by Mark Peters

drink the dog's dish

it's a wrong choice

forget Irv

remember exits

Hoping for a harem

You will know cousins


that sucks

I used to smoke

I still do

I wish I were a prophet

That would be fun

I'm changing my mind

one woman at a time

keel a rut antonym mom

mommy not natural eek!

lava on my foreskin

much to my chagrin

medical waste

it's not good to taste

nobody wants to see your dinky little schlong

not even Sue

Peter and I smelled the grapefruit

as I choked Peter

Ryan can't find a plum

he's glum

Ryan doesn't really want a plum

it's symbolic

She said, "Woody Allen is cute."

I said, "She's on crack."

Stu and Sue

sold their poo

To a captive:

How lovely you look this morning

too many Grandmas

too many trucks


need help!

you suck

and so does your web page

you treacherous scum

I can't wait to come

you're too young for the finger

you get the tongue


October 1999