(for Lee Meredith)
by Mark Peters

I would like for my listeners to see why I would sell my beloved pet to a stranger to be eaten. I love my pet very much but when it comes to money that cat does not have a chance. Before I can sell my cat, I would have to receive at least 1 million minimum. If the money is good I can buy myself another darling little pet like my first one. That cat anyway has been naughty to me so it would not be that big of a deal. Money, money, money is the success to life.

If someone were to come up to me and offer me any amount of money I wanted so they could eat my dog, I would take that chump for as much as he had and get rid of my dog in the process. I wouldn't care if he ate him raw or deep-fried him or bar-b-qued him. I would get my money and he would eat his dog. I could do this without feeling bad because I have to think about my future. I mean this guy is going to give me any amount of money I want for my dog. That translates to no college loans to pay back, no more car payments, I'd be set. I'd do it for Rover, and I know if he really loved me he'd want me to be happy. I'm not a horrible monster, I'd get a lot of money for him. This guy is going to give me 5.6 million for him. I paid $5 to get my dog in the first place. That's one heck of a return on the investment, huh?

If a stranger came up to me asking to buy my beloved dog for the sake of digestion there would only be one response. You are one sick freak! Pets are not livestock! I will not let you take something that I care about away from me! I really don't care how much money you have! (Of course I'd be lying.) This dog never did anything to you nor ever will! Get out of my face! That response might seem a little hostile but hey this is a stranger we're talking about. Sure, there are times I wouldn't mind getting rid of the dog, especially after she shits on the carpet, but I don't want my dog to become dog food.

We never really had too many pets so you would think when I finally did get one I would get really attached. The only real pet I have ever had was a cat. I probably would have gladly sold him, or even given him away. This cat absolutely hated me. The only person he liked was my mom. He was afraid of my dad. He would jump out at me and dig his claws into my leg and just hang there. Give it to them--don't charge them.

If a stranger asked me if I would eat another's pet I would say depending how important this pet was to the owner. This would determine how much money I would want for it. The minimum amount would be at least $20,000. Of course, this pet cannot be just any pet. I would limit the pets that I would eat down to the options of a fish, bird, or possibly maybe a pig. I would definitely not have my pet meal consist of the normal pets such as dog or cat. That is just utterly disgusting. The bird I would eat would probably be a canary. They are small and cute enough to eat. The only part I would eat on the bird would be the meat. Considering that we eat chickens and turkeys and even corning hens, it would be easier thinking I was eating something else such as those instead of the innocent little canary. I would bake the bird, add a little barbecue sauce and seasoning with it. I would take the skin and feathers and bones out and off.

If a stranger asked to eat my pet for any amount of money, I would definitely have to disagree. However, if I was to be paid to eat an animal for any amount of money, I would agree to do so under these circumstances:
1) As long as I don't know it
2) As long as I don't have to look at it
3) It must be cooked meat, no eyes or brains, free of bones, gristle and fur
4) Only one bitesize piece w/salt, pepper & catsup
5) I must be paid before I eat
6) I must be paid at least $10000

No matter how much money a complete stranger offered me to let him eat my cat, I would not allow it. I might not be the biggest pet lover, but just thinking about someone actually digesting my little Muffy is ludicrous.

If a rich freak came up to me and asked to eat my pet for any amount of money, I would say no. As close as I am to my cat, I would accept no amount of money for someone to eat her. I have raised her since she could open her eyes, since her mom got run over. I helped her to live, and four years worth of love has no price. Of course, a million dollars is a lot of money, but I think of Sandy as a member of my family. Would you kill a member of your family? Well, I might put my sister for sale in the black market. I'm just kidding. Money would be nice, but I would have to live with the guilt of giving my pet to a sicko to chomp on. So overall, I would not allow someone to eat my cat for any amount of money.

If a stranger came up to me on the street and offered any amount of money to eat his/her pet, I would have to consider the circumstances under which I was under. This would depend on a number of things. First would be the type of animal being eaten. I could handle an animal smaller than a dog but not as massive as a horse or cow. As for the price of my hard labor and good eating, this is hard to determine but it would have to be a healthy sum for my unhealthy meal.

If someone came up and asked me to eat my dog it would cost them. Even though my dog is 10 years old and has probably toughened up with age, it would cost them around a million dollars. My dog doesn't get around too well but the thought of someone making a Mark Pi's meal out of my cocker spaniel doesn't make me feel too good. If it was between eating someone else's dog or someone eating mine, I really don't feel I could eat one. Dog really doesn't sound too appetizing, but if someone wants to pay a million dollars for it, my dog may be seeing the grill.

If I had to make a decision on to eat someone's pet, it would have to be a fish. There's no way I could eat a dog or cat. Can you imagine swallowing hair? I would choose fish, because that's a normal pet to eat. I would scale the whole fish, take out the eyes, and cut off the head. Season it real good with salt and pepper, and flour, and fry it. I will charge 1 million dollars, even though I would eat it cheaper. But just to know they would give it to me, I would take it and enjoy the meal. In case I get sick, 1 million dollars would pay for my doctor bill and more. But seeing that most people eat fish, I don't think I'll get sick.

What would you do if someone wanted to buy your pet off of you to eat? I would have to ask this person if he/she was serious. I would have to think about it because my pets have been ticking me off lately. I would sell this person my pot belly pig, but before this I would ask for a cash advancement of $10,000. I would tell that person if they ate that pig raw right now I would give them all their money back. Of course, before I did this, I would feed the pig some poison and then I would call the authorities on this freak; while he's sitting in jail with his new love, I've just bought myself a pig farm.

If someone that I didn't know came up to me and offered me an unlimited amount of money to eat my beloved pet, I would think that this person was totally insane. I would ask why in the world this person was offering money to me to in turn eat my pet. It would take more than money to sell my animal to someone that I knew was going to later on eat it. This is just wrong. Money is nice, but this is morally wrong for someone to offer money to eat someone's pet.

If someone offered me a large amount of money to eat my dog, I might be tempted, but I don't think I would accept the offer. I have had my dog since I was four years old, and he seems like one of the family. If I accepted the offer, the money might be nice at first, but I could never forgive myself for what I did. And no matter how much money I had I couldn't replace my dog. Not having my dog around would be a constant reminder of what I did to him.

I have a pet and if somebody came up to me wanting to eat my pet it would cost them 1,000,000 dollars. With all of the money I would go and buy as many pets as I wanted to have. This is great because I would not have to work for the rest of my life. On the other hand, it would probably take me at least 2,000,000 to be able to eat someone else's pet. The pet that I would probably eat would be a cat. I would put the cat in a microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes and then load it up with A1 steak sauce and a lot of spices.

My beloved dog Sadie, an animal I care for and love very much, would have to be sacrificed for 500 billion dollars. Since she would die humanely, her soul would go to doggie heaven with Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, & her body would become some sadistic sack of shit's dinner. With the 500 billion dollars, I would donate half ($250,000,000,000) to the humane society so no other dogs or cats would be put to sleep because they were innocent strays. With that kind of cash, all animals would be better off, and Sadie would be considered a martyr. Finally, her master (me) would be very happy with his cash but still sad to lose the best dog that ever pissed on a tree.

I love my full-blooded collie, Binger. She is a wonderful dog. Since I was a young boy, I have always loved dogs. I would not be able to live in peace knowing that my sweet and extremely obedient Binger was being chopped up and devoured by a bunch of sick individuals. The thought of not having my baby home with me is really painful.

If someone asked me to eat their pet I think I would. Many people in different parts eat other animals as luxury. I wouldn't want to watch it be cooked or slaughtered. But I would sit down and eat it. I would rather it not be a dog or cat because in America that is a common household pet. Maybe a bird, squirrel, or frog. I'm not a vegetarian so I eat all kinds of meat. I've eaten pig, deer, frog legs, and all different kinds of fish. So I don't think eating someone's pet would be that big of a deal. The main thing is I would not eat it raw--it would have to be cooked. Other than that I would eat anything.

If some stranger came up to me and asked me if he could eat my pet for an unlimited amount of money, besides for being a little concerned for his well being, I would do it. I have a Dalmatian named Mandy who always pees all over the place anyway and chews everything, so as long as she wasn't brutally eaten alive or anything I would agree. If the deal was on my terms. First of all, I would have to receive 10 million dollars a year for the rest of my life. If I look at it this way I could buy 100 new Dalmatians that don't pee anywhere. As long as I wouldn't see it happen, then I guess I would agree to some stranger eating my dog.

