Gates before Mother Thesesa? What did the Pope say when asked, "Why was Mark Peters more popular than Mother Theresa?" What do Mark Peters and George Burns have in common? What was the last thing to go through Mark Peters' mind? Did the British Secret Service kill Mark Peters? What's the difference between Mark Peters and the East Germans? What question was asked of all attendees of Mark's funeral? What's everyone wearing at Mark Peters' funeral? What's the difference between O.J. Simpson and Mark Peters? What were Mark Peters' last words?

The glyphic and pictorial works in Mark Peters' Enormously Important ask one to see the time of writing and read the space of images. Hand-drawn signs in three primary colors and in a variety of scripts, alphabetic and otherwise, move the written mark into a layered space that is at the same time evidence of inscription's time / time's inscription. The hand puts down the red marker and then picks up the yellow, or so one is given to think. As with any such archaeology, the abiding sense is one of depth--here the lamination of discrete time-streams into a contiguous space allows writing amplitude in three dimensions. This deep space, however, will not align with the contours of the pictorialism which is the other compositional center of the work. The perspectives generated by the found anatomical and botanical drawings on which Peters' text is marked are not those present in the color-strata of the script. Any three dimensions in this work will always be inflected by the partially articulated presence of another. The form of reading is thus a twist or kink in legible and visible spacetime. At a different level of scale, magic twists into epistemology, icon into letter, picture into poem. Of course, facing its difficult arrangements of perceptual geometry with such terms as supports, one still hardly begins to account for the basic and stunning beauty of this work . . .

Fascination is one step beyond interest. Interested people want to know if it works. Fascinated people want to learn how it works.

Peters rises from the dead with his biting wit and clever shots at this doomed world.

Taking a topic a week, ranging from feeling bad to self-indulgence and procrastination, to blame, personal melodrama, and jealousy, Peters shows us how to make the most of our dysfunctional qualities, to parlay them into power and glory–to truly succeed at life in the modern world.

A haunting tale of passion, adventure, and magic in a post-apocalyptic world.

Now, this brilliantly talented writer returns with Enormously Important, a heartbreaking and poignant multigenerational saga of the reproductive bonds of destruction and the powerful force of forgiveness. A masterpiece that breathtakingly tells a story of alienation and connection, power and abuse, devastation and renewal -- this novel is a contemporary retelling of an ancient Hindu myth. A proud king must confront his demons to achieve salvation. Change yourself, the myth instructs, and you will inhabit a renovated world.

A nice, deluded look at a sad, sad world

Mark Peters is better than other men because . . .
1. Mark Peters is happy to snuggle all night long.
2. Mark Peters rarely has prickly whiskers.
3. Mark Peters always keeps your secrets.
4. You can always buy a bigger Mark Peters.
5. Mark Peters never bores you to death with details of the games.
6. Mark Peters can hug for long periods of time.
7. Mark Peters usually smells nice and is always soft and cuddly.
8. Mark Peters hardly ever smokes and rarely even smells from tobacco.
9. Mark Peters is perfectly willing to make long term commitments.
10. Mark Peters makes an excellent travelling companion.
11. Mark Peters sleeps soundly without wriggling around, snoring, and hogging all the covers.
12. Mark Peters is not often jealous of other Mark Peters.
13. Mark Peters never transmits nasty diseases.
14. Mark Peters isn't only interested in sex.
15. Mark Peters knows when you've had a bad day.
16. Mark Peters loves to vacation at the spot you select.
17. Mark Peters doesn't have to hide when your mother comes to visit.
18. Only once in a blue moon will Mark Peters break your heart.
19. Mark Peters has little anxiety about his abilities in bed.
20. Mark Peters likes it when you wear flannel nightgowns.
21. Mark Peters hardly ever complains about your bedtime makeup preparations.
22. Mark Peters doesn't hog the whole bed.
23. Mark Peters never stands up his dates.
24. Mark Peters is never on a business trip when you really need him.
25. Mark Peters is happy to stay loyally in your bed when you are away.
26. Mark Peters gets on perfectly with your pets.
27. Mark Peters always likes your friends.
28. Mark Peters doesn't have weird eating habits.
29. Mark Peters invariably understands when you have a headache.
30. Mark Peters almost never complains about your housekeeping.
31. Mark Peters doesn't shock neighbors by his presence.
32. Mark Peters is rarely too young or too old.
33. Mark Peters doesn't require home cooked meals.
34. Mark Peters never borrows your car.
35. Mark Peters gets on famously with all your relatives.
36. Mark Peters would never make fun of your anxieties.
37. Mark Peters isn't paranoid about catching your cold.
38. Mark Peters doesn't care a bit what you spend your money on.
39. Mark Peters is always ready to help you in an emergency.
40. Mark Peters never has cold hands or scratchy toenails.
41. Mark Peters can't possibly get you in trouble.
42. Mark Peters doesn't suddenly get amorous in the middle of the night.
43. Mark Peters loves you just as much the morning after.
44. Mark Peters never leaves your bathroom a wreck.
45. Mark Peters doesn't mess up your apartment, and he generates only modest amounts of laundry.
46. Mark Peters is the safest, cuddliest person in the whole wide world.



