41 Stress-Busters & Happiness-Boosters:
by Mark Peters

Get pregnant
Believe in spirits
Add intrigue and spice to your life
Host a holiday bash without blowing half your bonus
Wait all year
Try these with your little black dress
Be spontaneous
Plan ahead
Eliminate extraneous makeup
Buy happiness
Bask in (affordable) sunshine while your friends are freezing at home
Take a decongestant
Stop a baby from screaming
Rupture your eardrum
Sit about 20 minutes
Break into pieces
Bring snacks
Look up
Look sick
Spark a major trend
Be as comfy as you are sexy
Remain on your back, legs in the air, for 15 minutes after intercourse to speed the sperm's journey to your ripe ovum
Dress up
Pare down
Use your finger
Let soft luminous fabrics do the talking
Get honest
Adorn it with a lot of jewelry
Bite, scratch and pummel
Fellate your pen
Talk dirty
Come through on both promises
Play classical music
Wreak havoc
Feel really fat
Try on a new pair of panty hose and find out that they itch, run, bind or are just plain unattractive
Own and use
Don't tidy up


May 1999