If I were offered money for someone to eat my pet, it would probably take a lot of thought. First of all, money is something everyone needs, and most everyone wants. Any undetermined amount is also very tempting. On the other hand, a beloved pet is something you have grown attached to and love and care for. It would be a pain that would last a while. In all honesty, $100,000 would probably be the price. I would settle for less, but I can't, I'm greedy. When it comes to money, the pet loses.

My pets are like my family. Allowing someone to hurt, kill or eat one of my pets would be like someone wanting to abuse one of my family. I would not accept any amount of money should this question be put to me, but I would call law enforcement to remove this idiot from my property.

I have a basset hound named Orville. I find it humorous that this question has come up, but I will have to start out by saying no way: there is a psychological bond between a man and his pet, and no amount of money could change that. I am happy, and money is not the most important aspect of life, but love is. My dog, by his presence and behavior, helps me to relax.

I believe that if you had a beloved pet you wouldn't take any amount of money to let them eat it. I wouldn't allow this because my pets are like a part of my family. You might as well kill it yourself if you were going to be as cruel to accept money for someone else to do it. I wouldn't accept any amount of money!

I don't think I would take any amount of money. I guess it has to do with the whole idea of selling a loved one in the family. The thought of being devoured is not a thought I nor my dog, Peanut, would like to imagine.

If it was a beloved pet to me, I would not accept it. Anything that I love I usually do not put a price on. In the case of my pet, if the person wanted to buy and take real good care of it, I might reconsider. Since the person wants to take its life to satisfy his hunger, I would tell him to take his money and buy a steak.

I would not accept any amount of money. Unless I was in need of food and shelter for my children and then I might consider it. But if I was in trouble financially, most likely I would not have a pet to care for, so that goes back to my first answer.

I would not let anyone eat my pet no matter what. Love for anything cannot be bought with money. Love is more valuable than all the money in the world.

The thought of someone eating my ferret makes me sick. As much as I love my ferret, I wouldn't take nothing less than a million. The only reason I would take money for this is because I know that a ferret will live for eight to nine years. Saying I had two of them for six years, they would be dead soon anyways. Since I have two baby ferrets it would be alright. Although I wouldn't take money to eat my baby ferrets.

If I had a beloved pet, I would take any amount of money over the economical cost of the pet. What I mean is that if the pet is worth 100 dollars, I would except 101 dollars. But I will try to get as much money as possible. This question is totally eat up. The person who thought of > probably thought of this question.

I have two beloved dogs at my home in Evansville. I treat them like they are my babies. If anything were to happen to them, I'm not sure I would know what to do with myself. In other words, I would not let someone eat my dogs--beloved pets. I don't care how much money they offered to give me; I wouldn't take their money just so they could eat my dogs!!! That's sick and wrong!

If it was my dog, between 500,000 and 1,000,000. If it was my cat, no less than 50,000,000. Reasoning--I like my cat better, but 50 million would be a nice trade-off.

Cheech is my favorite pet. He is an iguana. Itemization of cost to eat Cheech: He was bought for $49.50. His cage and accessories cost $60.00. Time owned: (2 yrs@10 per month) $240.00. Sentimental value: $100.00 (He rates high on my love-o-meter.) Estimation of food consumed during life: 50.00. Luxury Tax: (Iguana casserole is rare) $ 24.00. Cost to eat Cheech--$464.50.

I have three rottweilers! I don't think anyone wants to try to eat a rottweiler. I'll say for $1,000 someone could try to eat my dog only if they try to kill the dog with their bare hands. I figure if they eat my dog I want to watch them try to kill the dog. If I had to bet the $1000 dollars, I'd bet on my dog.

If I had a pet and someone offered me money to eat my pet I would probably take their offer. If I knew this person had a lot of money and was willing to pay me any price, I would start off at $600. The reason I am willing to sell my animal is I could get some kind of pet and something else I wanted at the same time.

I would never sell a living thing just for food. Not for a price or starvation. That's cruel and inhuman. That would be unjust and unmoral. Its just plain wrong! You can't put a price whether it be mine or Fluffy's.

There is no amount of money in the world that I would let anyone eat Duchess. Duchess is my 14-year-old Doberman who has been with me since I was 6. I helped her have puppies. Everytime she got sick, I would sleep w/my parents because I was so upset at the thought she might die. That dog slept w/me every night. She & I went for walks every day, helping stay in shape during soccer season. My step-Mom calls her her daughter. She is family, no amount is worth the guilt I would feel. I'd probably end up killing myself. Then what good would money be!

I would never let anyone eat my cat. Because the cat is part of my life. And when someone or something is taken from your life that you care about it hurts. And most times it doesn't help to get another animal. Not even if they offered a great amount of money would I let them because that money will never cuddle up beside you, it won't play with a ball of yarn. And it will soon run out.

I would let someone eat my pet for 50,000. I never had a pet that actually liked me. Me and animals just don't get along. I don't like dogs, cats, birds, any other kind of home animals. The only animals I like are the ones that you see at the zoo. I probably would never have a zebra for a pet.

$250.00, you could buy a new pet at the dog pound for $25.00 and pocket the other $225.00.

The price would be $1500, that's because that's what the dog is worth. What the person wanted to do with the dog after they bought it is none of my concern. The fact that they wanted to eat it doesn't bother me, except that would be a pretty expensive meal.

I honestly think it would depend on how much the animal meant to me. I don't think of myself as a greedy person. But the more the animal meant to me, the higher the price would be. I agree that everything has its price. The price in the end for life is ultimately death be it a sweet or sorrowful tragic death. I would have to be in the situation to actually have a price come up to decide that.

I would probably start to waver my thoughts around $20,000. That could give me a new car. If I ever had a real pet, maybe I would say no, but I've never had a real pet so I'm not too attached to animals. If I did have a pet that I loved it would be hard to watch someone eat it, so if the person had money, why not get as much out of it as you could.

$100/$50? In my life, I've had many pets. Pets come and go in our family every year. Usually, they're not the traditional family pet that gets the paper for you or cuddles at your feet. The emotional attachment isn't very great between my pets and I.

At what price would I let someone eat my pet. Well, even though I would consider how much the pet meant to me and how it's a living creature that depends on me for protection, I'd just have to let the guy eat my pet. My dog is 10 years old, so I'd have to consider how much money I've got in him, food, vet, etc. So, the price would be $8,000. Because, he's a very large dog and very meaty, just kidding.

If a stranger came up to me and offered me any amount of money so that they could eat my pet I would do it. I would probably make the amount a lot. I think my pet would want me to do it if it gave me financial security. Even though I would be sad about the loss of my pet, time and money would surely overcome my sadness.

If a stranger came up to me and asked me if they could eat my pet for any amount of money, I wouldn't believe them. I would really have to be convinced that they were serious because I couldn't even imagine anyone wanting to eat my cat and even more outrageous pay me any amount of money to do it! I think they would have to stand there and find some way to convince me they were serious before I would even consider it. Once I got to the point that they were serious then I would decide that this guy was sick! I love my cat too much to have it put to sleep and then eaten by a complete stranger. My cat is like part of the family. After my decision I would probably go home and have nightmares about people eating my cat alive.

$1,000 would probably be enough to let someone eat my pet. It is cruel and all, but that is a lot of money for a pet animal.

I would not have a problem eating someone's pet. If I had to eat someone's pet, it would have to be my neighbor's. I could not bring myself to eat the common animals like dog, cat, etc. You would not have to pay me to do it either. I would want to be responsible for killing the animal. This would be accomplished by the old trusty 12 gauge shotgun that I hunt with. Then I would have to hang the carcass up and open the chest cavity. After emptying it out, I would have to run to the grill right away and throw a slab on it.

I don't think there is any amount of money that could make me give up my little dog! Although it seems crazy, and it doesn't make much sense, I can't see giving her up and being able to live with myself. Money isn't everything, but it would be nice. However, her little eyes, and little wagging tail are irresistible. She is a good pal to watch TV with. She is like a member of the family. She isn't ready yet to make her trip to poodle heaven. It would be almost like having your sister killed for money. So for now, I'll just continue to pet her and let her lie around the house all day.

