How to become a swan
by Mark Peters

Get in. Loud! Perpetual motion.
Listen. Duck. Guttural bark.
Articulate. Get born. Get food!
Start. Perpetual motion. Gradually.
Throw chairs. Hide. Bite things.
Don't touch. Spread wings. Throw blanket.
Slam into fridge. Grab gun. Circular movement.
Cold? Yes. Hunt ground for food.
Wonder at body. Gnaw on phone. Strong!
Focus movement. Get attention! Twitching.
Listen! Timid? Use feet.
Crawl. Go towards it. Roll over.
Good head. Preening. Put it on.
Play with apple. Tug of war. Give to Dora.
Cuddle. Run to window. Hold position.
Use language. Waiting to talk? Crouch.
Jump! Sigh. Bite.
Chest forward. Excitement! Mimicking.
Struggling. Mimicking. Fast.
Grab leg. Get a prize. Stay on objective.
Tense. Hiss more. Don't bark.
Hit with pillow. Be doing something. Circle Kevin.
Fight more? Perpetual motion. Hit again.
Hint at bunnie. Use arms more. Get her!
Get another prize. Up front more. What's the reaction?
Horrified. Subtext? Look up.
Sad, sympathetic. Other side. Tuck in shirt.
Socks in mouth. Find levels. Get down.
Spit up front. Wait a second. Listen.
Window. Make her understand. Get up.
Pluto. Stay in front. Follow.
Take space. Pulling her. Frustration.
Different hearts. Work on face. Stay alive.
Aggressive nestling. Good. Work on grabbing safely.
Make her understand. Use space! Time limit?
Explosion. Small circles. More all-out.
Don't cover face. Urgency. Stress.
Beat out. Thumb-sucking. Don't touch.
Louder! Slower. Loud.
Linger. Play with. Throw pizza offstage.
Smooth, manly. Get her. Emotional preparation?
Drink! Go to sleep. React!
Don't quiver. Push. Throw suitcase.
Good heart attack. Crouch down. Embrace.
Gentler. Gentler? Up.
Guide her. Undo robe. Kiss.
Arms around. Loud hum. Open window.


May 1999