Addicted To Masturbation?
by Mark Peters

Addicted To Masturbation?
Allergic To Condoms?
Bent Penis?
Bisexual Games?
Boxers Or Briefs?
Boyfriend Or Best Friend?
Can He Be Too Big?
Cheating With The Maid?
Could It Be Unhealthy To Shave Down Under?
Cybersex Addictive?
Diaphragm Or Condoms?
Divorced Or Separated?
Does Age Matter?
Does Anti-Depressant = Anti-Sex?
Does Mark Like Sex?
Does Sex Hurt The First Time?
Double Standards?
Genital Warts?
HIV Transmission From Female To Male?
Is Bigger Better?
Is Cybersex Cheating?
Is Foreplay Important?
Is It The Challenge?
Is Mark Nuts?
Is Spermicide Really Necessary?
Just What Are Blue Balls?
Light On During Sex?
Love In The Cards?
Lubricant During Sex?
Male-Female Friendship, No Sex?
Monogamous Couple–Protection?
New Pill = Increased Desire?
Nutritious Ejaculate?
Nympho And Nun?
Opposites Atract?
Orgasm Pill?
Pregnancy Free?
Repeat Performance?
Sensitive To Sex?
Sex After Childbirth?
69 or 96?
Sleeping Together Before Marriage?
Slovenly Married Women?
Supportive Or Smothering?
Too Much Masturbation?
Too Much Sex?
Too Old To Attract?
Too Soon For Sex?
True Love Or Rebound?
Two-Timing Hubby?
Viagara For Desire?
Where Do You Draw The Line?


October 1999