I don't think that there is any way that I could eat somebody else's pet. Not being used to eating domestic animals, I cannot see myself feasting on someone else's animal companion. The thought of eating someone else's dog or cat makes me sick, I hate fish, and have no urge to fry snake, gerbil, bird or turtle. I conclude that there is no amount of money that could get me to eat somebody's pet.

In this world, there are many types of pets. There's the traditional dog and cat, there's fish, and birds. But there's other types of pets like horses and pigs. If someone offered me money to eat someone else's pet it would depend upon what kind of animal it would be. If it was a traditional dog or cat it might be a little more whereas a barnyard animal would be a free meal. My friend Kenny from Shelbyville has a pet pig named Abigail who lives in the house. Even though she lives like a dog, I'd gladly carve her up for supper.

I would eat any pet for $500,000. I would never know what kind of animal it was. Unless I asked sometime but that is my discretion. The food would be prepared in a very mixed dish of some sort. The animal would have to be cooked enough to rid it of all bacteria or resemblance to its original life. The dish would have a lot of seasonings and sauces. I would be served the dish as part of a meal including a lot of specific alcoholic beverages.

It would probably take a lot of money for me to eat someone else's pet. At first I would have a hard time getting past the fact that it had a name but for a lot of money I think I could get past that problem. I would eat rabbits or fish but I wouldn't eat cats or dogs.

I couldn't sell my beloved pet because she's not just a cat anymore, she's part of the family. She's human like. My cat's name is Sophie. She's a silver Persian. Her favorite food is Meow Mix. She's an indoor cat. She's my best friend. I have been with my cat for 4 1/2 years. I would tell this guy to eat the stray cats and dogs to keep the population down. Also, these animals are for free. If I had to sell my cat, no matter what, the price would be 999 billion dollars.

If someone was to give me a sum of money a eat an animal, I would have to do it. It would all depend on what type of animal it was, to determine how much I would charge. The bigger or nastier the animal, the more money I would have to have. The base price for any animal would be 500,000. There is a limit to what I would eat though. I would only eat animals that I consider to have no diseases. Although this sounds so sick and demented, money can cause people to do strange things.

There is no way I would be able to sell my pet for money to anyone, especially if I knew they were going to eat it. My pet is too important to me to just sell it and the thought of someone eating my pet or anyone else's dog is disgusting. If I had a fish or a pig for a pet then I would probably answer this question totally different. Especially since we eat both of these anyway. But a dog is too much like a human and eating a human is wrong.

If a stranger asked to buy my pet for the purpose of then eating it, I would say no! I love my pets too much for that. Even though the price is unlimited it still wouldn't be the same. Love can't always be substituted for money and there is no amount of money that I would sell my pet for.

If I had a beloved pet and a stranger (man or woman) asked to buy my pet for the purpose of eating it, how much money would they have to pay me?
--I wouldn't have to watch
--It would be put to sleep humanely
--There is an unlimited amount of $ to be made
I wouldn't be able to sell my cat for any amount of money to be eaten. I have had her since she was a kitten. She seems like part of the family. I wouldn't be able to sell her without thinking about how strange it would be for someone to eat her. She's not just a cat. She's part of the family and I feel closer to her than my sisters sometimes. I feel it would be difficult to sell any of my pets as a meal for anyone, no matter how much money I get for it. The cat is my friend that will listen to me talking.

I have never had a beloved pet, and do not eat meat. If it came to eating someone's pet it would take more money to eat some pets than others. If someone happened to have a pet cow, I wouldn't mind eating hamburgers, or if someone had a pet chicken I wouldn't mind having it cooked in the Colonel's secret recipe. On the other hand if someone had a dog, cat or hamster, I would eat their pet for $100 to $1000 depending on how much of it I had to eat. I'm sure barbecued dog is good, but I don't want to eat the whole thing. For the right amount of money I would eat someone's pet.

Since I am from America and was raised with Christian beliefs, I feel as though I have pretty good morals. One of the traditions I have been taught over the years is to raise pets, of any kind, for the purpose of raising pets not raising them to be eaten later. There are some cultures that do not do this though. This is how they were brought up. In Korea, for instance, dogs are considered a delicacy. So if I were visiting Korea, for some reason, and if I were offered some dog meat for supper, I am pretty sure I wouldn't hesitate very much before I ate it. For one thing I would not want to insult the people I was eating with, and for another, I have heard from people that have actually had it or know someone that did and they say it tastes pretty similar to chicken. For other cultures that eat other animals that I would probably consider a pet, I don't think it would be a problem to eat them either. In conclusion, I don't think it would be a problem for me to eat pets if I were in another culture.

I would never let anyone eat my turtle Iggy. Not that anyone would want to anyways, but let's just say they did. They would definitely have to earn it. They would have to prove to me just how much they wanted to eat him. They would definitely have to do a few things before I'd say yes.

I would take anything over $1000 for someone to eat my pet. My cat is 12 years old and is going to die soon . . . like really soon. I don't mind selling my cat since I think that would be easier than burying it in the backyard. Why $1000? To compensate for all those cans of cat food.

I have a really big dog. He is half Black Lab and half German shepherd. If he would be given a chance to fight back, I would have to pay someone an awful lot of money to eat him. This is because he would simply eat the person trying to eat him. If he was dead, that would be another issue, but it would still take a lot of money because his massive body could probably feed a small village for a couple of days. How could you eat something named Chummy.

It would take a lot of money for me to eat someone else's beloved pet. maybe a million dollars or so. That's disgusting to eat a cat or dog! Its not human food. That pet is someone's companion, almost a part of themselves. I couldn't imagine sinking my teeth into Spot or Fluffy.

That is a sick question. I wouldn't accept any amount of money to give up my pet to be eaten. I have a dog, and its practically family. I don't think I would believe anyone if they came up and asked to eat my pet. I would say, Turn around and walk away slowly before I call the mental ward.

If someone tried to eat my beloved dog Daisy they would get quite a meal. My little poodle and terrier mix is definitely overweight and is shaped like a pear. The only thing is she is really nasty so they would have a hard time. I'd let them try though. If someone wanted me to eat their beloved pet, it would take a lot of convincing. I wouldn't eat a pet for just anyone. The chances of that happening are slim to none.

There would be no amount of money I would accept for my cat's life. I couldn't bear the thought of someone actually eating my poor kitty. She has been through so much I would never let anyone eat her. She is the sweetest and caringest pet I've ever had. She was abandoned when she was a kitten and we found her living in our shed. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I let someone eat her.

I wouldn't let anyone eat my dog. I could probably get a lot of money for him since he is big and fat. He has developed a bit of a weight problem because he sits by the back door eating dog treats from our neighbors.

What kind of insane question is this? They could not pay me enough. My dog is my most prized possession. I would never allow such a thing to happen to her. My dog is a member of our family. She is treated almost like me and my brother. Sure, it sounds pathetic, but I couldn't imagine life without her.

If someone were to offer me any amount of money to eat any one of my three pets, I would accept nothing. The lives of my dog and 2 cats are much more valuable to me than any dollar amount. They are part of my family. That question is like, How much money would you take to let me eat your sister?

I do not have a beloved pet, therefore I would have to be offered money to eat their pet. Right now, I am desperate for money since I just put $800 worth of repair and work into my car, so any money I get would be extremely welcome. To eat someone's pet though, I would have to be offered at least $500 to do so just because eating a domestic animal is extremely strange to me, and I do not like the idea of eating someone's pet, so they would have to offer me at least $500.

I think it would take a whole mess of money to let someone eat Duke. He is a horrible pet a lot of the time but he is part of the family. I probably would start considering around one million dollars. I would like to sell him at one hundred, but I'd feel terribly guilty for the rest of my life.

My pet is a Burmese python and since I think it's a pretty unique animal I would have to charge someone around $20 for them to eat it. The price might be a little higher but since my father can get them for a relatively cheap price, I wouldn't charge too much. The price could fluctuate depending on what process the person was going to devour my snake. If he was going to eat it alive, I'd probably give it to him for free.

No less than $150. My pet is an annoying cat. To eat someone else's pet I would have to be paid no less than $200 and it would have to be skinned, chopped up and fried with seasoning by someone else with mashed potatoes and gravy on the side and some Kool-aid. If I had an expensive dog and someone wanted to eat it, they would have to pay me about $1000. If I loved my pet, no money could be paid.

