Excuse me while I picnic
by Mark Peters

  • a bummer
  • a few men
  • Addicted To Masturbation?
  • AM radio
  • By any meat necessary
  • for him
  • 41 Stress-Busters & Happiness-Boosters:
  • House Impeaches Clinton
  • How to become a swan
  • Interview
  • Jesus was a man but Sheila wasn't
  • Late April Buffalo
  • Like a briss
  • like a muffin (written with Stu Fuchs)
  • My favorite domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility
  • 92-24-43
  • phase two of my scheme begins
  • Short Dick Man
  • Snooty snooze?
  • summer ninety-four
  • the right blonde
  • The Toast Manifesto (written with Ryan Bigler, Nate Patrus, etc.)
  • To Rubell--
  • t R us T h A t RYST
  • walnuts
  • when love endures
  • Why don't I invent a wall mounted toothpaste dispenser to settle my frustration and make a lot of money at the same time? (written with Peter Balestrieri)
  • Words you don't want to hear on your first date:

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    October 1999