Like a briss
by Mark Peters

What makes a woman bedable? Edible? Oedipal?
Legally leggy from Las Vegas to Santa Fe
You look like you stepped out of somebody's nose
You have a nice smile, a nice son, a nice penis
Speaking of meat, let's tote guns and have sex later
And have sex later, for the first time in a new adventure
Sitting on a dignitary on another (not another!) planet
Evolution is for weenies and weenies are for me
Solid, imperturbable, affable, dial-a-dick, dot-to-dot
The grand scheme or just another scheme?
I miss you I miss you I wish I could frisk you
And if they change that law and start to mumble
We'll withhold the rent, cooing and countersuing
Yes it's true like a briss and summer was over


October 1999