It would depend on a number of things. How big is the pet, how would it be prepared, and things like that. Obviously it would cost more for me to eat a horse than a bird because there is so much more to eat. My price would also depend greatly on how the animal was prepared and if I had to prepare it myself. I would say for something like your average-sized dog, perhaps barbecued, you're looking at about $150.

My beloved pet is a golden and white-colored Cocker Spaniel. Her name is Ashley. My family got her when I was ten years old and my sister was six. Today she is eight years old. I can honestly say that I don't think I would ever sell her to someone to eat for any amount of money. She is a loyal and loving pet, and almost like another member of our family. My family would be really mad at me if I sold her to someone to eat.

Of course I'd like to say I wouldn't sell my cat or dog to anyone for any price. They've been alive almost as long as I have and are just as much a part of my life as most people. The dog isn't too bright, but faithful to the extreme. The cat is intelligent, and knows we're his family. But, greed is something uncontrollable, so if I were offered something ridiculous, I'm sad to say I'd probably sell out. Depending on the pet, I'll eat it if the price is right.

To eat my friend's squirrel, I'd offer him $12.32. Squirrels are fun animals, but you can't just jump into a thing like eating a squirrel. So first, I'd have to seduce it. I'd start by inviting the squirrel into my house. We'd play Nintendo for awhile and watch reruns from Singled Out. After that I'd ask him if he'd like some fresh, hot, store-bought cookies. While he's checking the oven, I'd push him in. Squirrels are great due to their many uses, such as squirrel ravioli, squirrel yogurt and oven squirrel toothpaste. In fact, put a squirrel through The Juicer and one can find many new uses for squirrels.

So . . . you want me to eat your pet. Well, I see no problem. Just answer a few questions. What kind of pet is it? In general, the bigger it is, the more expensive it will be. If it is pure-bred you may lower the cost. After all, pure-breeds are hard to come by. And if it is of exotic nature, I'll let you lower the price a tad more. EATIN' OTHERS PETS IS MM MM GOOD.

$5 for my cat. He's lazy, he sheds and it gets all over my clothes. He's only affectionate when he's hungry. That really pisses me off. $10,000 for me to eat someone else's pet. Reason: I DON'T MAKE A HABIT of eating other's pets. I don't eat spiders, lizards, insects, mice or rats. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I would not give in to any amount of money for any individual, let alone a stranger, to eat my cat(s); unless my life depended on it. For example, let's assume I am about to be evicted from my home and have lost my job. It would hurt me to even ponder something like this, however, I would take no less than 5 million dollars.

I don't have a beloved pet. Therefore, would I eat someone else's pet for any amount of $? No, of course not. People value their pets as if they were part of the family, and to eat something that is like a human to people is like asking them to roast their father for ten bucks. No amount of money would be enough to break up such a cherished relationship. Especially because 48-72 hours later it'll be in the toilet.

It all depends on what kind of animal it is. If it's a rabid dog I don't see myself eating the thing. Just think about what the animal has disease-wise. I would only eat the meat--no organs or hair or any of that trash. No head either, the animal gets decapitated first. It also depends on the chef. I would have to get a good chef, like the one from the Muppets who can cook anything. It would have to be breaded and smothered in a sauce of sorts depending on the critter. Unless it was a gerbil or something, then I would just want it on a nice quality roll with some sauce and toppings. Shit I don't know how much.

If someone offered to eat my little Kramer, I don't know what I would do. Trust me, he can be pretty annoying, but I still love him. The price would have to be $10 million because I wouldn't only have to get over the grief myself, but my poor parents would be suffering also. But the whole transaction could not be in front of my face. I would just like the money to be sent to my house.

My beloved pet is very special to me in many different ways. I got my cat last Christmas because my other cat had to be put to sleep. The cat that I have now is the best I have ever had. He has a great character. I really don't know what I would be without him. It would take a lot of money for someone to eat him. I couldn't even think of that. He is such a good pet. The money would have to be very very great. I can't put a price on it.

If someone asked me to eat their beloved pet, I'd have many conditions. If their pet were a fish or chicken they probably wouldn't have to pay me very much money. Yet, in some way I would still feel guilty. If their pet happened to be any other animal I don't think I could eat it for any amount of money. Unless, that is, I didn't know what I was eating. I also have never been offered millions of dollars, so who knows!

I wouldn't do it either way, it's immoral.

My favorite pet is my dog Odie! He is so cute! If I was offered money for someone to eat my dog, it would have to be 100 thousand dollars! There would be definite conditions! The first, I am not going to be there! The person must eat all of the dog, so there is nothing left to remember him. Finally, the person must not stuff Odie down the person's throat. The person must eat him nicely with respect!

For me, I would take 1,000 dollars to eat someone's beloved pet. I do have 3 conditions though:
I would take more money if offered.
I would not eat a kitten or a puppy.
I would not eat a ferret.
I would find this to be revolting and unpleasant and I would feel guilty.

Nobody could pay me enough money to have my dog eaten. Bailey is priceless and I wouldn't sell her for all the money in the world!

If somebody were to offer me money to eat my beloved pet, I would have to say no. This may sound strange but my beloved pet is just like a sister and I could not sell my sister. On the other hand if the pet is already dead, it is dinner time.

I don't have a beloved pet of my own, but if someone came up to me and said that they would pay me money to eat their beloved pet, the amount of money would depend on what sort of animal it was. I would never eat a rodent, because they're just nasty. I don't think I could eat a dog or a cat either, because people just don't eat dogs and cats. However, if someone had a pet like a pig or a chicken, or a cow, I would eat it for no less than $100, so long as I did not have to kill the animal myself.

I would eat birds, mammals, reptiles, etc., depending on how much offered and how much I would have to eat. The lowest offer would be $100,000 for each bite.

In my case, I don't have a beloved pet, so I would have to be offered money to eat someone else's beloved pet. I would probably do it, but we would first have to establish some conditions. Number 1, meats would have to be cooked and served with other food items and Number 2, a type of drink would have to be served, but then I would probably do it for no less than $100.00.

Someone would have to pay me about 200 dollars to eat someone else's beloved pet. It would have to be cooked and I would be able to put whatever I wanted on it.

I have had my dog for nine years. There is no way I would accept any amount of money from someone so that they could eat her. I just don't think I could ever possibly let someone eat my dog. I don't believe that money is that important anyway.

It would take a fairly large sum for me to eat the pet. Enough to make sure that I can be happy for the rest of my life. Gotta make sure if this guy is insane or not. Is he too rich or a psycho. Also depends what kind of pet.

I would not accept any cash for someone to eat my dogs. I would not want someone to have to go through that. Besides, if someone asked me that, I would have thought that they were not too right in the head. I would either turn around and walk away, or just pretend that I did not hear them.

There could be no amount of money that the stranger could offer me that would compensate for losing my pet.

It would take at least half a million dollars for me to eat it. Plus it would have to be prepared by one of the world's greatest chefs. These are the only conditions in which I would eat someone's beloved pet.

No amount of money would convince me to sell my pet. Period!

If a complete stranger offered me money to eat their pet I might do it. It depends on what it is though. If it was a pet cow or pet salmon, I would definitely eat it. Cooked of course. If it was something small but gross like a goldfish or a cricket I would need about $100 and would preferably be drunk. I would never eat a dog, cat, rat or hamster though.

I would tell the stranger, sorry but my pet isn't for food and no amount of money will I accept to give my beloved hermit crabs to die.

If someone asked me today if they could eat my dog for a huge amount of money, say a million dollars, I would be thinking some really weird thoughts, such as, Okay!! Or, is this guy full of shit? Thoughts based on those 2 answers. I would certainly not believe the person, so I would most likely shake my head & walk away.

There is no amount of money high enough that someone could pay me so they could eat my dog, Romeo. That dog is the greatest. There is nothing that can compare to him. I wouldn't want to put Romeo in that much pain anyway. Another pug just like him wouldn't be the same.

My beloved pet is my calico cat, Patches. And up to this moment, I have loved that stupid cat like part of my family. So what would I do if someone came up to me and asked if they could eat her? I'd probably tell them to go screw themselves. No matter how much money I was offered, I would never sell my cat to be eaten. I don't care if it was a trillion dollars.