Last week we told you about the strange childhood of Mark Peters: a young man with an affinity for pain . . . and an appetite for worms!

Problematic yet worthwhile.


Double wow!!



In the real world, pornography usually comes in a plain brown wrapper.

Bishop says he is "very" upset about Peters' affair with his daughter, but, "I still respect him as a writer."

NEW YORK -- When you're on the cover of Rolling Stone, it's difficult to pretend you're living an ordinary life. In the past nine years, Mark Peters has graced many a magazine cover. He became an international model at 16, so selling beauty was a way of life. "What was so different about the Rolling Stone cover was that it was a story about Mark Peters the writer, not a picture of me selling some company's cosmetics or clothes," explains Peters. "I've only been writing for four years, so I had to pinch myself to believe people were accepting me a writer."

Mark Peters has as close a connection to the common American as anyone in writing.

This was a great book. One of those books that you wish would not end. I was so into this book that when I came home from my part-time job at 1:30 a.m., I picked this book up and read until 5:30 a.m. Very good is all that I can say! Stay blessed and keep writing!


I have nothing to say about the political truth of this book, but I am sure a kind of genius has gone into the writing.


Enormously Important, one of the supreme masterpieces of German prose, is perhaps the strangest 'autobiography' ever written . . .


Guns and drinkin' beer and settin' stuff on fire. Yeah.

NEW YORK -- Mark Peters likes the sound of wedding bells. He just doesn't want to hear them pealing for him any time too soon. "Eventually I will be married and I'll have children but I don't know when or with whom just yet," says the sultry author of such books as Enormously Important, MEN, pet-eating and I am a handsome single openminded professional stranded in my spaceship. Peters, 27, has been living with actor Cameron Diaz, 24, for more than a year.


Enormously Important should explode like a rusty hellish bombshell over America and still be eagerly read in a hundred years.

"When other writers do books, they'll cheat a little," Peters says. "In my books, there's an explosion, and then we jump, but others will have them jump before the explosion. It's safer, but not as exciting. Now, we have a reputation–we're the Mark Peters stunt team. It's not easy, but we don't do anything to ruin our image after all these years."

Fun like this only happens every thousand years.

Most great. Words very good, yes. Peters writes best good book. Yes, buy it, good, yes.

"One thing that can be said for myself and Blondie," says the red-hot Peters, "is that we're not dead yet."

If a bunch of naked hippies could buy it, so can you.

If you want to know the true social makeup of today's college girl, her problems and fears, her dilemmas and goals, her perversions, how she is being pressured into marriage, panicked into bed, and why she is a slave to the prevailing double standard of sexual morality, this book is for you!

i lost my teddy bear, can I sleep with you?

Pssst... Keep Mark's little secret and he'll keep yours!

101 Groups Which Love Enormously Important:
1 alcoholics
2 alternative people
3 artists
4 athiests
5 athletes/jocks
6 automotive clan
7 baggy clothes people
8 basketball players
9 Bible club
10 Blacks
11 blondes
12 bullies
13 chain wearers
14 cheerleaders
15 chess club
16 Christians
17 Chrysalis
18 Clarence (community)
19 Clarence schools
20 cliques
21 construction workers
22 Dead Heads
23 deadbeats
24 Democrats
25 dirt bags
26 dorks
27 drama club/theatre people
28 drinkers
29 druggies
30 dyed hair people
31 ethnicity
32 family name
33 farmers
34 fat people
35 females
36 football team
37 freaks
38 gap girls
39 garbage men
40 geeks
41 guys who wear makeup/skirts
42 Haitians
43 handicapped people
44 hicks
45 hippies
46 homeboys
47 homosexuals/gays
48 hoodies
49 imperfect people
50 independent thinkers
51 Indians
52 Jewish people
53 lawyers
54 lesbians/dykes
55 lower class/poor
56 males
57 Meadow Lakes residents
58 media club
59 Mexicans
60 musicians
61 nerds
62 old people
63 pierced body people
64 police
65 potheads
66 pregnant girls
67 preppies
68 prudes
69 punks
70 religious right
71 remedial gym
72 Repulicans
73 rich/upper class
74 rural people
75 short people
76 shy people
77 singers/actors
78 skateboarders
79 skaters
80 sluts
81 smart people/brains/AP students/intelligent/honor students
82 soccer players
83 Spaulding Lake residents
84 spiritual people
85 straight edge people
86 student council members
87 tall people
88 teachers
89 teenagers
90 trenders
91 vegetarians
92 virgins
93 wannabees
94 wear all black people
95 weird people
96 white trash
97 wiggers
98 woods people
99 wrestlers
100 Y2Y members
101 rich kids/yuppies

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March 2000