Late April Buffalo
by Mark Peters

                                            for Theresa and Ryan

I'm glad to know camels taste good.
Is it a yak or a buffalo?
If only I were a mammal.
I'm embarrassed.
Get some cake!
When I go to the zoo.
It farted on you.
That's part of the deal.
They're called yummy!
Guess what this is?
There they are!
There is power.
Too big.
Do you want to eat lunch?
You've got to sit down.
Hello cookie.
Why are you miserable?
I have an idea.
Crawl to me, worm.
Old man winter.
Light and sassy.
Even mommys have to follow the rules.
My birdies had babies.
The pigeons.
I can imagine.
Her name's Candace.
Yeah, right.
They have Super Sega at Niagara Falls.
What isn't unusual?
Nature's wonders.
Exit 56.
For all occasions.
I couldn't figure out how to hold the gasses.
With a lead pipe.
Excuse me.
Are these your olives?
Now its mush.
I said Michelle.
A hippo?
Are you incognito?
Be my gust.
He's a nice camel.
I mean it's a her.


May 1999