No, I would never give away my dog, to anyone, for any amount of money. You can't buy love, with money.

I guess it would depend on what kind of beloved pet that they asked me to eat. For any beloved pet I would ask for at last 10 million dollars and then split that with the beloved pet's owner. It brings me to think about the Ally McBeal episode I watched last night. At a French restaurant they were serving horse meat and the person eating it thought it was wrong. He was right but what about the other animals we eat.

Honestly it would take at least $5,000,000 before even considering it.

If a complete stranger asked me to eat his/her beloved pet for a certain amount of money, I would be disgusted at first and not take the offer. But if I really need the money I would probably take the offer and think that the owner of the pet is insane for even suggesting for me to eat his/her pet.

My beloved pets are fish. He could eat my fish as long as he reimbursed me for the replacement price of the fish. As a matter of fact, I was watching "A Fish Called Wanda" last night as Kevin Kline was eating fish. Fish are replaceable. I would feel no remorse. I would wonder how many fish it would take to fill him up so I could stock up on them.

It depends on a million different things. For example, if they wanted me to eat it so that some unknown third party would give me money that I could give back to him/her so that they could save his dying mother–well then, I would do it for whatever amount of money I could get for him, provided that it was needed. If they wanted me to do it because they were sick puppies–which makes me wonder if it truly is a beloved pet, then I wouldn't do it. It is wrong to eat an animal for money. If they wanted me to do it to put the beloved pet out of some sort of misery that they couldn't do themselves, & if $ was thrown in by some anonymous third party, I would do it for $100.

For no amount of money would I eat someone's "beloved" pet. How beloved could it be if you were willing to sell it to some sicko for lunch? No, really, I don't eat meat, so I don't think I could ever eat someone's pet for money.

I would let somebody eat my dog if they gave me at least $100,000. This way would have a sizeable amount of money to compensate me for the loss of my pet. My only stipulation would be that when my dog is killed it cannot suffer.

All I have is a little betta fish so I would probably take a couple thousand dollars. Actually, I'm not sure. It would be hard to see someone eat my betta.

No amount of money would be worth someone eating my pet. A pet is like a member of the family. I am way too attached to ever give it up to be eaten. However–under extreme circumstances–if my family needed money (medical bills, etc.) I would consider the possibility of taking the $ in order to help my family.

I would NEVER let someone eat my pets because I love them too much. They are part of the family. Money is nothing if you don't have people or pets to share it with. I would probably think the person is psycho and needs help.

First off, I don't have any pets. So if I were to eat a friend's beloved pet, it would highly depend on what type of animal it was, because I wouldn't eat just anything (dog, cat, bird, fish, etc.) However, if they lived on a farm or something–a pig might do.

Is someone offered me any amount of money to eat my pet, I would have to give it some thought. Although I would probably give in around a million $ and he would have to eat it somewhere I wasn't.

In order for me to eat someone's beloved pet:
Conditions: No one would ever be told! (No snakes)
$ (Never need to work again)
Life and death situation

I would have to tell them that the animal was not for sale, for any price.

Well, I have a Yorkshire Terrier dog and I don't care how much anyone pays me, they're not eating my dog. We've had her for 8 years and she's part of the family. That would be like someone asking to eat my brother (which I'd probably be more likely to let them do). But no one is eating my Molly.

Being that I don't have a pet, the conditions for me to eat someone else's pet would probably be that I can't know what the animal is. If it is an animal to begin with. And also that it be cooked and cut up so that I won't know what it is. How much I would do it for, not sure.

I wouldn't eat it under any circumstances.

Since I do have a beloved pet (my cocker spaniel) I think it is absolutely disgusting and appalling to think that someone would give me money eat my poor dog. But if I had to eat my dog, it would cost that person enough money for surgery to get the dog out of my system and then to buy me another dog and a dog for themself so they know the trauma of eating a beloved one.

Well that's a stupid question because that would never happen first of all, and secondly if it did; I would tell that person to go eat themself instead!!! Next question please.

I'd eat somebody else's pet probably for $10,000 or more. However, it would have to be cooked or fried. I wouldn't want to eat raw meat for any amount of money. One other thing, I'd like it with some barbecue sauce.

In my situation, I don't have a beloved pet. So I would have to eat someone else's. I would ask for $1,000 dollars to eat the pet. And for the conditions, I would tell them it would be my way. Just give me the pet alive and I'll kill it and cook it or not cook it the way I want to. Plus I get to keep and mount the head as a trophie.

The only way I would let someone eat my pet was if they happened to have some weird disease where they could only eat pets and couldn't eat anything else so they would starve to death. I would let them because I think I human life is more valuable than a dogs. But that would never happen because there is no disease like that so I don't think I would ever let anyone eat my pet, there's no reason a dog should die for no reason no matter how much money was given.

I would never, ever, let anyone eat my dog, unless it was already dead and the person was starving. In that case, they could eat her (my dog) for free.

I had a pet goldfish, and I had him for over five years. In that time he grew very large and my friends joked around with me about eating him. If my fish was alive today I would ask for $10,000 if anyone wanted to eat him.

Two hundred thousand dollars--cooked, please.

Okay, now you all know that, yes, for a paltry 200K, I would let the complete stranger eat my beloved little kitty cat. I can't even look him in the eye now, and he's been cranky ever since. I can't say I'd really enjoy this pet-eating business, but we're all food, aren't we?

Both my parents were raised on farms: Vermont / South Carolina. I trust, not unlike other children living on farms - they developed feelings of a mixed variety for the barnyard animals: some of which were, w/out doubt, intended for slaughter. It's quite possible that they regarded these animals as "beloved" pets, & consumed them or let someone else do so for $. Presumably, this action did not present the moral knot that you, Mark, may be hoping to effect w/ your question(?) . . . - which reminds me of an experience I had as a child - concerning one duck whom I regarded as my "beloved" pet. A duck who disappeared / reappeared as the main-course one summer afternoon. To be sure, I had a fit / grieved for my duck & was sorely disappointed w/ my father - whose hand held the hatchet that took from my fat duck - its life. Perhaps due to this traumatic childhood experience of mine - I now enjoy studying the corpses of Ducks hanging in restaurant windows. I think they're wonderfully pretty to look at. Perhaps I view these ducks as merely extensions of my once beloved pet. I eat them / photograph them / write about them.... In fact, I feel that my once beloved pet Duck (Liberace) - is now writing through me!

If someone wanted to eat my dog, I wouldn't let them unless they paid me at least 1.5 million dollars. I'm not particularly attached to Dr. Pepper since he's a bratty little dog, but he sure cost my family a pretty penny: $500. Therefore, if someone wanted to eat him, I would stage a big scene as if my little heart were breaking in order to jack up the price. Once the perspective epicure reached his high price, I'd hand the little bastard over. However, the story would be quite different if anyone wanted to eat my beloved cat, Irving. Unlike Dr. Pepper, he was not costly. He just wandered onto my step one day, but what he lacks in breeding, he makes up in affection. I would never let anyone eat him. If someone approached me with this proposition, I would turn the sick fucker over to PETA and let them spray paint him. I hoped you liked that...

