To Rubell–
by Mark Peters

To Rubell–
To the kid in the SU with deer in the headlights look on his face--
To the guy who carries that pink flamingo around--
To the young lady who said that everyone from Lockport is inbred white trash--
To the kid who has that black dildo--
To my favorite stalker--
To the guy with beautiful blue eyes that always buys a gumball from the machine--
To the cheap bastard waiting for a pizza--
To that kid w/red hair and that red plaid sweater--
To #30--
To the boys in the Engineering Dept--
To the Dumbass--
To the cute shortie--
To my butterscotch Kat--
To the sexy guy--
To Katie--
To the beautiful girl--
To the guys--
To the shorty on the football team--
To the cute guy--
To the guy with the goatee--
To the girls--
To Ingrid--
To the cheap girl--
To that gorgeous vegetarian--
To the Italian nursing student--
To the really hot girl who was wearing tight jeans and drinking a coke on Wednesday--
To the dork who "did the math" in Bio 201--
To the asshole in World Civ 111--
To the muscular sexy guy Ron--
To all the ladies--
To Liz the cutie--
To the girls who sit in the back of the room--
To the shy guy--
To that stanky hoe that cut me off in the bathroom line--
To my babydoll--
To all the chicks at UB I never got to fuck--
To my self defense for women classmates--
To all spending their summer in Buffalo--
To all my friends that love Star Wars--
To all the people who hooked me up this semester--
To my mom--
To all--
To Mr. Dirty--
To my cutie, tripping, rolling watermelon--
To all the people out there with boy/girlfriends already--
To all the stupid fucking retards that argue about calling it pop or soda--
To Molly in my morning English 101 class--
To the guy I met at PJ's last weekend--
To all the new freshman chicks with the tube tops and daisy dukes--
To my little sis Elana--
To all ya Rat Bastards--
To my forbidden friend Dana--
To the girl in theatre 105 with the hairy arms--
To the girl who shared her cab with me to go to the train station on Christmas break--
To the girl with big shoulders--
To the girl with the curly red hair--
To the skank hoe with the big ears--
To the girl who has brown eyes in my philosophy class--
To the girl who keeps running into me--
To my baby Lazarus--
To the Princess--
To the happy little Christians--
To whomever found a nextell cell phone--
To all you young lovely ladies and gentlemen--
To the people who reacted violently to Brother Jim–


October 1999