--and while I'm here, I might as well mention my poor deceased pet, Fickle. My dad worked at the post office and sometimes freight would get broken--one day a bunch of small green lizards were running about the place--escaped from some "fragile" cargo, no doubt. So my dad brought one home. I remember looking up chameleon in the dictionary and it said they changed color all the time, so we called him Fickle. My dad and I set to work converting this old fish aquarium into Fickle's new home. It was great--we picked out all kinds of cheap tropical plants from Kmart and created a little rain forest. Mom donated an ashtray for a small cooling pond. He had a great set up. No reptile could ask for a better one. The only catch was we had to hunt "live" food for him--that meant live bugs--he was quite selective about what he would eat--Usually, I'd catch a moth. Only once did I ever see him eat. He sat for the longest time as if he didn't see the moth fluttering around. Then lightning fast, he leapt up caught it and swallowed it whole. A big lump was in his neck and he looked deformed for a minute or two. That was the only time I ever saw him eat. After the moth he lost interest. We bought mealy worms from the pet store--they smelled like rotting cabbage and looked suspiciously brown and stripped--like a bad piece of oatmeal. Anyway, Fickle ignored those too. They ended up burrowing into the soil. So Fickle developed anorexia. I lost interest in him. He never did anything. Then he was dead. We plopped him into a hole in the garden and buried him. A few years latter my grandmother bought us a Cockatiel. He was grey with a red patch on his cheek and a yellow crest that would flatten back or rise up depending on his mood. I named him Wally. He sat on top of his cage and would often perch on the person closest to him. He liked to eat peanuts out of the can. One day after I'd gone away to college my brother called me real early on a Saturday. He was upset. "Wally's dead" he choked. "What happened?" I asked. Apparently, my brother had been laying on the couch next to Wally's cage and had a can of peanuts out. My brother fell asleep with Wally perched on him. "What happened?" I asked again. My poor brother sobbed into the phone. "I rolled over on him!" That was the end of Wally. You couldn't pay me enough to eat either one of them--I wouldn't have eaten that chameleon even if he were dipped in chocolate--and Wally wouldn't have been any good broiled, fried, baked or stuffed--oh, that's right you wanted to know how much I'd charge to have someone else eat my pet--hmmm. Do you mean before or after they died? I'd charge more for them before death--live pets are much more valuable--I'd charge less if it were after death--if someone approached me before either of them died I probably wouldn't accept any money under any circumstances. They would have to give a detailed account of the reasons why they wanted to eat my pet and it would have to be for a very good cause--like saving people from starvation or for world peace or something--that way "selling" my pet would be more like an act of good will, a sacrifice...isn't that horrible--now you're seeing a real sadistic side.

The only pet I've ever had was a parakeet named Butch. He lived nine years, which is pretty terrific for a parakeet. Butch was awesome–he had a lot of personality, more than you'd expect from a parakeet. He used to go on your finger at first, but he became a little too independent for that later. Butch would fly all over the place. Once in awhile he would go apeshit and start banging into walls–that was pretty scary. He would really scramble those birdbrains. He used to go on my Dad's big toe, and he used to sit on the rim of my glasses, or the edge of my Mom's books. I liked to watch him rub up against his bell–unfortunately, this was Butch's only sexual relationship. Still, this was better than I did as a teenager. When Butch died, my Mom threw him in the trash while I was sleeping, and that really pissed me off. So he didn't get a good burial or anything. I was pretty upset. Butch had a lot of character. He could talk too. I would have hated to sell Butch. That would have been a tough one. But considering that I was a nerdy, neurotic, pitiful teenager, the morality of pet-eating might have not made an impact on me. I probably would have sold the poor thing for at least a thou, sad to say. Recently, my Mom told me a pretty good story about Butch that I never knew. My Dad was probably Butch's favorite–whenever he woke up from a nap (my Dad works nights) Butch would fly out of the cage and jump on his shoulder. Well, one time when my Dad was sitting in his chair, and wearing partly disheveled pajamas, Butch landed on my Dad's dick.

No amount of money would be enough. No way! I think I'd throw up if I knew somebody was eating my pet. Even if I were throwing up into a solid gold toilet...nope. Cat, dog or other household pet....couldn't do it. Perhaps if it was a cow or a turkey...and only if the person wasn't there while I ate it and if I didn't have to see the person with their pet before the "slaughter." I'd have to totally disconnect with it. Maybe, then, I'd eat it for one million dollars. It might traumatize me into vegetarianism, though, and then I'd have to sue them for more money.

Probably wouldn't do it. I know the pet.

$5001.99....would I have foreknowledge of the meal's content?

To eat someone else's pet does not strike me as that big of a deal. I usually do not eat beef or pork, although this is more of a dietary decision than an ethical one. I'd probably eat anything that wasn't moving if the price were right. If the price were really unlimited, I'd go for billions, but I'd settle for no less than $20,000. That would take care of my debt. I'd eat birds, dogs, cats, human siblings, etc. I've been meaning to check out goat at this Jamaican restaurant for quite some time, so a pet goat would be nice to eat. It really doesn't make any difference. I've eaten meat competitively, so why not for profit? When I was an undergrad, I was the chicken finger champion. I beat my friend Kevin 30 to 29. He immediately threw up afterwards. This was lucky for him, because I was in pain for about 8 hours afterwards. So yes, if some poor fellow really needed me to eat his beloved pet for cash, I'd be absolutely delighted to help him out.

Umm... you really want me to answer this? This is a tough one...I don't have a pet myself so I can't say how much money I'd want for it. I did have fish in an aquarium once, though... but they weren't beloved and I couldn't have cared less if anyone had eaten them. Besides, they ate each other!!! But to answer the question on how much money it would take me to eat someone else's pet, it depends on who the owner was and what animal the pet was. For instance, I would never EVER eat Joan's dog or my friend Paulina's cat, but I could easily eat my neighbors' fish or someone's horse. I don't think I'd really want to eat guinea pigs or bunnies either... I will have to say my "fees" are kinda high on these... around 100,000 FIM (roughly 20,000 USD) for a stranger's guinea pig.

No amount of money, I would have to shoot the sick nut.

I'd rather die of starvation.

Patches was my dearly beloved parakeet. He or she? We didn't know what his sex was--but I remember that he had quite an erotic attachment to my brother. His eyes would get all beady and small and his head would bob up and down and he'd chatter and twitter when my brother was anywhere near him. He also liked to be free and he'd sample what we were eating--he liked oatmeal. I tried to teach him to talk. I had a tape recorder and I'd read somewhere that if you tape yourself talking and simply play the tape over and over again the bird would eventually mimic it. I also read that you really had to enunciate or else they'd say it all wrong. So all day I sat talking into this tape recorder, saying PAAAT---CHEZZZ , PAAAT---CHEZZZ–it was really bad. Thank God the bird never learned to speak--If he had I'd have probably given him away to be eaten. I also read that you could train birds not to poop on you. I read that a woman once said SHAZAM!! everytime her bird took a shit. Then she'd calmly walk him to his cage. Everytime he pooped she'd say SHAZAM!! and put him in his cage till finally he associated the word SHAZAM with pooping. And he could poop on command. I couldn't get Patches to poop on command. He eventually died, ornery and bitter. He'd cough up his millet. One morning I pulled off the sheet that covered his cage to find him totally rigid. I sobbed unconsolably. I buried him in a mason jar so that the cats couldn't get to him. One day I tried to exhume the body, but mysteriously the jar and box I'd buried him in disappeared from the burial ground somewhere near my dad's pumpkin patch. Grave robbers. I also had a parakeet named Pete--we bought him on sale at Kmart. He died a month later. I have dozens of photographs of him--perched on stuffed animals, on every relative's finger, on an old coin purse, on our mantel, on a mobile I had made that hung from my ceiling. Pete was quite photogenic. When Pete died I was unconsolable, so then I started saving up to buy Patches. Patches cost $13 and I remember walking to the pet store, picking him out--he was blue with a white cap on his head and white on his belly. I remember they had to clip his wings and I carried him home in a little box that looked like animal crackers. There were air holes in the box and every now and then I'd see Patches stare out at me--his little black beady eyes glistening through the hole. I could hear his feet scratching and sliding around on the slippery cardboard. Patches and I would perform "shows" for my family--I trotted him out on my brother's toy car, pulling it by a string. Patches would be perched on the roll bar of the Tonka jeep. my parent's old records would be playing 'Penny Lane' as we arrived "on stage" in our livingroom. I strung a rope between two kitchen chairs and that was Patches's tight rope. I'd have him climb a ladder I'd bought at the pet store and he'd climb onto the rope. I'd give him a little nudge and he'd inch his way, sideways, across it. Sometimes he'd try to bite me when I'd encourage him in this way. I was kind of a pushy stage manager and I think Patches grew to resent our performances. Maybe he died just to spite me.

Money has no greed value for me, sooooo...bartering about the amount is moot. I couldn't eat a pet. I'm vegetarian. Ha ha!

I guess most people would have their favorite pet eaten for a considerable amount of money. I'm not most people though. There is no price that could be paid for my pet to be eaten. I love my little dog too much to have that happen. I couldn't even think about it. I have too many good times with it and my family would kill me anyways so it wouldn't be a hard decision for me. Me eating someone else's pet is a different story. I wouldn't eat a dog or cat but definitely a fish, bird, or pig. I would want to cook it though just for sanitary purposes. It would have to be a lot more for me to eat it raw. I would not want to watch when eating either. I would have to keep my eyes closed and I would not want to know the animal I was eating either. I would feel sorry for it. I would not eat anything like a snake or hamster or rabbit either. Those things are too disgusting unless I could cook it. Then anything is possible. I would also want the animal to be cleaned thoroughly too. No dirty smelly ones allowed.

I think that if I had a dog I would not give it away right away. If someone really wanted to get my dog for some money, I'd make them wait a few days, or weeks, to make them want the dog even more so that I could get more money out of them. That is under the condition that I don't like the dog in the first place. I'd probably be satisfied with a few thousand dollars. However, it would make me think why anybody would pay a few thousand dollars for my dog while they can get a free one at a dog pound. One the other hand, if I really liked my dog, I am sure that just a few thousand dollars wouldn't do it. The person who wants my dog would have to pay much more than that. Probably even if they offered me a million, I'd still have a hard time letting him go. When it comes to eating animals, or in this case dogs, I have no problem doing so. If somebody offered to pay me to eat their dog, I'd say: "Put your money away and fire up the barbecue." I'm not sure if I'd really say that, but I don't think it would be so much of a big deal to eat a dog. People in some cultures actually eat dogs, so I don't think they taste bad.

I would not have as much of a problem eating someone else's pet as with eating my own.

Well, I'd never feed my damn animal to someone!! NEVER!! (unless it was a fishy) haha

There is no amount of money that you could pay me that would entice me to eat my own beloved pet. Let us forget for the moment that I do not have a pet–and that I have not had a pet since I was a raving, hormonally engorged teen–some 22 years ago. The thought of eating my pet disgusts me. A man who would eat his pet for money would eat his own cock for a snack in a New York minute. Then with a sly wink, he'd see what kind of snack his neighbor had in his pants. There is nothing sexual about it. The horror . . . The horror . . . Eat my pet . . . Why I could sooner be paid in advance to have myself eaten in glorious splendor. Let's say you gave me 5 million dollars and one year. In that time I can use the money to live the life of a God! But at the end of that year I would be eaten. I would take some extravagant designer drug that would leave me fairly coherent, but that would kill any severe pain. I would see and feel all through a thin veil of cotton candy bliss. My apostles would slowly undress me and bathe me. Naked, I would stride into the banquet room and take my place on the platter podium, with my arms outstretched, standing tall, smiling benevolently–ministering to the masses. "Eat of me. Eat of me and know life." Slowly, the invited guests–all celebrities, dignitaries, and a few others of my own choosing–would come forward and begin to lick and nibble at my fingers and my neck. Ultimately–they would devour me, slowly at first, savoring every morsel and trickle of precious bodily fluids (eat your heart out Dr. Strangelove). But they would become ravenous, gorging themselves on my loins, my brain, my soul. I would feel every moment of the sweet-stinging ecstacy until I drew my last breath. I would be watching as they consumed me. I would be their joy. I would feed them and enrich their lives. Besides, after spending 5 mil in a year, what the fuck else would I have to live for–a really scrumptious chocolate truffle maybe.

okay, here's my answer. although money is a huge temptation, it is the root of all evil in today's society and the obsession with personal gain is making us into terribly immoral and nasty people to each other. pets are simple and innocent, and don't care about money or personal gain, as long as they get a steak every so often. a pet can be like one's child once you get very attached to it–would i let someone eat my child for however much money i wanted? no. would i eat my child for a lot of money? no. that would be really gross and a terrible statement on how much the world revolves around money. although it might be a poetic line loaded with symbolic meaning to say "i swallowed midnight," there are lots of lines better than that one and that are a lot less scary to my dog midnight, who understands much more than your normal dog does and for sure wouldn't like to be used for profit when all she ever did was steal a few socks and tear the nose off my childhood stuffed lamb toy. so there you go. that's my answer.

all right amount of money in the world would i eat anyones pet or my own or let someone eat them......that is cruel for who would eat anothers pet or there own...pets were meant to be loved not EATEN!!!!!!!! They have feelings just like u and i do.....u should no not to get me started on eating animals cuz i could go for ever!!! My dad wants to know if u need a couple of bucks to go to mcdonalds to get some food....don't eat pets he says!!!!!!

Idealistic as it may sound, I do not think that any amount of money would be enough to allow a stranger to eat my beloved pet. My beloved pet is a cat named Mischief. To allow someone to eat her would be killing a friend. It is obvious by these statements that monetary gain is not the driving factor in my life. Also, judging by the way that I and my family treat our cat, it is not at all improper to say that cats are people too.

No amount of money could make me eat my beloved pets, even though they're just fish. They're a part of my family. We give them names. Heck, they get stockings with gifts at christmas time. Like I said, NO amount of money could make me eat my fish. Now, the chance to meet the music group Five, I'd DEFINITELY eat my fish for that!!

No amount of money would allow me to let someone eat my beloved pet. I love all animals and hope to be a veterinarian sometime in my future. I will do everything I can to help save the lives of all animals. I feel that animals truly become a part of a family and can greatly impact the lives and emotions of their "owners". I truly feel a connection with all animals.

There is no amount of money that a stranger could pay me to eat my dog when she was alive. However, now that she is dead, it wouldn't take too much. Since I don't have a pet, I suppose I should answer a different question. If someone wanted to pay me to eat their pet, it would depend on the type of animal. Canaries are definitely cheaper than dobermans. It would also depend on the way the meal is prepared. Rotisserie canaries are also cheaper than sushi dobermans. I would probably eat their beloved rotisserie canary for about $5000.00.

As you know, there will never be enough money for me to consider any of these horrible things (I can't even write that down). All six of my cats are equally important to me. They might as well be children as far as I'm concerned. If anything happened to any of them, I would mourn as if it were a member of my family. You might as well say, how much money would it take for someone to eat my brother or sister or husband. If I were starving, I would rather die than eat any of my beloved pets, and that's the absolute truth.

All right, this question is really gross!! I thought that I'd respond to the first one...No matter what the sum of money, I wouldn't let a stranger eat my golden retriever, Sunny. I don't believe that any one could act in such an inhumane manner as to let someone eat their pet. Even moreso, how could you eat your own pet??? Eating animals isn't the answer!!

Well, since I have no pets, I'll go for number two. And I'd say that if someone's beloved pet was a cow or chicken or turkey, and I got to cook it, I'd do it for any amount (over the cost of preparing it of course.)

depends on what it is. if it was a lizard, $50 because you can buy them for $6 and make a $44 profit on it. if it was a monkey, then I wouldn't let him eat it because I love my monkey.(smiles)

it would take all the money in the world because my pets are like my family. maybe it would be different if it weren't a stranger hehe :) I don't think I would let any one eat my pets. I would just kind of look at them like they had gone off the deep end and walk away as fast as I could!!!!

That is a good question, how much do I value the life of my dog. A part of me wants to say, for millions! But when it comes down to it I would have to say no, that's not the way I want to earn money. How can I also explain, money doesn't mean much to me, I don't really care how much money I have. As long as I'm earning it and paying my bills on my own does it mean anything. And to top it off, I love that dog. I want no part in killing the lives that I love.

I have several pets–between Dave and my family I have 5 cats and 2 dogs. I guess it would depend on how I felt about my pets on that particular day (sometimes I would love to give them away). Anyway, someone would have to pay a minimum of $100,000 to eat one of my pets. Hopefully that number would make them decide to go to a grocery store to buy a steak instead. As for eating someone else's pet–we're talking at least a million!

Although at this point in my life money often times seems tight; I do not believe I can set a dollar value on eating a friends pet, especially if it were a dog. I happen to be very friendly with dogs, however I am allergic to cats. Perhaps if someone paid me a figure close to a cool million I could find it in my heart to down a cat.

If a complete stranger wanted to eat my pet, I don't think there is any price that I would let them do that for. Although, if they paid me at LEAST $500,000 I may let them because I always wanted a Koala as a pet and I think they're expensive. But, if they wanted to eat my brother's pet (we both have cats), I would give it to them for free.

$200 would be my starting price, any lower and they could FORGET about it.

I would let them eat it for 100 grand because then I'd just go and buy another beloved pet.

That's GROSS! I would not let a stranger or even a friend eat my pet. I love him too much!

If a person wanted to buy my pet I wouldn't sell any of them at all for any money. I wouldn't let them eat them either. I wouldn't because they are part of my family and I love them.

It wouldn't take any money because I'd steal the pet then barbeque it. They would never know.

Well, in my opinion, the way this question is worded is a bit tricky. What I mean is, the key word in this question is "beloved." If this animal belongs to someone who loves and cares for them so much, then I would have to say that I would not eat that animal for any amount of money offered. It wouldn't be right, and even if that animal was replaced, it wouldn't be the same to the owner. Now, I was going to write a hugely detailed response saying that even the thought of eating a poor, helpless animal was disgusting, but I had to be honest with myself. Don't get me wrong, though. I meant every word I wrote in the above paragraph, but to be honest with you, if the animal was of little importance to it's owner, and depending on what type of animal it is and how much was at stake, I would probably eat it.

My opinion on the whole animal eating thing... I would never put a price on my kitty's life nor any other life. Life is precious no matter what kind of creature you are.

If a complete stranger asked me if he could eat my beloved pet it would take about $57.37 so that after he was done I could go buy a banana and some ducks.

If someone wanted to eat my beloved pet, I would tell him "no." If my pet was truly beloved, no amount of money could ever replace him. I consider him a part of the family, just like my parents and my sister (then again, I'd take 5 million for my sister--but that's another whole story). There would be no way I could just give up a member of the family. If it were an object, like say my car, well I could get another one. It's not the some with a pet. It's almost the same as a human. They are each unique and different, and if one is lost, there could never be another one to replace it. If I did something like that, it could only be if the pet meant nothing at all to me, and if that were the case, it wouldn't be my beloved pet now would it?

For me to eat my own beloved pet, it would take a lot more than money. I would have to be starving, with no other food source available. A pet becomes like a family member-and why would you eat a member of the family?

I wouldn't accept any amount of money! I would never eat anyone else's pet. That would be terrible! A pet is part of a family; many people love their pets as if they were people, and share a great bond. That is such a horrible question!

I wouldn't eat someone else's pet, besides if the owner is sick enough to offer his or her pet for money you should be asking them these questions.

It would take $4.75 to eat my friends beloved pet. His beloved pet is a chiwawa. I'd pick up the little dog around supper time. After I got the dog I would stop at TOPS and I would get tortilla shells, so add another $2.75 to the total. Then once at home I would shave the dog bald. Now, I would have to kill the dog and that would be the hard part. So I would put the dog in the bathtub and scald it with hot water until it dies. Then I would cook it at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. After about 26 minutes, I would pull the perfectly roasted dog out of the oven and realize that I really don't have enough money to make me want to eat this little dog. So, I would go back to my friend's house and demand more money for his pet. This time I would ask for about $126.97. This cost would cover preparing the dog, and my then apparent trip to the emergency room!! I would find out the hard way that dog's aren't all that good for people to eat, but they do make good pets!!!

I'm from down south, and pets common down there were anaconda. My friend in Alabama has a pet anaconda named Annie. It is about 20 feet long and weighs about 100 pounds. He would have to pay me $10,000 to eat his pet because I would need to use some of the money to buy a number of grills so I could lay the anaconda across to grill him. Then I would have about $9,000 left over in order to seek psychiatric help!! You see, I would have to be nuts to do that because the anaconda could turn around and eat me in a heartbeat!!!!

I would not take any money to eat my dog Spanky. Being an only child, Spanky is like a little brother to me, and since I would not eat a member of my family--unless they were really getting on my nerves!!--I would never eat Spanky!! He shares my bed, my car, my could I ever do that. It would be like a part of me missing!

My cousin has a chicken named Herman, and he sold it to a stranger for $75 if I ever wanted to eat one of his chicken's I don't think I could ask for more than $75. Therefore, it really wouldn't be worth it to me to eat one of his chicken's. I would have to find someone who valued their chicken's a little more than my cousin!

My friend loves his tropical fish. In fact, he breeds his angel fish. They are like his life. He doesn't go out on weekends just so he can be with his fish, so the amount of money I would have to be paid to eat his fish would be enormous because it would devastate him. I couldn't do that to a friend, unless it was like $500,000 and I could buy him a ton more angel fish!!

I don't think for any amount of money I would be able to eat my pet--It would be like eating my sister or brother. They're a part of the family. The only way I would eat my own pet is if I were paid 5 million dollars and my husband would have to cook it as well as clean them. Our pet happens to be pet finches--I would have to come up with a special sauce for them and that husband of mine had better make sure their cooked well done.

There is not enough money in the world for someone to pay me to eat my pet.

Well, somebody else would have to eat my pet because the thought of eating my own or somebody else's pet makes me cringe. Anyhow, a stranger could pay me a couple thousand dollars for my beloved pet, but I'm not sure why somebody would want my pet--she was put to sleep in January and I'm sure quite decomposed at this point!--just don't tell me about any of it.

My dogs are part of our family. There is no amount of money that could replace them.

I would accept no amount of money to eat someone else's pet. They are members of their family and I could never eat something that has such a cute face.

No amount of money would entice me to eat someone's pet.
***Anything with feathers absolutely unacceptable, too difficult to swallow.
***Smooth skinned animals--a snake--too creepy.
***Furry creatures, too cute to eat.
I guess I'm a vegetarian!!

I would not let anyone eat my iguana pet for all the money in the world! My iguana is my child and no "Jeffrey Dahlmers" are getting him.

For myself, it would take at least $1,000,000 for no other reason than I'm greedy. Now if this question was asked to my wife, she would let the stranger do it for free. In fact, she would pay the stranger to do it.

S1,000,000 unless it's a chicken or rabbit, then 2 bucks.

I would not let anyone eat my beloved pets (cat & dog) for any amount of money. I love them and they are a part of my family and my children would die if they saw someone eat their pets.

1. No stranger could pay me enough money. As anyone that has a pet knows, it is part of the family and would not be any different than giving up your child or loved one. If it meant saving someone's life the decision would be the same. I would not sacrifice a family member for someone else.
2. It all depends on who is offering the money, how much money, and what kind of pet.:):) If it was the pet owner, then the latter would come into play. If it was someone else, then I would not because I am sure the pet owner would feel as I do in #1.
3. The answer is the some as #1 except that if it was for starvation. Your pet lives only to please you and make you happy. If your pet knew you were going to die, it would surely want to sacrifice itself for you.

Someone wouldn't have to pay me very much if it is something like a cow, chicken, or other edible creature. Just no pigs, dogs, horses, alligators (no carnivores--since it's against my religion). Since eating is my life, I'd enjoy a good meal, free of charge.

Well, chinese food IS my favorite, so I guess if I could find a good chinese cook that could fix my neighbor's cat up into a nice dish for me (they say that's what's in it!!!), I'd definitely eat someone's beloved cat. But, I should get paid a minimum of $1 million, since I'd be the first person that actually knew ahead of time that it was a fact! (not just a suspicion!!)

My dog is very old and quite sick, so I guess I could bear to have a stranger eat him, since he won't be around much longer anyway--but I'd make sure I got enough money to pay for my two children's college educations.--(that way I could say the dog put them through college!!)

My next door neighbor has a St. Bernard. They let the dog out at 4:00 AM every morning and keep him out there while they shower for work. He proceeds to bark and howl for more than an hour!! It drives me crazy!!! I'd do it for nothing, as long as I could feed hungry people with his meat--and the size of him would probably feed a whole city block of hungry kids!! No amount of money could make me eat my pet. She's part of the family. It would be like someone eating an adopted child.

I don't think any amount of money because even though you could look at it as meat, that meat has too many loving memories. Even trying to imagine it makes me sick. I love my kitties!!

I don't think I would ever let anyone eat my beloved pet for any amount of money in the world. It would depend however on the situation. The situation of the stranger and that of my family at the time. If the stronger was starving and this was his only food source, I would definitely consider it to help him out. Also if this come at a time when there was great turmoil in my family--say someone dying , or hospital bills, etc.---I would definitely consider this option for the better of my family. I wouldn't enjoy it either way, but I would do what would have to be done.

There is no money value that can be placed on loyalty, trust, love! My dog is a member of my family with a personality and I would not consider her in the category of livestock/food. So there isn't enough money to eat or let someone else eat my friend–it would have to be a situation involving something more important than money.

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